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Again, I need help.  With our Ricoh devices, we have a feature called the "Document Server", with the document server you can scan or print files to a portion of the hard drive, name them, secure them (if needed), preview them, print the whole document or a page of the document.


What is the Canon equivalent feature that would stack up against the Ricoh?

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Here's what I found in a security brochure for Canon MFPs:


Mail box imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems offer an onboard secure printing workflow. For example, a user can store print jobs to a password-protected Mail Box on the device. Later, that same user can walk up to the device and enter the Mail Box password to print the job as needed.


Advanced Box is the collaborative storage space on imageRUNNER ADVANCE systems. Advanced Box enables users to store electronic files within a multitiered folder structure. Folders may be password protected to protect document access. Both native and printable files are accessible from PCs. Printable versions of files are accessible directly from the User Interface at the device.

Canon Mail Boxes are awesome. IMO they are slightly superior to Ricoh's Document Server because you can password protect individual mailboxes to prevent visibility of peoples' files. You can have up to 100 mailboxes.


Many customers use Mail Boxes as a built-in feature for secure release, because again with Secure Print the file name is visible.


The only drawback with Mailboxes is that it's not available on every model. The models that have it are 4200 series, C5200 series, 6200 series, C7200 series, 8200 series and C9200 series.

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