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Stor-a-file is one of the UK’s largest document storage companies and has been delighted to announce the acquisition of Paper Capture Ltd.


Paper Capture is a specialist imaging business with a strong line in “microfiche” digitisation.


Paper Capture’s past projects include working with vast libraries of Planning and Building Control and fiche for district and county councils, which now digitised, can be accessed by the general public via a local authority’s web portal.

The wide range of document management services from Stor-a-file will benefit enormously from this acquisition and expanding their knowledge continuously for 2014.


Paper Capture has recently invested in outstanding technical capability both in staff and equipment for the focus specialist area.

Simon ****bill, Managing Director of Stor-a-file has commented on the news.

“We are delighted to welcome Paper Capture clients and look forward to serving them.


Paper capture will compliment Stor-a-file’s existing services including their data capture services.


Stor-a-file is a leading document storage company based in Leicestershire and provides services to businesses to help manage document scanning and shredding and provides secure storage. For more information and a full list of services visit the Stor-a-file website.


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Stor-a-file is one the most successful document management companies in the UK.

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