Confirmed. DeX was just acquired by Staples.

What does this mean?????

1. Will Dex now sell out of Staples locations?

2. Will they remain as a wholly owned subsidiary?

3. Layoffs and restructuring?


John Anderson

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I do not know anything Dex other than they are the USA's largest independent copier dealer.  I am sure the acquisition was not cheap and that cost has to be worked into the selling price.  I am sure Dex has some incredible recurring revenues and that must have been very appealing to Staples.

Dex sells Konica Minolta, Canon, Kyocera and KIP.  I do not think these dealers will appreciate the new competition a year from now as Staples expands Dex's footprint.

Dex prided themselves on getting the very lowest cost of goods.  I cannot see Staples getting a whole lot lower cost of goods especially if prices start to increase due to tariff pressures.

I cannot imagine the average Staples retail sells rep knows how to lease an A3 copier.  Maybe Staples will go on a copier sales rep and copier service tech hiring spree ... like they fall off trees ... not.

I do not think that A3 copier buyers and a retail business model works well.

I know Staples has outside commercial sales reps but I think their hands are full selling stationery, furniture and low end A4 copiers.  I think it would be hard for them to add A3 copiers to their talk tracks because with leasing you have to be at the right place and the right time to make a sale.

Agreed Fisher. Its a great time to be a small - mid size dealer. If people thought Dex was screwed up before wait until this true private equity group gets ahold of them. Staples is owned by Sycamore Partners. Had heard some people saying they were a public company. Wonder if Dan Doyle screwed everyone out of their money again like he did with Danka. 

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