Art....the answer is most likely. Most Dell towers have a proprietary PSU and will only fit the Dell case. If you know how to open the tower and look at the PSU there will be a model number on it. Type that into google and see where you can find one.

If it is a true Dell system then you can also look it up by the model number.

Are you sure it is the power supply and not the MB or something else. Do you know how to test is it is the PSU? Just because a tower does not turn on does not mean it is the PSU. Trust me I computers have been my hobby the last 30 yrs.

Thanx for this, I worked on this server before just for software. I got a call that the server is making a noise, when I stopped in I heard a described as a continuos whine coming from the power supply.

With your information I think I'll go back and make sure the noise is not coming from the hard drive. BTW what is MB?? nevermind got it "motherboard", once you get past the big 50 it gets a little tougher to recall somethings. Thanx for the help.

If the whine is coming from the power supply, I'm thinking that the power supply should be replaced, correct?

Just because there is a whine does not mean PSU.
What are the symptoms besides the whine? A whine is usually a dying fan. Does the server boot to the OS? You need to isolate the where the sound it coming from. It could be very dirty inside if that is the case take an air compressor with forceful air and blow it out good. There is 1 or 2 ball bearing fans in the PSU that can be very dirty. Or there can be a case fan that is very dirty. Usually when a HD fails you will hear an audible clicking when the heads are hitting the platters. That means the HD is on its last what you can.

Let me know what happens.

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