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Cybersecurity Update
- IBM report on security states:
o Average total cost of a data breach is now $3.92 million
 Average cost of lost revenue is $1.42 million
 Healthcare industry average total cost is $6.45 million or $429 per record
o Average size of breach involves 25,575 records
o Average cost per record of $150
o Average time to discover breach is 279 days
o 49% of breaches caused by internal employees
 Includes accidental and malicious incidents
 (Konica Minolta offers the bizhub SECURE Alert solution to help control and prevent unauthorized use of bizhub MFPs)
- Emisoft Software announced results of research show that 79% of ransomware attacks occur in the healthcare vertical in the U.S. for first 9 months of 2019
- Otis R. Bowen Center for Human Services of Indiana reported that an unknown number of patients had their PHI exposed after an email phishing attack.
- University of Minnesota Physicians reported that 683 patients had their PHI exposed after an email phishing attack.
- Eversana, headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, notified an unknown number of patients that their PHI may have been exposed after an email phishing attack.
- FBI issued warning to healthcare industry in the U.S. of a new hacking group, using Kwampirs Remote Access Trojan to exploit their networks.
- Tencent Keen Security Lab reports that hackers can launch remote attacks on new Lexus and Toyoto vehicles, due to security vulnerabilities
o Allows hackers to force car to preform “physical actions”
- Marriott Corp. reported another breach that exposed info on 5.2 million guests, after two employees had their credential stolen.
- Zoom Inc., provider of video webinar solutions, announced it created a CISO (chief information security officer) Council and Advisory board in response to security concerns with its service.
- RigUp Inc. of Austin, TX notified 76,000 of people in the energy sector that their info was compromised when it was inadvertently exposed on a publicly viewable website.

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