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Has anyone sold one of these yet? I'm extremely concerned about reliability and I believe the system is grossly over price for a 36inch color MFP. I just saw a press release for one of the new Canon's MFP40 with a 36inch plotter, scanner, copier and the MSRP is around $9K, our MRSP is almost $15K!!

Would like to hear from others, please!!
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We installed one in our showroom on Friday and I was impressed. (I'm not easily impressed by the way.) It performed pretty well. The speed was acceptable....actually the speed was real good on a typical blueprint. The image quality is good enough for what it is. Just don't over-sell the image quality.

Two other thoughts:
The box the thing ships in is enormous....
The machine was a time bandit for our guys to unbox and set up.
It is more expensive than similar HP or Cannon products BUT BIG BUT those products will not have our user interface and scanning capabilities. We have one sold so far and myself and another rep already have customers that are very interested.

I've sold a lot of Ricoh wide format systems over the years and I've got to say this product is a better fit for at least half of the customers I've sold to in the past. Most of my wide format customers are small to mid sized contractors doing less than 200 sheets per month.
Just browse through the brochure and documentation for the Canon. The user interface on the MFP is weak. Its a plotter with a scanner (probably a Contex) added. The Ricoh MFP has our standard user interface. Anybody who has a Ricoh MFP of any kind can walk up to this new machine and know exactly how to use it.

Would be interesting to see a Monster Garage featuring the two products.
we have placed about 100 Canon MFPs the last 20 or so are the 40MFP scanner.
It is far superior to the Ricoh and less exspensive as well, the scanner is 1200dpi and the quility is stunning.
The new 3.0 user interface is much better than Ricohs the CW2200 is going to have a tough time matching up the Canon.

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