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I'm hearing a lot of different things from the channel regarding the COVID-19 impact. From usage declines (anywhere from 30-90%), layoffs/furloughs, to OEMs eliminating program incentives, etc.

Wondering if you all would openly share some thoughts on what you are seeing and experiencing.  Many thanks and I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!

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I was on the MPSA call today.  Here's some points of interest I was going to post on another thread but will put it here for everyone.

  • One major MPS company reported 29% decline in pages or revenue
  • Another major MPS company reported a 71% decline
  • Healthcare for one of those clients saw a 40% increase
  • More inquires from clients in respect to file sharing and content 
  • Expecting continuing decline for another 30 days in revenue and prints
  • First week of April they hit bottom and has stayed that way with no increases
  • Only 6% of those who applied for unemployment has received funds


  • Good uptick in cloud based solutions for documents
  • One attendee wanted a robust cloud data collecting
  • New sectors of business will flourish with post-covid19, other businesses will not return, we need to identify those that will flourish
  • Major opportunity to grab market share from players who have shrunk their business or may not make it

Stuff I heard

  • Much of the unpublished "cocaine" funds are exhausted from the manufacturer 
  • Pull back from published "take down" or "know out" programs
  • Marco laid off or furloughed 200
  • Visual Edge laid off or furloughed 500
  • Local dealers by me laid off an average of 80% of staff

Would love to have other peeps add to this list

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