We are a mailing equipment dealer who has just become an MFP dealer.  We are looking for some ideas regarding what to say during a personal cold call.  We don't want to just say "we sell copiers".   Any ideas would be welcome.  Thanks!

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It's very rare that I get to speak to the DM when I do a cold call. 


MY only goal when cold calling is to get the DM's of who is in charge of making the decision for copiers.  Sometimes I have corporate brochure and sometimes I don't.  I very rarely leave a copier brochure, but I always leave of business card.


I see that you're also a dealer for mailing equipment, thus my pitch would be that "we a reseller and service provider for office technology, I understand that you may not have a need now, however, I'm in this for the long haul and would like to know who I could keep in contact with when the need would arise".  I would day this works about 65% of the time.


Other items I do to break the ice when I walk in, is to comment on the whether, with something like, "it's a beautiful day isn't it"?, or "I'm a first time visitor to your company, I was curious if you could help me"


I have much more but would like to see other chime in as to what they do also.  Here;s a search link that I created for you on this site.  https://www.p4photel.com/search...+calling&=Search


WOW, I did not realize there were so many threads!!!!

Thank you for all of the help. This is great information. I started in this business 25 years ago and was a territory rep/cold caller. For the past 20 years I have worked for manufacturers as a region manager.

We just started this company 6 months ago and I have some new/green ales reps and I am "teaching" how to cold call. I am rusty so, the answers I have read have been a big help.

Thank You!

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