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I was trying to upgrade last week, had trouble uninstalling old version, could not uninstall old version since it could not find MSI
tried removing using a registry cleaner, etc.
when I tried to install new, I got Error 1713.RW-240 PLOTCLIENT-Web cannot install one of its required products. Contact your technical support group.
The actuall app would install and would run, no web service though and I would have to copy the tools folder over manually and share it out. I installed all the regular stuff, driver update for card and 300dpi win print driver, replaced the hdi setup with the one for autocad 2007.

Another symptom that showed up that customer was able to do under 3.3 when they use the publish command in Autocad for multiple drawings and it make a file that contains multiple drawings, it used to plot out fine. Now only the 1st page plots out fine, all others get offset about 5" to the left and poissibly down a couple of inches.

I asked the customer to have the computer reimaged or replaced, since their was other software on it anyways, he will get back to me, and then I will try to install again.
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In the couple cases where I updated the software, I ended up reinstalling windows and starting fresh. Ricoh provided me this information, but I haven't had the need to try it since....

HKey-local-machine/software/classes/installer/products will have a number of 32 digit keys. Open each one. If it refers to Plotbase, Scanbase, Apache, PlotClient ,PlotClient Web, or PlotClient HDI delete that key. If it refers to something else LEAVE IT ALONE.

After removing these keys, as well as the RW240 directory(need to stop SNMP and Apache services to delete), the Spool directory, the WinPrint Driver, and any icons, or start menu items related to Plotbase, and checking that your preinstallation System settings are correct, the install should proceed successfully.

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