Catoosa County approves new copiers for two offices

Catoosa County recently struck deals for new copier machines for two of its offices in need of upgrades.

During the Board of Commissioner’s Oct. 16 meeting, commissioners approved two new lease agreements that allows for purchase of the machines once the leases are up.

County Chief Financial Officer Carl Henson explained to the board that The Colonnade, as well as the Tax Commissioner’s Office, was in need of the new equipment.

“We have agreements for two copier machines with Southern Duplicating of Chattanooga,” Henson said. “The first is for the Colonnade. It’s replacing a black-and-white copier with a color copier, which will meet the needs of The Colonnade for producing booklets and tri-fold finishing for the customers and therefore reducing the cost of having to outsource color copy of brochures.”

Henson explained that the deals include a cheap purchase option at the end of the lease term.

“The cost of that machine will be 36 monthly installments of $196.71 with a purchase option of $1 after 36 payments,” Henson said. “The second copier is for the tax commissioner, and it’s replacing a copier that was on contract where the five-year lease has expired. The option was a fair market value purchase and we opted to replace that copier with a 36-month installment of $217.82 with a purchase option of $1 after 36 monthly payments.”

Henson added that the new deal will give both offices new equipment and save the county money at the same time.

“This would reduce the monthly cost by $7, reduce the term by 24 months, and will produce a savings of $5,648,” Henson said.

Commission Chairman Steven Henry says the copier upgrades were a big necessity for the two buildings.

“I’m glad we’re replacing that Colonnade copier, it stays broken,” Henry said.

Both Henson and Commissioner Jim Cutler pointed out that new machines would also save on the hassle of attempting to repair the Colonnade’s old copier.

“We have not been able to get parts for it,” Henson said.

“That Colonnade copier is being held together by duct tape, it literally is,” Cutler added.


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