MELVILLE, N.Y., March 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canon Solutions America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc., today announced the formation of its Higher Education Advisory Team, which comprises senior Strategy and Operations experts within the company's Enterprise Managed Services Division. This new advisory committee is a formidable extra resource to serve new and existing customers in the higher education market.


Combining the Enterprise Managed Services Division's extensive higher education experience with comprehensive industry research, the team is focused on offering dynamic and efficient output management strategies. As the industry shifts toward verticalized solutions, the higher education arena continues to present unique business challenges. Recognizing the need for a steady, reliable presence within the marketplace, the Advisory team built a robust sales and marketing strategy that is coupled with a keen understanding of new trends in the print landscape.


"The Enterprise Managed Services Division and Higher Education Advisory Team drive our capabilities from in-depth research on higher education best-in-class programs that allow clients to focus and achieve their core mission," said Rick Ranft, senior director of the Enterprise Managed Services Division, Canon Solutions America and the leader of the newly formed team. "Our recommendations and change management programs are formed by the understanding this division has of what leading institutions are implementing in their print services programs, and the strategies, technologies, and operational processes that deliver the best results."


Customers in the higher education market can expect benefits that will include experienced account teams dedicated to addressing the evolving business challenges the higher education industry faces. Additionally, the Enterprise Managed Services Division's higher education program is based off the fundamental purpose of enabling institutions to target print program results to specific financial, productivity, and environmental targets.


"We never lose sight of the invaluable importance of customer feedback and experience," said Valerie Belli, vice president, Enterprise Managed Services Division, Canon Solutions America. "The Advisory Team will give our customers the ability to collaborate and discuss best practices, while developing strategies to ensure business needs are met in this transformative industry."


Advisors will work closely with each customer to identify critical and pertinent business goals to be achieved across production centers, distributed fleet, and student print programs. This all-encompassing approach gives the customer a program that is designed to integrate community goals and philanthropic priorities, in addition to a multifaceted business outline.


"Our customers know that their priorities become ours as well, and we will do whatever necessary to enhance our valued higher education customers' business practices," said Belli. "We operate with a team mentality and are focused on creating long-term partnerships that enrich our customers' experiences in new and distinct ways."


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