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Canon is looking to crush the A4 MFP space with three new models that are replacing the older 400i & 500i series There are three models to choose from.

75PPM = 715iF

65PPM =615iF

55PPM =515iF

See attached documents. For me the 75PM is a killer, especially with the dealer price. Bit it's not all about the print speed. these puppies have a single pass feeder and can scan up to 100 ipm!  Going to be very tough to compete.  More to come on these

Hey, if you're selling these, would love to hear your comments in the reply section.


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As much as I am not a fan of A4, but realizing it’s our necessary evil, I hope they do. 

The A4 has for the most part killed it for us as sales people. We have to sell many more units to make the same revenue....revenue, I say....profit margin is good for the most part, but we still have to sell more united to keep everyone happy. Was the worst thing a manufacturer could do in my opinion. 

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