Hoping to get some assistance with this issue at a clients office.

We have found that the Canon ipF825 is displaying as offline on both the server and workstations at least once a day. The only way we have found to wake it up is by running an IP scan on the server and then the print jobs are able to go through (even when a user physically turns on the printer, it will still display as offline). The shut down feature is disabled on this machine, the printer is up to date, and all settings are correct.

Any ideas or thoughts on why is goes offline on it's own and how to correct?

John Anderson

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Not a Canon dealer but I will say that it took us awhile to figure out the first time why a Ricoh Color printer was shutting itself off every night. Come to find out that Ricoh had added a "night mode" (defaulted on) where the copier would sense a dark room and completely turn off the printer requiring it to be turned on at the switch every morning.

Sorry, I have not seen this problem.

i did have an issue to where the employees would go home and the canon would run the whole roll of paper off in the middle of the night with nothing but a few characters on each page. That took a while to figure out and I don’t remember exactly what our service guys found out.


     Did the email I sent you help? Typically this happens when the device goes into a deep sleep so the NIC stops responding. If the IPF 825 is not coming out of sleep mode try Print out the INF / Status prints then check the Netware > Frame Type setting (Sounds weird but try it). It should be enabled if the printer is not waking up from sleep mode when a print job is sent to it. Hope this helps


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