I have a customer who forgot their username and passcode on windows 7. Is there a way to fix this and if so how?

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Art do you mean they cannot sign into Win 7? The Account name should be displayed at the login screen. Please clarify and I will help you.

Try this:
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Thanx for this, this is a Lenevo PC, I looked up the boot key and it was F1, so at startup I pressed F1 and guess what came up? Someone also put a passcode on the BIOS setup! This PC was purchased from Staples as a floor model and I'm sure either a staples employee did this or some smart ass customer. Staples claims they do not have the passcode and they would never set a passcode on the BIOS. Go figure.....

The customer is taking the PC back to staples to fight with them, thanx for the effort and the info, sure it wil come in handy.

Art....this is something completely different and now I understand what you are saying. It is the BIOS password (Supervisor Password) that needs to be reset. Why are they trying to get into the BIOS? Are they trying to set something? What is the Lenevo model? Is this a desktop or laptop?

Lenevo is actually IBM in this scenario:

Try this and let me know what happens. I have used this on occasion and it worked like a charm.

Backdoor BIOS

Also can try the following:

Refer to the correct:
Hardward Maintenance Manual

You will need to move the CMOS reset jumper found at the bottom of your motherboard.

1) disconnect the power cable from the back of the system
2) press and hold the power button until you hear the capacitors drain
3) open the access panel and move the CMOS jumper from pins 1+2 to pins 2+3
4) plug in the power cable and boot system
5) when the system beeps, turn the system off
6) move the CMOS jumper from pins 2+3 back to 1+2, then repeat steps 1, 2, 3, and 4

This will clear all settings in the CMOS including any admin and power-on passwords.
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Thanx for the help this is awesome stuff! I wanted to get to the BIOS so that I could change the system to boot from a CD. I got a copy of whats called ERD Commander and was told I could use this to reset the windows 7 log on password.

This is a desktop system.
Art...ERD Commander was built & coded by Winternals in which was swallowed up by Microsoft in 2006. According to your previous message you are trying to clear or reset the Supervisor Password (also known as the BIOS password). ERD will allow you to reset the Administrator's Account Password (Win 7 login) which is NOT the same thing. I have used ERD before many years ago. Please note there are 2 Bios passwords. One is as soon as the computer in booted a dos password screen appears that is the boot password. Once that is typed in then you will get to the Win7 splash screen where you pick an account then log into your desktop. The 2nd Bios password is the password that gives you ACCESS to the BIOS (or CMOS) area. People use this to keep others out from modifying settings of the system.

You have to follow the various solutions above to reset a BIOS password. I forgot to include this site....bookmark this for future reference it has a lot of great informaiton:

Recover Lost Passwords
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The ended up bringing the system back to staples and they corrected the issue.

Thanx for your help and the same issue less the BIOS password

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