So, I'm looking for help here.


Here's the scenario.  Company with 50 reps, these reps are given sales leads on a daily basis.  The Lead manager wants to be able to view everyone's calendar and then distribute leads via populating them in the sales persons calendar.  His call center is scheduling appointments, so he would need to review who's open to get the lead. 


The lead manager would then schedule the appointment with the on-line system and the sales person would either get an email or text message stating to check his calendar for a new appointment.


Any ideas?  I just looked at Go Daddy Calendar, however they are vague, looking to see if someone may have set this up already.



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This probably sounds too simple, but couldn't they just use Outlook?  The lead manager looks at the salesperson's calendar, finds an opening, sends a Meeting Invitation from Outlook from  his account (or something like if he doesn't want it filling his calendar), the salesperson receives the invitation on his mobile device & accepts it to add to his calendar.

I called them today to ask a few additional questions.  No one got back to me.  I believe they are not using Exchange, along withy the fact that the reps are 1099 and technically are not employees, they are contractors.


Thus none of them have corp email accounts.  Does this help?

The customer does not want to use google,  they were not happy with the statement Google made a few weeks ago. "do not expect any type of privacy" or something to that effect.


Thus the customer needs a calendar, where reps can log on to schedule their appointments (this is a requirement of receiving the FREE leads), when a lead is received the LEAD manager can then open up the calendar which would show all of the appointments for the reps.  He would then give the lead to the rep that has the open time slot.  Once he sets the lead on the calendar, he would then like the system to send an email to that rep about the appointment.


any ideas?

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