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Ah, I need to get this off my chest now.  Working on a Production account for more than two years.

Did the demo for the client (almost two years ago), followed up and had some meetings over those two years. In fact had a meeting last month where the client agreed to have the C7200 installed on Presidents Day.  I had to get the docs ready prepped (so many options) and had to email them for the final review. At least a few times he state, "be patient once the existing lease expires you will get the order".

Hey, I never assumed that I had the order, because you don't until you have the documents. However every step of the way was getting us closer to the end.

After a month of hearing that he is sick, his press guy is sick, his building needs to be inspected. he told me he would call me today to "review".

So, early today he calls my cell to tell me that he bought the C7200 from Ricoh Direct. I asked why, he stated pricing was similar however he felt more comfortable with Ricoh Direct service.

I'm sorry but this is one of the few times that I went off and read him the riot act. He stated the new system was being delivered tomorrow and with that I asked why he was stringing me along the entire time.  Especially when he did promise the order to me, and WTF maybe call me and tell me you're thinking about Direct. I can then tell you all of the pitfalls of Direct.

Customers wonder why sales people are so jaded. The main reason is because many customers don't give a frak if they lie to you (you're just a salesperson). 

But God forbid if we should every fib to customer, client or prospect. 

I also know what Ricoh Direct did. They threw us under the bus and stated why would you buy this device from a dealer our support is so much better.

I don't want to wish anyone bad things.  But this guy takes the cake!

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Unreal! I had to have this talk with a rep the other day. This girl sees the positive in everything and is about as happy go lucky as anyone I've ever met. She didn't believe me that buyers are liars. She got strung along with a customer that was going to lunch with her, having a glass of wine in the evening with her, all the while telling her she would have an order soon. She stopped by her office and there was a brand new machine sitting there and it had been there for a couple weeks. Asked her what was going on and got told oh we bought that a few weeks ago like it was no big deal.

I hate that happened to you. And you are 100% correct. You got thrown under the bus from the direct. I would bet on it.

That's awful Art. I'm sure many of us can relate to that story in one way or another. This was a first for me; I was working a new account for over a year, they were completely unorganized and had no handle on the printing/copying expenses throughout the country. The whole time my contact was telling me that we were going to get the business and that I've shown him that his account was mismanaged. Then the infamous "ghosting" occurred, no calls back, no responses to e-mail. Then at 10pm one evening, I get a text. "Bad news, I'm going to be leaving the company in the next 30 days because I don't have enough support here. I decided to stay with our current vendor because it was easier". Really?!?! Buyers are definitely liars, I've learned long ago never assume a confidence level of over 50% unless you have paperwork in hand!

Preach! Oh how about this one: when the net - new prospect speaks horribly about their current vendor, how bad their service is, and how much they want to move to someone else. You provide a fantastic proposal, they tell you how great it is, and thats when the crickets begin.

You find out a couple weeks later when you finally get them on the phone that they decided to stay with their current vendor, because of one of the following reasons:

1. They didnt want to upset the status quo

2. All of sudden, the current vendor service isn't "that bad" as they made it seem during the initial meeting

3. Incumbent vendor made some pie in the sky offer to keep them

4. A higher up has a stronger relationship with the current vendor, and your contact is overriden int he decision. While this is a legit excuse in some cases, you think to your self "Well why was I wasting my time talking to you for? I should of been talking with him". Pretty much talking to some one who does not have the buying power they led you to believe they do.

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