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Business Document Work Process Management (BPO) market significant growth is  driven by the transition to electronic documents and the continuing need to  merge the information contained in paper documents with server information, smart phone information, and social media information.  Cloud computing market penetration is providing a thrust for creating  electronic  formatting of information contained on paper.


Business Document Work Process Management (BPO):  Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020.  The 2014  study has 416 pages, 187 tables and figures.  Worldwide markets are poised to  achieve significant growth as the cloud computing utility infrastructure and  the  smart phone communications systems for apps are put in place, continuing to  drive the use of electronic document replacement of all paper documents.


Xerox dominates business document work process management (BPO).

Work document processing represents digitization of paper documents.  The  techniques for document management, content management of unstructured data can  be applied to the paper documents once they are digitized.  Analytics can then  be applied to the information contained in the documents.  From time to time  the  documents can be input into a database and handled as structured data in tables.

Outsourcing services provide solutions for business document work process  management (BPO).  As more electronic forms are created, documents are becoming  increasingly electronic.  They still need to be used in a variety of ways.   Medical records provide some significant challenges to protect patient  identity.


Scanners have been used to convert paper documents to electronic formats.   Production level scanners are rated at 8,000 pages per day.  Optical Character  Recognition (OCR) is the term applied to re-purposing functions.  Hardware that  is necessary to make document work process automation possible has become  commoditized.  Software and services are used to implement a solutions-based  competitive environment.

Document work process market driving forces relate to the shift to IT  integrated systems management of electronic information.  Paper and electronic  document processing is set to move to website and electronic document  management.


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Paper document imaging is one driving force in the market.  Managed print  services and electronic process management are aspects of electronic document  processing.  Forms recognition, data extraction, and data release into upstream  systems represent the future of the document work process industry.


Scanning is referred to as digital imaging, a process where a paper document is turned  into an electronic image or electronic characters. Digital imaging performs  optical character recognition (OCR) processes on digital images following  scanning.


Paper is part of the workflow, sure to be the source of major pain points  whenever it is there. Workflow that has paper involves complexity and prevents  modernization of process. The ability to perform analytics on unstructured data  depends on digitization of the information. This Is leading efforts to digitize  all information.


Mountains of paperwork, lost data and wasted resources are being overcome  with document work process automation. Manual, paper-heavy processes are all  being modernized to digital upgrades. When this pain from paper in the middle  of  a process is evident, then a workflow discovery is in order. Most places are  working to discover how to replace paper with digital information.


According to the report, “Business document work process management (BPO)  supports providing a platform for use by IT. Systems are implemented in a  market  marked by converged paper and electronic information that needs to be  converted  to electronic data. Business document work process (BPO) sits on  widely  dispersed resources that are heterogeneous. IT resources are  heterogeneous  because each business seeks to utilize technology that is best of  breed for  solving the particular set of competitive situations they address.  This creates  a variety of solutions in each business.”


With smart phones beginning to get significant uptake all over the world.  With smart phone and tablet ubiquity, electronic documents are rapidly  replacing  paper documents.  Electronic documents are expected to be replacements for all paper.

Market Leaders

  •     Xerox
  •     Eastman Kodak
  •     Banctec
  •     Synnex / Concentrix / IBM
  •     Fujitsu
  •     Hewlett Packard
  •     Parascript
  •     Cannon
  •     Konica Minolta
  •     Lexmark
  •     Ricoh
  •     Parascript
  •     Scan Optics


Market Participants

  •     Adobe
  •     Coghlin Companies / ColumbiaTech
  •     Connecticut Business Systems
  •     Doma
  •     Fujitsu
  •     Parascript
  •     Patriarch Partners
  •     PCM/Sarcom
  •     Sound Telecom
  •     Scan Store Invoice Data Capture
  •     Sound Telecom


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