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Servosity, the software solution for Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service, allows partners to provide their own onsite BDR appliance. Servosity is hardware agnostic, which means our software is compatible with any hardware – buy any off the shelf hardware or build your own. A webinar will be held on January 14th on how to build your own BDR Appliance.


The benefits of a hardware agnostic solution: 

  •     Save money by not purchasing additional hardware and being locked into multi-year contracts
  •     Can be scaled up or down depending on customer’s needs by allowing MSPs to control performance and budget
  •     Servosity is an open solution – open hardware platform, open APIs, and the use of open source software

Hardware is a commodity; why be limited to one vendor? Our software is the key to building business continuity without the hassle of deciding which appliance is compatible. This webinar will show you how to increase your revenues without the hassle of spending additional funds on appliances.


Please join us next week as we begin a series of many webinars on increasing your business continuity.


Register Here:

Servosity's Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions allow its partner network of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs) to manage and monitor backup and disaster recovery operations 24/7/365. In the event of a disaster, MSPs and VARs can launch business operations in minutes.


Contact Information

Melissa Patterson 
Servosity, Inc. 
Phone: 864-406-2029 
Email: MPatterson (at) servosity (dot) com

Learn more by registering for an upcoming Webinar at

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