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Ricoh Americas Corporation Announces Organizational Changes

WEST CALDWELL, N.J., Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Ricoh Americas Corporation
announced today a restructuring which is designed to flatten the
organizational structure, improve communications and enable the company to
be more cohesive and responsive in the future.
The first of these changes is the elimination of the position of Chief
Operating Office of Ricoh U.S., a division of Ricoh Americas Corporation.
With this change, Thomas Salierno has left the company and Nori Goto the
current Chief Executive Officer of Ricoh U.S. will also assume the title of
President and CEO, Ricoh U.S.
Second, Martin Brodigan, currently President of Ricoh Canada, becomes
the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Ricoh U.S. with overall responsibility
for Ricoh U.S. Finance and Accounting, Customer Administration, Ricoh
Financial Services and IT. In this new role Brodigan will report to Nori
Lastly, the Direct Marketing and Indirect Marketing groups of Ricoh
U.S. will consolidate into one group headed by Senior Vice President Hugh
Urabe reporting to Nori Goto. Urabe will continue to lead the Corporate
Marketing Group reporting to Chairman and CEO Sam Ichioka.
The restructuring of Ricoh Americas Corporation has been designed to
flatten the organizational structure, eliminate certain redundancies and
enable the organization to be more cohesive and responsive in the future.
These organizational changes will eliminate redundancies and position
the company for future growth.
About Ricoh Americas Corporation
Ricoh Americas Corporation, headquartered in West Caldwell, N.J., is a
subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd., the 71-year-old leading supplier of
office automation equipment and electronics, with fiscal year 2006 sales in
excess of $17 billion, a 8.4 percent increase over the previous year.
Ricoh Americas Corporation is a leading provider of document solutions.
Ricoh's fully integrated hardware and software products help businesses
share information efficiently and effectively by enabling customers to
control the input, management and output of documents.
Ricoh Americas Corporation directly or through its network of
authorized dealers markets and distributes products in North, Central and
South America.
Information about Ricoh's complete range of products and services can
be accessed on the World Wide Web at
CONTACT: Russell Marchetta
Ricoh Americas Corporation
(973) 882-2075
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Just the beginning...?

It has now been a little over six months since the merger of Lanier and Ricoh into Ricoh Americas Corporation. During that time, there have been many changes in our organization and we have all experienced some of the good and some of the bad that change brings.
The merger of two organizations having different cultures, systems and business methods is a difficult undertaking and what we have seen since April 1 certainly confirms that fact. I am aware of how hard all of you have worked, the extra workload that so many of you have taken on, and it is no secret that there have been bumps in the road. We are making good progress towards our goals, even though the financial results of our recently concluded first six months of operation have been disappointing.
As Chairman of Ricoh Americas Corporation, I have the responsibility for our results as well as the overall well being of our company as a sound and effective organization. Some of the changes that I am announcing today may seem surprising to some of you, but after careful consideration, I am convinced that they are necessary to enable us to address and fix some of the issues that we are facing.
Effective immediately, I am implementing the following restructuring:
First, I have eliminated the position of Chief Operating Officer of Ricoh US. I spoke with Tom Salierno last evening and explained my decision to him. Tom has provided many years of loyal and dedicated service to the Company and I am sure that all of you join me in wishing Tom the very best as he pursues other career options.
Martin Brodigan, currently President of Ricoh Canada, assumes the position of CFO of Ricoh US with overall responsibility for Ricoh US Finance and Accounting operations as well as Customer Administration, Ricoh Financial Services, and IT. In his new role, Martin will report directly to Nori Goto. While Martin's new responsibilities with Ricoh US begin immediately, he will also be working to transition from his role as President of Ricoh Canada.
The Direct Marketing and Indirect Marketing groups in Ricoh US will consolidate into one group under the leadership of Hugh Urabe and reporting to Nori Goto. This will facilitate the exchange of information and leverage all our strengths to build an even stronger, more cohesive Ricoh US. Hugh retains his leadership role in Corporate Marketing and will continue to report to me in that capacity.
Nori Goto remains CEO and also assumes the title of President of Ricoh US. Martin Brodigan, the Direct Channel under Barry Ward, the Indirect Channel under Alan Nielsen, Technology Services and Ricoh Professional Services under Mark Miller, as well as Ricoh US Marketing and Major Account Support will report directly to Nori.
In addition to Nori, Corporate Finance, Supply Chain, People Excellence and Legal will report directly to me.
This restructuring has been designed to flatten our organizational structure, eliminate certain redundancies and enable us to be more agile, cohesive and responsive as we move forward. I fully expect that these changes will also improve both internal and external communication, unify our management structure and make us a more flexible and responsive organization for our customers and employees.
Please join me in welcoming Martin Brodigan to Ricoh and continue to use your very best efforts to help us reach our goals.
Best regards.
Susumu "Sam" Ichioka
Chairman & CEO
Ricoh Americas Corporation
I recentley spoke to local Global CFO, and he stated that they went to Xerox and demanded prices lower than the japanese manufacturers so they could compete. There are no spiff programs for sales people just rock bottom pricing. Keep in mind that most of the Xerox equipment is from overseas also.

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