I have always wanted to do this! For the month of December we will be giving away a $100 BEST BUY Gift card to the top poster on the RFG board.

No BS posts, just good quality posts. Authorized Vendors, plus Mike and myself can not win the gift card.

We will post the winner in January and the gift card should take two to three weeks to arrive at your door!!!

Good Luck to all!
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Decembers winner for the $100 Best Buy Gift certificate is Jim Parker, please respond here to claim your Gift Certificate.

Also please send me an email with your address and I will order and send it to you. It will take three to four weeks!!!!

Jim was the top poster with 15 posts! Way to go Jim!

The Staff at The Print 4 Pay Hotel
I probably have the most posts because I am the one that is the most confused. Anyway, I humbly accept your gracious gift realizing all too well that my posts are only a small pittance compared to the massive amount of benefit I gleen from the daily impartations that come from you all.
Thank you very much for your kindness and generousity,
Here, here! I agree with you. Although I do not have many posts (only recently joined), I too receive invaluable information by just looking at the posts. It is also great to know of another resource available to those who seek information.

Thank you for all the effort.
Thank you very much! What a nice surprise! I do enjoy reading and participating on this board, and I get a lot out of what everyone else has to say. There are some pretty talented and smart people online here, and I'm honored you picked my contributions. Again, many thanks!

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