Has anyone seen the entire article? Can anyone access this and either post her or email?


ITchat's 22-page Comprehensive Guide To Wide Format Printers. I would like ITchat's wide-format report
Who needs a wide format printer? Architects, mechanical engineers, construction companies, manufacturing companies, telecommunications and utilities companies, commercial reprographics, exhibitions companies, print shops, copy shops, and so the list continues. And, as quality and functionality has increased, and prices have decreased, users/buyers in the corporate environment want to gain a better understanding of the potential benefits and uses of wide-format printers in the office environment. For example, many of the wide format devices on the market today often allow users to copy, print and scan; this has changed the dynamics of a market once dominated by CAD/CAM. Scanning not only speeds the process of creating new documents, but also allows users to easily digitize originals into electronic archives for instant recall, electronic distribution or reprint on demand.
ITchat's 22--page Comprehensive Guide provides readers with unique insight into:
What key factors to consider when purchasing a wide-format printer?
What types of businesses would benefit from using a wide- format printer?
Questions the future of wide-format printing?
Interviews key figures in this sector and investigates the direction in which this sector is headed, and how these changes affect buyers, manufacturers and resellers?
Our editorial team also reviews 14 devices from KIP, Kyocera Mita, Ricoh, Oce, Xerox and recognize the most outstanding Laser/LED Wide Format Printing devices with our prestigious Editor's Pick Awards.
From a Dealer's Perspective: Handling wide format products provides dealerships with the ability to deliver a total solution to meet all the customer's needs. And, unlike copiers and printers, third-party consumables and pirated parts/toner are not flooding the market. "Copiers may use 12% toner coverage on a letter/A4 page, but the average wide format page is 8 times bigger, which results in greater revenue. You're basically getting 8 clicks versus one click. Plus, the dealer who provides a good wide format solution has an automatic "in" with the client when it comes time to replacing fleet copiers, printers, scanners and other digital office equipment. Wide format can mean big sales, for a dealer who understands the marketplace," says Mark Lewis, Chief Operating Officer of Graphic Enterprises, Inc., a wide-format company which markets Kyocera Mita wide format devices.


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They want $189 for the report, plus re-posting their info here may result in copyright infringement.

I have found BERTL's reports to have mistakes and do not trust much of the info they put out.
You can access the report through the Aficio League. Go to info center and look up at the top for IT Chat. You have to make sure you have the Acrobat plugin for encryption but you can view the entire report. FREE!!!!
It is a major copyright infringement to reproduce in any way unless maybe you have a subscription. I would delete the part which Bandit posted. Bertl is very specific about reproducing the report. Unless permission was granted, I would be careful with this item.

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