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I have a prospective customer that will be opening a service bureau (copy, print, scan etc.) specifically for attorney offices. Aside from the Ricoh wideformat products we have started selling the HP line of large format/plotters. This customers needs a large format machine (print only) that will enable him to print digital documents in an enlarged format to be used as evidence in court (exhibits). This documentation obviously may include text based or photgraphic images depending on the attorney. We are fairly new to this product line and I am looking for some advice. The competition has quoted an Epson 7900 and I was told by HP to recommend the Z3200 (really I received 3 different opinions from 3 different people representing HP) but it does appear that the Z3200 is the closet match to the 7900. Has anyone dealt with this direct competition or is there any other model commonly being sold to attorneys or service bureaus for this purpose?
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Well, some time in the future Ricoh will have a color wide format device, not sure when, just sometime down the run.

Here's what I've heard in reference to the Epson's, very high cost for parts, limited techs that can work on these products. Everyone I knew that had the Epson wide format (about 4) has switched to either HP or Canon.

You should also call or least check out Paradigm Imaging for wide format Canons, they are a sponser of the P4P and I would think that the Canon ipf610 is a better fit. Why, because both the HP and the Epson seemed to be geared more towards Graphics Arts, the Epson has 11 inks, the cost to replace all 11 could well run over $1,000. I'm not sure how many inks the HP has however, the Canon has only 5 inks to replace and the quality is outstanding along with a retail price of $2,545.

Consider this also, even if the HP and Epson has finer detail this can only be noticed when you are close to the image. I'll bet if you lined up all three prints from Canon, HP & Epson, no one would be able to tell them apart.

Try changing the rules! I'm sure all of the pictures that they'll get are not going to be digital, and I'll bet if you dig, you may be able to find out that they may have the need for a color wide format copier, scanner and printer. This way they can make an enlarged copy of the photo, if this then becomes a need you have then knocked out Epson and have built the sale to upwards of 16K.

Hope this helps!
Art -

I sold an attorney an HPz6100 - (think that was the model #) about 2 years ago. We went with the 60 inch model which is solid.

Took out OCe who had a system there on demo for a month but couldn't close the deal. I literally waked into the deal. Hp supplies are not that expensive but there is an area to make more cash on the paper side.

There is a myth about the CANON Plotters passing on a nasty odor - like old French Fries when they warm up. I can say that people who buy these don't like to stray away too much from the manufactures they know and trust - even if you are cross selling to a client.

Keep me posted on how this goes.

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