Ricoh Hong Kong Ltd has current launched an OA Demo Bus in China. With a sleekest outlook and well-equipped interior, it exhibits a wide range of Ricoh's high-tech products.

This Demo Bus is re-configured from business bus type ZK5150XSW. Red exterior with Ricoh corporate image, the bus exhibits a wide range of new products such as integrated digital imaging system Aficio 551, Aficio 1015, Aficio 1045; laser printer AP2600 and fax machine FAX5000L. Besides, it also furnishes other equipment such as LCD display monitor, computer notebook, VCD player and LAN connector.

With such a well-equipped interior, presenter could explain and demonstrate various capabilities and functions of machines to customers.

Demo Bus is now parked in Shanghai region.

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All referenced product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

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"The 2nd Ricoh's Cup China National Weiqi Tournament" was held in Bejing during the period of 10 November to 9 December 2001.

Ricoh Hong Kong Limited took the opportunity provided by its sponsorship to enhance Ricoh brand in China. Besides, it also publicizes the culture of Chinese Weiqi, foster communication among players.

The event was held in association of Ricoh Hong Kong Ltd, Crowning-United Co Ltd, Beijing JinHuaMing Office Equipment Co Ltd and China Qi-Yuan.

There were totally 24 contestants in the event. China's top players were invited to the event. Final contest took place on 9 December 2001 at Beijing KunLun Hotel. Mr Cu Li (Level 5) and Mr Kong Jie (Level 6) won the First and the Second Prize respectively.

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All referenced product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

NEW High volume Aficio 2090 and 2105 - Making print pay. Ricoh launches two new Aficio MFPs to support the Print-for-Pay sector. Mark Griffin, product manager with Ricoh UK explains how Ricoh is developing new technology to give Copy-shop Printers a competitive edge.

The pressures on the Print-for-Pay sector are well known. Tighter cost controls amongst businesses in difficult economic conditions have forced many print shops to cut costs and compete on price. At the same time, they still need to provide customers with high service levels, as competition to gain and maintain customers intensifies.

New demands – new solutions

To handle this pressure, Printers are demanding solutions that guarantee high productivity and minimal downtime whilst providing flexibility of use and a high specification output. Printers are also looking to buy more compact solutions, since maximising shop space is essential to maintaining margins.

Ricoh has responded quickly to meet these new demands by incorporating greater levels of functionality into its high volume machines, a move demonstrated by the launch of its Aficio 2090 and 2105.

The new machines build on the success of the Aficio 1085 and 1105. They operate as high volume, black and white multifunctional products capable of producing 90 and 105ppm output respectively. They also offer a sophisticated range of finishing options (such as sorting, stapling, punching, booklet finishing and a cover interposer) that make them ideally suited to the print-for-pay environment.

The Aficio 2090 and 2105 have two main advantages over competitor machines: cost effectiveness and size of footprint.

Cost effectiveness – print efficiency

Ricoh’s new solutions offer high volume output at up to 1200x1200dpi resolution for a fraction of the cost of competing machines. At the top end of the scale, the Aficio 2105 can produce up to 1 million outputs per month and is designed to be both hard wearing and user friendly.

In the print room environment, efficiency is key to maintaining custom, so it is essential that the operator has total control over the print process. A sophisticated range of software solutions combines with intelligent technology to allow for monitoring, updating, and adjusting print requirements at every stage of the run.

Ricoh’s ScanRouter Lite and ‘Scan to Email’ technology aid the scanning process. ScanRouter Lite comes as standard with the Aficio 2090 and 2105 to automatically direct scanned images to the appropriate desktop, where the document can then be checked and sent to print. Ricoh’s DeskTop Binder software is also supplied to manage the storage and retrieval of these files on the operator’s PC through a series of representative thumbnail images.

Scan to email enables print shops to diversify the services they can offer by being able to convert hard copies in to electronic data to send as email attachments. In addition, it also allows businesses to approve documents in advance of the print-run increasing levels of customer satisfaction and reducing wastage.

Simple maintenance and document management

Ricoh’s unique RPCS technology enables users to easily print according to their pre-configured requirements at the touch of a button. In addition, Ricoh’s Web Image Monitor software allows operators to check the status of toner levels and paper volumes online from their PC. Should any faults occur in the print run, Ricoh has designed the Aficio 2090 and 2105 to enable toner changes, print jams and refills to be made without interrupting the job. This means that users will experience less downtime and maintain productivity levels.

Both the Aficio 2090 and 2105 come with a substantial 80GB HDD (2 x 40GB) in which users can store up to 2000 email addresses for distribution via the ‘Scan to Email’ facility. Saved documents can be saved in and retrieved from the document server, which can be configured to display documents by text, thumbnail or icons depending on the user’s preference.

Small but perfectly formed

One of the main considerations for copy shops is maximising use of space. The Aficio 2090 and 2105 are both compact, highly functional machines that take up approximately a quarter of the footprint of models with a comparable level of output. When fully configured, the unit is just four metres long, letting business fit more machines into a smaller space. A tandem link option allows lengthy print runs to be split over two machines, doubling the speed of output to 210ppm and allowing copy shops to reduce turn around times considerably.

Advances in technology have all but killed off the need for huge printing and copying machines. The new wave of solutions offer more functionality and flexibility in a considerably smaller footprint and the development of sophisticated software applications has allowed copy shops more control than ever before. The Aficio 2090 and 2105 represent the way forward for copy shops serious about giving the customer a real value for money service.

Ricoh Coliseum Underway

Ricoh Canada is expanding its visibility by becoming the proud sponsor of a Toronto Coliseum, now known as the Ricoh Coliseum. In November, Toronto city council gave final approval on a $38 million facelift to the building, which will be home to the American League Hockey franchise, the Toronto Roadrunners.

The Toronto Roadrunners will be made up of pro prospects belonging to the Edmonton Oilers. When renovations are complete, the Roadrunners will commence playing at the Ricoh Coliseum after the Royal Winter Fair in November 2003.

Ricoh has purchased naming rights for 10 years. A large sign bearing Ricoh’s name will appear on top of the building. The newly renovated Coliseum will have 10,050 seats and will not only host hockey games, but will also be used for concerts and other events, as well.

Within the Ricoh Coliseum, there will be several areas where the Ricoh name will be recognized. Our name and logo will appear at center ice, on the boards and on the clock. Ricoh will also have some of products on display, along with a reserved corporate box, where reps and dealers can host customers and hold corporate functions.

The project has been in development for two years, with an official launch event slated for January 2003. For more information contact Randy Desanti at 416-218-8283,

Customer satisfaction survey provides support to charity

Ricoh Australia participated in the first of an annual national customer satisfaction survey to support charity.

As well as enabling Ricoh to measure and evaluate customer satisfaction levels, in appreciation of customers who participated in the survey Ricoh donated $25 to one of three nominated charities.

On behalf of over 1000 customers that responded to the survey from Ricoh's direct and franchise network, Ricoh donated a total of $25,175 to the following charities:

- Cancer Council Australia $16,200
- Australian Red Cross $6,950
- Ryder-Cheshire Foundation $2,025

Ricoh Australia continues to remain a customer-focused organisation, while providing much needed support to charity through projects such as these.
Customer satisfaction survey provides support to charity

Ricoh Australia participated in the first of an annual national customer satisfaction survey to support charity.

As well as enabling Ricoh to measure and evaluate customer satisfaction levels, in appreciation of customers who participated in the survey Ricoh donated $25 to one of three nominated charities.

On behalf of over 1000 customers that responded to the survey from Ricoh's direct and franchise network, Ricoh donated a total of $25,175 to the following charities:

- Cancer Council Australia $16,200
- Australian Red Cross $6,950
- Ryder-Cheshire Foundation $2,025

Ricoh Australia continues to remain a customer-focused organisation, while providing much needed support to charity through projects such as these.
Ricoh’s support ensures Sunnyfield GateWay Project

Representatives of Ricoh Australia, including Managing Director Nigel Shepherd were present at the Official opening of the Sunnyfield Association’s new employment and training facility. The facility, for people with intellectual disabilities, was opened by the Federal Minister for Industry, the Hon. Tony Abbott MP. The opening is a major milestone in the Association’s 52-year history and is the result of six years of fundraising efforts to which Ricoh has been a major contributor.

As Deputy Chairman of the Board for the Sunnyfield Association, Nigel Shepherd has been a driving force for fundraising efforts. The GateWay Campaign helped fund the $1.8 million needed to build the 2,000 square metre workshop. The Annual Ricoh Charity Golf Days were a major contributor with over half a million dollars raised over four events.

With this new facility, Sunnyfield’s packaging operations can now offer an even broader range of services as well as providing additional storage space for large-scale projects.

Ricoh has scheduled its 5th Annual Charity Golf Day for October this year and will continue to support the Sunnyfield Association in its fundraising efforts.

Office systems service and distribution company Ricoh donated a much needed, $9,500 photocopier to nonprofit, orphan home
La Casa de los Niños Manuel Fernández Juncos. Present for the donation were (from left to right) Esteban Dávila, comercial director Ricoh; Father Giovanni, home administrator; Ray Morffi, president Ricoh; and Edda Echevarría, home public relations official.
Ricoh's "Project May", To arouse the community's awareness to care for each other

To fulfill Ricoh Office Solutions's aim in caring for the people and the community, a "Project May" was launched to help those who were affected by SARS and are now in need of assistance.

Since the outbreak of SARS, ROS has planned a series of activities to help the community such as fighting against SARS for customers and employees. At the same time, Ricoh has donated 50% of May's sales to the Community Chest of Hong Kong Operation Unite Fund and the Temporary Financial Assistance Scheme Against SARS to help those families and industries who were affected by SARS.

During the outbreak of SARS, ROS has provided face masks and medical gloves to employees. Those who need to work outdoor were requested to wear masks. All offices, public areas and showrooms were exceptionally cleaned and sterilized in order to protect the health of customers and employees.
RICOH OFFICE SOLUTIONS presents "Takako Nishizaki in Concert" In support of The Pathways Foundation Ltd
[8/5/03 11:45:54 AM]

World-renowned violinist Ms Takako Nishizaki gave a charity concert last year in support of Society for Abandoned Animals Foundation. To replicate the remarkable success, this year Ms Nishizaki will hold a two-day charity concert in support of The Pathways Foundation Ltd in order to help children with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD).

Children with Special Learning Disabilities have brain functions different from normal children. Their intelligence quotients are normal, but have difficulties in understanding and learning symbols and abstract concepts. For example, they may reverse the direction of words as they write them out. SLD children therefore cannot receive normal education just like other kids. Because of this, many of them are being labeled as ¡§ second-class students¡¨, which make them lose interest in learning and self-esteem. They may even give up on themselves. Moreover, parents of SLD children may feel frustrated as their children are being discriminated against and they can hardly find solutions to solve the problem.

The Pathways Foundation Ltd was established in 2001 and is a non-profit, registered charity providing services for Hong Kong children with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) in order to help them achieve their full potential in school and daily life. Its services include increasing confidence of SLD school children through after school support programmes; empowering parents through workshops and seminars; providing new skills for teacher and allied professionals and help to raise community awareness of the nature and prevalence of SLD. Having undergone a harsh experience in learning violin in her childhood, Ms Takako Nishizaki strongly agrees with Pathways¡¦ principle¡X¡§help children bridge the gap between true learning potential and current performance¡¨. She wishes to give SLD children a helping hand through The Pathways Foundation Ltd. Ms Nishizaki¡¦s father, Shinji, was the co-founder of the now famous teaching method, Suzuki Method. Takako herself was the first student to complete the Suzuki course and was awarded a teacher¡¦s diploma at the tender age of nine. Her experience in music education makes her realize the importance of education especially for children. She encourages more training of local music teachers and young musicians, so that school children can be taught how to appreciate music and develop lifelong interest in it.

Supported by Title Sponsor Ricoh Office Solutions, the Takako Nishizaki Charity Concert in support of The Pathways Foundation Ltd will be held at the Cultural Centre on November 4 & 5, 2003. Tickets are priced at $1200, $700, $500 and $300, which will be sold at all URBTIX outlets starting from October 4, 2003.
World Ski Jump

It's the kind of image that takes your breath away. The grace. The beauty. That moment in time when the jumper leaves the ramp and shoots skyward.

Ricoh is proud to sponsor the FIS World Cup Ski Jumping this season. Check out the schedule below to catch a competition near you or visit for more information.

Green fingers get down and dirty on Schools Tree Day

Ricoh representatives, recently traded their laptops and personal computers for spades, trowels and watering cans.

Continuing Ricoh’s support of the Environment Education project at Warrimoo Public School, Ricoh representatives from its Office Automation and Environment Divisions participated in Schools Tree Day, a national initiative promoted by Planet Ark. Ricoh Australia funded the purchase of equipment and indigenous species for the day.

The school enlisted the help of well-known local botanist, Wyn Jones to plan where each species should be planted to ensure the regeneration of the area was as close to nature as possible.

After a brief demonstration of how to plant a tree by Joe Banffy, school principal, 100 children dispersed into small groups of 6 to 8 which were led by Ricoh representatives, teachers, parents and members of the local Landcare group. The children under the guidance of their team leaders, worked together to plant all the species. For some children, this was their first experience at planting a tree!

The school’s Landcare group plans to clear another area of similar size over the coming months with another planting day scheduled for 2004.

Neville Cooper, Quality and Environment Manager Ricoh Australia comments: “The work that is being undertaken here at Warrimoo has captured the interest of Ricoh Japan. An article on the Earthkeepers™ program has been published in the corporate newsletter "Ricoh Family", which is circulated to Ricoh companies worldwide. Ricoh Australia is proud to sponsor this program which teaches children to learn to live in harmony with their surroundings and develop awareness about their connection with nature. Today's tree planting which will regenerate the natural bushland surrounds of the school reinforces these concepts."

Pictured right is Gerrard Rugg, Digital Solutions Consultant of the Sydney Branch with students from Warrimoo Public School.
Ricoh Hong Kong Limited Unifies business Units to Forge a Stronger Brand in Hong Kong
[10/2/03 9:58:04 AM]

Ricoh Hong Kong Limited (RHK) announces to unify all their local trading entities into one single company name with effect from 1 October 2003. The trading names of Ricoh Office Solutions and Ricoh Document Solutions will be discontinued thereafter. Hence Ricoh Hong Kong Limited will be the only trading entity from October onwards.

The unification of the business units follows Ricoh group¡¦s direction in forging a single brand for their sales and services with strong local presence. It only signifies Ricoh¡¦s further commitment in the territory. The consolidation reinforces Ricoh as the leading provider of innovative document solutions in Hong Kong.

Celebrating RHK 40th anniversary this year, the company pledges to set a new milestone to be the Winner in the 21st century and a leader in document solutions by:-

Launching a new contact centre to bring forward the ¡§Customer for Life¡¨ service approach and aim to achieve total customer satisfaction;
Responding to customers¡¦ service calls in an average of 2 hours supported by our 6 state-of-the-art branch service centres to maximize machines¡¦ up-time for high volume printing and copying;
Offering one-stop services including system integration and network support that enables document solutions;
Investing in training for their sales and service staff with focus to support colour and network printing solutions;
Practising quality and environmental management to aim for continuous improvement and sustainability.
Apart from the local operations as a major provider of digital document systems, office supplies, document management and printing solutions, RHK also serves as a regional logistics distribution centre for products and spare parts supplies for Asia. It also includes the distribution of Ricoh photographic products. With stronger support in logistics management, Ricoh will gain competitive advantage in the long run.

Speaking at the announcement of the new arrangement, Aaron Yim, the Managing Director of Ricoh Hong Kong Limited said: ¡§The consolidation of our business units in Hong Kong will strengthen Ricoh as the No. 1 copier brand in Hong Kong as well as the leader in document solutions. We offer a wide range of services from consultancy for tailor-made solutions to ready-to-use solutions for SMEs. The new company set-up will enable us to provide a total solution to customers that can enhance customer satisfaction.¡¨

According to the Semi-annual Copier Market Report of IDC, the overall sales of Ricoh black-and-white copiers and digital multifunction systems hold the No. 1 market share for 4 consecutive years. The latest IDC report of 1H 2003 shows Ricoh sustained its leading position with a 29.1%* share and is 7% ahead of its closest competitor. Ricoh provides multifunctional digital systems with document management software to facilitate easy communication in the connected world. To support the fast development in colour and network printing solutions, Ricoh pioneers the market in offering system integration and network support services that is most beneficial to SMEs who may have limited internal IT support.

In addition RHK was the overall winner of the prestigious HKMA Quality Award in 2002, in recognition of their commitment in quality and continuous improvements. As a world-class manufacturer, Ricoh is also striving to bolster their technological capabilities to become the world¡¦s No.1 product engineering company, providing the most comprehensive and competitive hardware such as colour laser printers, high volume printers and document systems that allow users to freely and simply connect and share information.
Bendigo Fair Shines for Lanier

The Bendigo Easter Fair, the biggest community event in country Victoria. What an event it was. Lanier was the proud sponsor of the Bendigo Sky Diving event and the evenings fire works.

I had the pleasure of being there for three days and with the support of Michael Brown, was astounded at the size and professionalism of this event. Over 60 thousand people attended the evenings fireworks and we not only got plenty of mentions but the night sky lit up with Lanier, spelt in magnificent lights across the lake to end a very special day.

The following day the Gala Parade with 70 floats rolled through the city and we had the privilege of meeting many dignitaries from the city. It really was great to be involved in such a special community event, not to mention the business opportunities that will present themselves over the coming months.

A special mention to Michael who did such a great hands on job in getting the best coverage possible.

Nashua Corporate Soccer Festival
The Nashua Corporate Soccer Festival took place at Sandton Sports Club, George Lea Park on Sunday 12 October 2003. This one day event, which was part of the Supersport Corporate Soccer League, attracted over 60 corporate teams who challenged each other in 7-a-side and beach soccer.

Teams and supporters shared in a fun day, with soccer kits and cash prizes for the winners and proceeds being donated to Nkosi's Haven.

The day was a great success and included a celebrity challenge involving members of the Nkosi's Haven team. Although they were beaten 3-2, they had a fantastic time and were reported to have chatted excitedly all the way home about their day. According to Gail Johnson (director of Nkosi's Haven) they haven't stopped talking about it since. Members of the Nkosi's Haven team are depicted in the attached photo.

Nkosi's Haven has been one of Nashua's on-going projects since the Nashua vs AIDS challenge sometime ago, a challenge that saw Nashua purchasing the house next door to Nkosi's Haven in Berea to allow for the much needed expansion of the Haven.

Be sure to visit the Interactive Sport sight at to see photos of competing teams. These have been posted to the site and are available for viewing.
Ricoh Canada Inc. Announces the Opening of Toronto’s Ricoh Coliseum

Toronto, Canada, November 06, 2003 — Ricoh Canada Inc., Canada’s leading provider of high quality document and content management solutions, today announced that the Ricoh Coliseum is now open.
The facility, which seats 9700 for hockey and 11,000 for concerts, officially opened its doors with the home debut of their resident AHL hockey team, the Toronto Roadrunners. The Ricoh Coliseum represents a total investment of $38 Million; a capital injection that has seen the original structure gutted, the roof raised and the floor lowered, and the interior completely refurbished in the space of a single year. Partnering with the Coliseum Renovation Corp., Ricoh Canada has invested $10 Million to secure naming rights – an important element of reinforcing Ricoh’s global presence in the local Canadian market.

“Our investment in this project certainly lets us get the Ricoh brand in front of many in the Toronto area, but it also allows us to live up to our own ideals of good corporate citizenry. Helping provide a world-class venue for exciting events such as Roadrunner hockey and the Royal Winter Fair is something we’re proud to be involved in,” said Martin Brodigan, CEO and President of Ricoh Canada Inc.

“Ricoh’s involvement in the development of this facility has been key, helping to provide us with a solid financial footing from which to restore this historic site to a place of prominence in Toronto,” said Ernie Coetzee, President of the Coliseum Renovation Corporation. The Ricoh Coliseum’s opening sees the original structure, built in 1921, rejuvenated as a state of the art sports and entertainment facility that will be the focal point of over 200 scheduled events annually.

About Ricoh Canada Inc.

Ricoh is a brand recognized for raising the potential of business communication to new heights. The company is a pioneer in the development of computer-connected and digital multifunctional document systems, and is a market leader in colour and black & white digital imaging systems, facsimile products, printers, scanners, digital duplicators and wide format engineering systems. Ricoh employs over 60,000 people worldwide and has enjoyed a steady growth in revenue and profits for almost a decade. With its head office located in Japan, the 65 year-old leading supplier of office automation equipment experienced sales in 2000, in excess of $14 billion. Ricoh Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary with its head office located in Toronto and employing over 600 employees nation-wide.

# # #
Beijing Walking Race Game

The first Beijing Walking Race Game was held in 1981. As once per year, it has been held 22 times till now. Among them, the “The 22nd Beijing 21km Walking Race Game” in year 2002 was wholly sponsored by Ricoh. On the basis of this year’s slogan “Young Olympic, Vigorous Beijing”, which has been endued by the walking race game organization committee, the committee is exerting to make the game a high standard, large scale, international sports event to attract more people to take part in. The “Walk to 2008—the First Beijing International Walking Race Game”, co-held by Beijing City Youth League Committee, Beijing Youth Federation ,Beijing Economic-Technology Development Zone, Beijing city government foreign affairs office, Beijing Athletic and Sports Bureau, Beijing Tourism Bureau, Beijing People foreign peace association, Japanese youth friend making association, was staged at Beijing Economic-Technology Development Zone (Yi Zhuang) on Sep.14, 2003. It has attracted all circles of the city, including youngsters, government servants, society organization, and Japanese youngsters, foreign friendly organization, nearly 10,000 people to take part in.
This year, as one of the sponsors , Ricoh China Co.,Ltd prepared fine souvenir for this year’s game to present to all the participants, aiming to encourage their stalwart spirit.And Mr Nomoto, Marketing department director of the Ricoh China Co.,Ltd, addressed in the opening ceremony of the event on that day.
True Colours Should be Shared

Ricoh is the Official Sponsor of the Wallabies and of Rugby at all levels of the game.

As the World’s Rugby fans turn to Australia over the next 6 weeks, we wish our Australian Wallabies all the very best in their pursuit of World Cup victory.

For the latest information on the Wallabies at the World Cup click through on the rugby links to the right.

I was not even aware that Ricoh (Korea) had made laser printers for Lexmark!!!!

Establishment of Sindoricoh historical museum
Sindoricoh receives the presidential prize of new technical utility
$300 million contract with Lexmark(USA) for the shipment of laser printer ‘Blackfoot’(LP-1600)
Make a contract for the export of digital copier finishers with Xerox of the UK
Extension of Asan plant
Sign the $50 million contract with Ricoh for the export of digital copiers
Agreement with Japan’s Ricoh for the ODM of digital copiers ($300 million)
Sindoricoh founder Sang-Ki Woo passes away
Announcement of New CI(Corporate Identity)
Ricoh keeps Adidas International in Full Swing

Ricoh Australia is again sponsoring the Adidas International, Sydney?s largest annual international sporting event. For the fifth consecutive year, Ricoh is the Official Supplier of office automation equipment to the tennis tournament. Servicing areas such as the Media Centre, Tournament Organisers? offices and Player Services offices throughout the event, Ricoh network printers, MFDs and faxes will assist in maintaining efficient and effective administration and communication.

The profile of the Adidas International is increasing each year as more top tier players use the Tournament to prepare for the Australian Open, the opening Grand Slam event of the tennis year. This year?s impressive line-up of players includes Lleyton Hewitt, Mark Philippoussis, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Carlos Moya, Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin-Hardenne and Lindsay Davenport to name a few.

Ricoh is proud to be associated with the Adidas International and to once again assist in its success. The tournament runs from Sunday 11th January until Saturday 17th January.

January 2004

by Kara Bradley 11/11/2006

SUPERSTAR rocker Rod Stewart is the latest artist to announce a concert at Coventry's Ricoh Arena.
The 61-year-old will play the arena on July 10 next year as part of a massive nationwide tour.
The Ricoh Arena is the only Midlands date on the stadium tour.
Rod will belt out some of his biggest hits, including Maggie May and Sailing, during the 30,000 all-seater gig. News of the performance is a massive boost for the Ricoh Arena, beating off competition from other arenas across the Midlands to stage the show.
It follows other successful rock concerts, including Bon Jovi, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bryan Adams, who have all taken to the stage at the Ricoh in the last 18 months.
Daniel Gidney, chief executive of the Ricoh Arena, said he was thrilled to be welcoming the star to Coventry.
He said: "It is a real coup for us as there was considerable interest amongst other venues in the region to being the Midlands leg of the tour.
"Rod Stewart is a musical legend and will be a massive magnet for the city - attracting fans from all parts of the country.
"It is fantastic to see the calibre of artists continuing to stay strong after shows by Bon Jovi, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bryan Adams," he added.
He promised more stadium concerts for the Ricoh in 2007.
He added: "We are totally committed to bringing the very best in musical entertainment to the region and we hope to make further announcements in the near future."
Rod's latest album, Still the Same...Great Rock Classics Of Our Time is out now. It is his 35th charting album.
Tickets for the gig at the Ricoh Arena will go on sale from 9am on Friday (November 10) priced between £50 and £65. They will be available by calling 0870 4000688 or logging onto after 9am.

The Ricoh Arena will be a venue for some of the UK’s most high profile sports and entertainment events. It is the new home of Coventry City football club and will be attracting big names of the calibre of Kylie Minogue, U2 and David Bowie.

The £113 million multi-purpose development expands over 72 acres and is less than two hours’ drive time for 75% of the mainland UK population.

The 32,000 seat arena will feature

6,000sq metre exhibition and events hall holding 8000 people,
a 1,000 seater banqueting suite,
65 hotel rooms
a health and fitness suite.

For Ricoh, this venue will provide a headquarters from which several new strategic services will be directed, allowing the company to achieve 30 per cent growth over the next three years and creating at least 100 jobs.

Ricoh is already the 7th largest IT company in the world, with number one copier market share in Europe and has existing experience in sponsoring stadiums such as the hugely successful ‘Ricoh Coliseum’ in Toronto, Canada.

The Ricoh Arena will be highly visible - passed by 52 million vehicles and with a footfall of 2.5 million people a year, on the flight path for two international airports and rooftop signage purported to be visible from the moon!

“The Ricoh Arena will be a landmark building that will create a new gateway into the city and provide one of the most unique facilities in the country. We have been working closely with the company in the run-up to today’s signing and are developing very exciting plans for the arena" commented Mr Terry Ogiwara, Associate Director Corporate Planning.

The Lord Mayor, Councillor Ram Lakha, welcomed the President and CEO of Ricoh Co. Ltd. to Coventry at the civic ceremony held in the brand new Ricoh Arena to recognise the company’s investment in the city and to welcome some of the senior management currently visiting from Japan.
2 October 2008, 12:42 pm

The EDF Energby Cup semi-finals will take place at Coventry's Ricoh Arena in Match next year.
The £113m venue will host the double-header on Saturday March 28, 2009 (2.30pm and 5.15pm, live on BBC television).

With two Heineken Cup semi-finals and a pool match held at the 32,000 capacity stadium since it opened three years ago, the Ricoh Arena is no stranger to rugby.

The road to the Ricoh, home to Coventry City Football Club, kicks off with this weekend's EDF Energy Cup first round and Tournament Director Terry Burwell said: "We are delighted to be able to take the semi-finals to a new venue and we are looking forward to a memorable double-header.

"The Ricoh has a good track record in hosting top class rugby, having successfully held three Heineken Cup matches, and we are already working with the stadium on delivering a first rate event."

Daniel Gidney, Chief Executive of the Ricoh Arena, said: "This is great news for the Ricoh Arena and for the region. The EDF Energy Cup is the premier domestic knockout competition and to host two semi-final matches on the same day will be a memorable occasion.

"The multi-purpose Ricoh is an international destination for business, entertainment and sport and has proved that it is an ideal arena for rugby. We are determined to put on a magnificent occasion for the players, supporters and organisers of the competition."

The switch from Cardiff's Millennium Stadium has been made because the Welsh football team have a FIFA 2010 World Cup qualifier against Finland there on the same day.

Burwell added: "I would like to thank the Welsh Rugby Union and the Millennium Stadium for their hard work in hosting the last three semi-final days. Once we knew that we were unable to use the facility this season because of the clash then we searched thoroughly for the most suitable venue and we very much feel that we have found it in the Ricoh Arena."

Ray Wiltshire, EDF Energy Head of Sponsorship and PR, said: "Central England is a rugby heartland and the Ricoh Arena a wonderful modern stadium which gets you close to all the action. We're really excited about the prospect of bringing the EDF Energy Cup to a new stadium, one that offers a fantastic setting for back-to-back semi-finals."

Tickets will be on sale from October 30 from Ticketmaster, the Ricoh Arena and the subsequent semi-finalists, priced £35, £28, £20 and £10 for Under-15s.

The final of the EDF Energy Cup will take place at Twickenham Stadium on Saturday April 18, 2009 (2.30pm, live on BBC television).

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