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At the end of a 36 or 60 month lease, almost all A4 MFPs have zero value.

When A4 product comes back they often cost about the same to refurbish as to buy new.

This brings up the question of how to dispose of them.

A4 product is largely plastic so there is not a lot of metal to recycle.

Usually they become electronic waste and potentially dumped in a landfill which increasingly is being recognized as bad for the environment.

A3 copiers by comparison have some value when used and can have at least two productive copier lives in many workplaces.  There is some metal in most of them so you can dispose of them at select metal recyclers.

Plus you can make some really good money selling used A3 product.

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I'm in agreement about he value at the end of lease for A4's. It was a topic of discussion that I had with two premier wholesalers.  It's often heard "that one mans junk is another mans treasure."  This can be true with a savvy buyer as long as they can get 3 year old A4's or less for a song and a dance.  These would be perfect devices to put back in the field under a DaaS plan, even if it's only for a year or two.  That model is probably the only potential I see for the off lease A4 devices.

Also in agreement is that yes you can make some good bucks on A3's

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