This is the ramped up version of the old 1224/1232 (gee, I hope I got the model numbers right, I have not sold one of these in a year, Ricoh probably has not sold one since then either). We were told there is no more cycling issues (period!) Once the gal who was demonstrating the machine found out it was me (P4P Hotel) she made a comment to my friend that we have erroneous info on our site. Wish she would have said it too me, I would have told to her to kiss off and this is America (thanx Mike)!, and we will talk about the good, the bad and the ugly!, and boy was the 1224/1232 ugly!!

On with the good stuff, Ricoh is using a new poloymerized toner (I need a spell check on this), key advanatages is better saturation, more vibrant colors and no need for fuser oil. I must say the prints were very impressive!!!! This system will have all of the standard features that we are enjoying on our 22cpm series.

Hey, I beleive in Ricoh products and will give this new machine a spin in my territory and see how it goes. Nothing can be as bad as the 1224/1232.

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Some quick questions that you may or may not be able to answer:
1.) The 1224/1232 were mono-component...are these also?
2.) The 3200 series has units from 24cpm up to the 60cpm 3260C. Were you given any idea what was going to be structurally or mechanically different from bottom to top. Surely these aren't all going to be the same box running at different speeds.
3.) Speaking of erroneous information, I was told by Ricoh that the brochure showing the 2075 connected to the SR90 was not a "real" brochure...that nowhere in the world is the SR90 being sold as an accessory for the 2075. Sometimes I wonder just how dumb they think we are.
If you go to the Ricoh-usa website there is a press release on all of the new color systems and when you print it out you get all of the specs for the new systems
That's the reason for my questions. Only the 24cpm says it is monocomponent and it is lited independent of the 28/35/45cpm units. The printer resolution is different, the LCT on the 24cpm will do 11x17 where on the others it is only 8.5x11.

I just wonder if the 3224C is a different animal than the rest.
From my understanding, these are three different "boxes". The 3224 is on it's own, as is the 3260, the 3228,3235,3245 are manufactured as the same engine similar to our current 22xx series. Looks like the 3260 does thicker paper and can fit in either b2c or creative environments.
The 3224 is the cousin of the 1224/1232.

The 3260 is an "all new" engine (sort of) built on the frame of the 2051. It has hints of the 2232 series machine stuffed inside a 2051. The ADF is new for this model.

The 3228/35/45 is the cousin to the 2228/32/38.

Happy Selling!

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