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My mailers are going out the last week of March! I am going to put a cost justification spreadsheet together for those customers who plot over two hundred times a month. I figue the cost for a d size (architect) plot is close to .13 per square foot.

What are your thoughts on the .13 per square foor for a typical HP Plotter.

Have a local dealer pitching it/all info off of mailing piece one of our potential clients received:
standalone: $12,000.00
scan/print: $16,000.00 incl. computer

4 "D"/minute
600 dpi 256 shades
1 or 2 roll option
bypass tray
Optional Sheet Cassette up to 12x18 is front loading
Network: "Ricoh Software Provided for DWG Set Processing",Scan to file,Plotter

Kind of looks like a 780 digital version w/470 keypanel. sits on a stand.
Has anyone seen anything in writing on this model (brochure, pricing, etc.)? I just spoke with Savin and I'm told it is being launched in two weeks, so I figure there has to be info available somewhere. I have a bid due today and would love to include this model (the client is preparing to purchase a plotter for a satellite office along with several MFP's). I am waiting on a reply from Savin, but I'm not holding my breath. I'll let you know what I find (if anything).


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