Do any of you know any wholesalers or remanufactures that have the 700 series, and if so what I ca expect to pay for a used and remanufactured for an Aficio 700 with print, nic and finisher!

Need your help!

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Office Equipment Group has not come through with promises to me in the past but on 8/29 they advertised two units:

AF700 with LCT and Finisher - 488K - $4,800
AF700 with LCT, Finisher, NIC, and Print - 143K - $6,645.

However, in their fax dated 9/16, these units are no longer listed. I give them here for representative pricing purposes.

They carry lots of Ricoh so you might give them a call. Rick Howe - President 800-261-9179 (ext 225).

Again be careful. I don't mind telling you or you telling them that I told you that they promised a delivery date and no delivery charges and not only did it get Late, it got here COD and I ended up paying rush charges to boot. Because I wasn't here to refuse shipment the bill got paid.

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