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From: Jeff Oatridge ( )
Date: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 04:35 PM

Does anyone have some ideas? It's print for pay.
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The key for Minolta Dealers, is that the CF2001, CF 1501 are designed for end user involement.

All consumables can be replaced by the end user with not tech involvement. Or they dealer could choose limited end user replacement or replacement only by a technican.

The key is end user replacement, just like HP!

From the Mind of Minolta:

The labor cost based on End User capability to replace the TFU's.

Dealers need to be encouraged to allow more customer involvment.

Service advantage over our competitors.

User does it all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From: ricohaficio Sent: 11/21/2001 2:30 PM
CF 2001 I/U CPP ricohaficio
(43/M/Highlands, NJ) 2/26/01 9:42 pm
Imaging Unit C (30K) Dealer Cost (225.) CPP (.0075)
Same for Y & M .0075 CPP

Image Unit K (Black) (30K) Dealer Cost (143.50) CPP (.00287)

Total CPP I/U .0253

These are all user interchangeable, no technician needed to change developer. I believe that Minolta has married a color scanner with a color printer. Hence the two seperate units mentioned on the brochure. In essence this could be an extremley reliable unit.

Toner consumption is based on 20% coverage of 8 x 11.

10 k PER Color CARTRIDGE (dealer cost) $30. CPP .0030
10 k per Black CARTRIDGE (dealer cost) $24.

Total Toner CPP .0114

Total CPP with Parts & Toner & I/U's .047

These systems are a joke! They have taken three different pieces of existing systems and pieced then together for a corpoate color copier.

Faults: By-pass One sheet only! (upto 90lb)
Bottle Fed Toner Supply
No Offset stack on 1501
Flimsy paper trays.
OK Copy Quality
This system should not be a threat to our 6000 series as long as price is not a factor. If price is the factor, sell quality and reliablity against the Minolta CF1501/2002.

some more items:

No thick stock, no duplex thick stock. The Minolta is a LED Color Printer, NOT LASER! 2 Bit color versus 8 bit color. No 13 x 18.

Theres more let me know.

Don't forget to use the fact that the 6513 was awarded the Digital Office Awards "Best of the Best" 2002 by BERTL for being the BEST Color Laser Copier-Printer Graphics-Arts Device

Never underestimate the power of third-party referrals.

Just curious...why aren't you proposing the AP3800CMF?
Topic: 6513 vs. Minolta 2003 (2 of 2), Read 7 times
Conf: COLOR: Competitive Discussion
From: Gordon Evans (
Date: Sunday, March 16, 2003 08:45 AM

I'm betting this is the Minolta 2002. It's 20ppm vs. your 13, has an available bookletmaker finisher which works from both the copy and print modes, is capable of running 140# index thru the 250 sheet universal tray, comes std. with command workstation software on the 700mhz fiery vs. your optional command workstation on the 366mhz E710, has some very nice scanning features vs. your single sheet fiery scan and costs less than the 6513. Image quality will be slightly less than the 6513, but it's a lot of bang for the buck. Good Luck!

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