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NO - You cannot merge the jobs into "sets" that can be sorted. If you hold CTRL and click on multiple documents, they will all print, but they will not come out sorted.

If I asked for 3 copies, I'd get 3 copies of the first page, 3 copies of the second page, etc., etc.

You can create a set to be collated, but the way to do this is to plot the files to disk, then create a job in Plotbase and add all the plots you need in this set to the job.

Then you can select number of copies, select "collated" and get your sets printed out in order.

The difference is, you can't do this with jobs already in Plotbase, only with new jobs you create.
Just an FYI that I stumbled upon while creating a job in Plotclient WIN. When you hilight a group of prints to add to the job, they DO NOT drop into the job in the same order. If you are collating and need them in the exact order, you need to drop one file at a time into the job to insure correct order. If anyone has found that this is not true, please let me know. Thanks. Barbara
thanx for the great info!

i was at an account today that needed to "reprint" exiting .plt files. I tried to add them into plotclient, however I was given an error message.

Unknown or not licensed file type)file C:\program Files RW-240-240 Plotbase\ss\1041\04-075A-100-plans-A-101.plt.1056.000000

I then found by mistake that I could add these files to Scan Tools and was able to print them in a collated set!

Can anyone elaborate as to why this happened?

Plotbase would have printed those files, it's just that they didn't end in a an extension it recognized. I've gotten that error before, but still beeen able to add the files in Plotbase (ingnoring the error) and plot them successfully.

In my case, the customer was printing to disk with the win driver from an application that named the files *.PRN. Which isn't a supported extension, but the files came out fine anyway.

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