Advanced Imaging in South Bend Awarded Contract


Board members Monday also approved a second request by Kitchen to award the corporation’s copier/print services contract to Advanced Imaging of South Bend.

According to Kitchen, a request for proposals for the copier/print contract was released in December of last year, with three vendors responding by the proposal deadline. Those companies included the corporation’s current vendor Adams Remco, Advanced Imaging and Techknowledgey.

Kitchen noted that a committee consisting of herself, Assistant Superintendent Steve Hope, Assistant Superintendent Alan Metcalfe, GCS Technology Director David Snyder and others spent several months evaluating the proposals before ultimately settling on Advanced Imaging.

“Vendors were invited back for a follow-up question-and-answer session,” Kitchen added of the selection process. “Although all three vendors submitted proposals that would meet the needs of GCS, it is the recommendation of the committee that the proposal for copy/print services is awarded to Advanced Imaging. Advanced Imaging was selected due to their service guarantee which includes loaner replacement, four-hour response time and no financial or service penalties for replacement of machines not meeting quality and specifications. Also, Advanced Imagining K-12 Indiana School References were stellar.”

Kitchen noted that the initial cost of the contract comes to $74,820 annually for maintenance and service plus the cost of copies.

“This price will be adjusted due to fewer machines — no penalty for adjustments — as volume is reduced with the use of the document management software and further evaluation,” Kitchen said. “After the proposal award, GCS will proceed with the issuance of leasing agreement and installation and training during the summer of 2018.”

The request was approved unanimously.

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