Looking for some insight on how often A4 MFPs are replacing A3 MFPs in contracts. 

What types of offices (sizes, verticals) are you seeing more frequently replace an existing A3 with an A4?

When an A4 does take the place of an A3, do customers have concerns about the higher CPC? If so, are you reducing CPCs at all to help win bids?

Thanks for your help.

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For me, it would be roughly 15%, verticals would be healthcare and law.

When an A4 does take the place of an A3, do customers have concerns about the higher CPC? When I see that there are zero to a small number of 11x17 pages printed.  CPC not that big of a deal, and I don't do bids so I cant comment on that.  @Monte @Jason H @Old Glory @jredmon @John 

Thanks Art, yeah, I wouldn't think the CPC change would be that big of a deal understanding the customer is probably saving $ on hardware costs by going with an A4 vs. A3.

From what I seen in the past and what I showed the customer was that many times they could almost double their speed but keeping their price about the same. I sold a ton of Lexmarks and Samsung A4 devices. And yes I would live to see some heavy duty A4s to go into schools, municipalities,  and larger companies.

How would you define "Heavy duty A4's"?

There is a reason why Ricoh has both the MP 6055 and the MP 6503. Placing an A4 vs. an MP 6055 can be a big enough stretch depending on desired accessories but it will be awhile before I would ever consider placing an A4 where I feel an MP 6503 is required.

I sell a lot of A4 into my medical accounts and small business accounts.  It really comes down to page volume and how the machine is to be used.  I have yet to see an A4 that is built tough, has a low CPC, has a good document feeder, is user friendly and can handle 20,000 pages per month.  Not to mention the lack of stapling and tray shift finishing.

Thanks guys. General consensus seems that there is some customer demand (and revenue opportunities) for stronger, higher-end A4's that MFRs need to address.

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