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yay!  Congrats and welcome!  I'm hoping some others can chime on on this as well to help you.

  • Have a great work ethic. In this industry I like to say that you are always working because anywhere you go or anyone you meet can be a prospect
  • Use the 6 foot question.  Whenever you get within six feet of someone ask them what they do for a living, where they work, and if there might be a need for your services
  • Always be prospecting
  • Concentrate on larger accounts.  You don't want to play with accounts that are printing less than 3,000 pages a month
  • The harder you work the luckier you get.  Basically means that if you have a great work ethic for prospecting opportunities can come to you
  • Use Linkedin to post interesting blogs or products that clients may be interested in. 
  • Pick 30 of the top companies in your territory on Linkedin and follow them.  When they post something up do a "like" and also make a nice comment.  People will then check you out to see who you are.  You can then follow up with something like "what brought you to my profile and is there anything I can help with"
  • Start your own YouTube channel to post informational videos and then share on social media
  • Do not be afraid to make cold calls, the more you make the more appointments you will get
  • Try to focus on a vertical market at first.  This way you can develop a good business acumen for that industry.  Learn their language also.
  • If you can prospect by day and quote by night
  • If you don't ask you don't get
  • Think about having a coach that you can bounce questions off
  • Increase your knowledge of the industry, read as much as you can
  • Post your own blogs on Linkedin and share.  Start out with one a month and increase to once a week

Always feel free to post any and  all questions here.  We have a great group of people that will help.


Thanks Art, these are very helpful points.

When you say "Concentrate on larger accounts.  You don't want to play with accounts that are printing less than 3,000 pages a month"

How would I go about qualifying accounts (outside of cold calling) as small or large?

Anyone else reading this please chime in too. I would love to get a long chain of best practices started for 2021

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@Matt Hutcheson that's correct. I have a heavy quota and those small A4 devices selling at $2K is not going to pay the bills.

As far as qualifying I would start with annual revenue of the company. You can find that out with a google search.  Maybe start at $3M and up.

Stay away from single or even double practice doctors, dentists, bookkeepers, CPA's and Attorneys.  I specialize with AEC (Architect, Engineers and Construction) they are still using paper and value technology

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