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Do you struggle to find a really good, engaging opening line for a cold call? Does every cold call recommendation you see online seem over-the-top gimmicky? Have you ever thought one up, just to completely fumble your words and go back to your trusted (and extremely boring) “Hi, this is _____ calling from ____, do you have a moment?”

I spent an entire day trying the craziest opening lines for cold calls, and this is what actually worked. And, for your entertainment, I also included what really, really didn’t work.

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1. Overly Excited

“Happy Monday!” or whatever day of the week it is.

The Theory: It’s a nice change of pace to hear someone on the phone who isn’t miserable. So, if you seem excited about the day, it’ll be contagious, and other people will be excited with you. Then, they’ll be more engaged with your pitch.

In Practice: People HATED this. I mean, straight up hated it. I even had one guy who used to work in sales tell me that this was the most childish approach to cold calling he’d ever seen. He told me that if I were on his sales team, I’d no longer have a job. Harsh, but fair I guess.

2. The Switch-Up

“How is your day going today?”" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">read the rest here, there's some really good info

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