22 Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Sales Phrases That Turn Prospects Off

Sales is a language game. Salespeople use words to demonstrate value, identify business pain, create a sense of urgency, and close deals.

Unfortunately, many salespeople also use words to ruin their chances of winning a deal.

Too much of sales depends on chance. Don’t lose a deal because you weren’t careful with your words -- using any of the below phrases in emails is a major mistake.

19 Bad Sales Phrases That Kill Deals

1. “Sorry to bother you.

There are two fatal mistakes here: an apology and the insinuation that you’re being interruptive.

If you’re reaching out for a good reason, you have no reason to apologize. Saying “sorry” creates the impression you’re weak, when you should be projecting confidence and authority. And if your prospect didn’t think you were bothering them before, they certainly do now.

If you’re truly being interruptive because you have nothing to offer or didn’t do your due diligence, don’t reach out at all.

2. “I’d like to connect.

Why? Are you going to offer free advice (something you should do), or are you going to start hard selling the minute your prospect picks up (something you shouldn’t)?

Explain exactly what your prospect should expect to get out of the call to turn this bad phrase good.

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