Has anyone tried printing com 10 envelopes to a 1232? If so, were you able to set them up, so that you could send the job from a MACRO in Word with the addresses already input and run the job seamlessly.

This is what I have run into and I don't know if there might be a work around.

Fist off, envelopes through the bypass misfeed from print mode, not copy.

If i set up a custom size in drawer 2, 4.13 x 9.5" and thick paper, the machine will run it, but there are two glitches.
One: horrible creases.

Second: even though the template in word is set up to com 10, and the driver, RPCS, is set up to custom size (4.13 x 9.5), when the job reaches the 1232 it sees unmatached paper sizes and you have to force the job through manually.

If anybody has any input, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for yout help.

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My only input is that I have never been able to consistantly get envelopes to print from a copier very well.

Regardles of how it is spec'd out, I always tell my customers that it is in their best interest to make sure that they print envelopes from a regular printer and not their copier. I do have a handful who print envelopes from the copier (including 1224-32 series systems, but they deal with the occasional jams etc and understand it)

Hope that helps!
Same here, I stay away Eek from an envelope issue with the MFP's. It's Taboo!

Wish I could help! Does anyone else have any input with envelopes.

I have plenty of luck, running them through tray 2 on the 220's-1027's. We set that tray up as "envelopes only and sell them the 4 tray configuration. I have one customer who's been running them on two 270's for 3 years now, with no problem other than when one of the "ID 10 T" users messes with the tray settings. Haven't tried on the 1224 or with the RPCS drivers though. We always found the PCL drivers to be less tempermental.
on the 27's in user tools, is there a setting for com 10 envelopes? or do you do a custom size? Also when you print, if there is a custom setting; (FROM PCL) when the job gets to the piece, do you have to force the job through by selecting the tray or does it automatically detect since you have it set up already. I appreciate your help.

Brian Miller
I have had GREAT success with envelopes on the C2408SP (1224SP) - I didn't do a merge, but I printed many envelopes through word using the bypass. No wrinkles. I run them through bottom first with the flap open.
out of curiosity, what do you program the size to be with the flap open?

i appreciate your help.

Set as a standard #10 envelope - I was told this at a launch by the Savin corporate color printer guy. I was skeptical until I tried it. I couldn't believe how well it worked and couldn't help but reflect on the years I'd fed envelopes through the bypass, narrow edge, flap closed, wrinkled output.
i'll have to double check, but I swear that #10 is not on the unit in custom paper sizes, for bypass or tray 2.
I don't have my demo machine anymore, sold it, we were printing 5.5" x 8.5" heavy stock and had the bypass set for this ... I am not sure now if I had to change the paper size at the copy machine for the bypass, I do know that I sent the job from MS WORD, both from Tools/Envelopes and Labels and by creating an envelope size document (so I could add color graphics to my envelope) and they printed out without a problem.
so if i understand you correctly, you set the bypass up for 5.5 x 8.5 and ran thick com 10 envelopes through.
I know I had the bypass set for 5.5x8.5 thick because I was printing a number of postcards, I don't remember if I had to manually set the paper size for the bypass at the copy machine when I printed the envelopes... I did send the job from MSWORD to print the envelopes from the bypass and all went well. Try it, it'll work, if the machine tells you to change the paper size in the bypass, then you will know for sure. BUT I DO KNOW FOR A CERTAINTY, the envelopes printed great without any intervention. ..... The Savin Printer guy told us at different printer launches, tell your customers that there are only three paper types ... plain, thick, OHP transparencies ... forget everything else ... if its not a plain sheet of copy paper or a transparency, its thick.

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I appreciate the help. I am going to have to try this today, I thought there was a setting for the com 10's on this piece but not. I was even trying B5. Hopefully this gets it straight. Your help is very much appreciated.

brian miller
Just got back from my customer who bought my demo machine where I tried the envelope thing.
I did this from MSWORD, Tools/Envelopes and Labels. The have since changed the paper size in the bypass to 8.5x11 ... I left it that way. Still worked great, printed immediately (RPCS Driver). The only thing odd is the envelope orientation pictured from MSWORD. It shows the envelope feeding short edge, face up, leave it this way (or change it to appear this way, it is the default). Even though you put the envelopes in the bypass face down, long edge.
How Can I Print Envelopes From The Bypass Tray? (Ricoh Update)

How can I print envelopes from the bypass tray of the B051/B052 color MFP?

Bypass printing to the B051 and B052 is possible. The attachment gives two step-by-step solutions.

I am not sure I understand your reply. What is the Bo51 and 52 also where is the attachment? Thanks,


The 1224 and 1232, I forgot to attach the attachment. Will have it later today!


Envelope feeding from the Bypass Tray

Note the correction position for envelope printing.

Place the envelope in the tray LEF (9 1/2 edge first); feed paper from the flap side up in thick mode. (The flap should be feed last and open see above)

Do not load more then 5 envelopes at one time.

Go to user tools/ printer features/ paper input/bypass paper size/next, than select 4 1/8 x 9 ½
and exit user tools. This will set the bypass for Com 10 envelopes for the printer only.

­ Setting up envelopes in WORD 2000

In Word 2000, select file, page setup / page size tab and scroll paper size to Com 10 envelope/ select landscape in orientation and change margins in the margin tab. If this is something the customer will use often have the customer create an envelope.dot file and put this file in the Microsoft Template folder. The printer MUST be set for bypass 4 1/8 x 9 ½ thick mode. The printer does not have to be the default printer, however if you select the pcl driver you must check rotate under the setup tab in the driver settings then click apply after envelope is printing is complete remember to deselect rotate. If you select the RPCS driver set new icon for envelopes - set the bypass on thick mode as the default for that icon, rotate does not need to be selected.


In Word 2000 select file then new. Then select the “Letters & Faxes” tab in “new office doc wizard”, select Envelope Wizard, and follow the wizard. If this method is used you must have the B051/B052 as the default printer and it is not necessary to change the bypass size on the printer (B051/B052).

The following envelopes have been tested successfully through the bypass of the UC1.

Quality Park Traditional Business Envelope #11112
Quality Park Laser/IJ Business Envelope #11184
Westvaco Laser Quality Envelope CO130
Westvaco Laser Quality Envelope CO125

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if you remeber, could you tell me where you got this information, my techs are giving me a hard time with this and maintaining that RICOH will not support this.

Thanks Brian
This came from Ricoh tech support web site, your guys are familiar with this, if not they should be logged on here and there.

Does anyone have the web address for this?

The website is tsc.ricohcorp.com. Do not enter www before the site. You will have to enter a username and password to gain access.

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