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Test Your Knowledge of the Copier Industry

Here's quiz questions that will bring back the memories of the good ole days! Have fun and enjoy!!

Who Invented Xeroxgraphy?

Which one of these companies did not market an analog copy machine?

Which one of these names were not a name for an anolog copy machine?

For you old time Minolta guys. Which one was not a Minolta model?

Back in the eighties, Sharp manufactured the SF741, tell us how it fused the toner onto the paper

What manufacturer made the first "Zoom" Lens Copier?

In the Eighties, Tony Randall of the Odd Couple pitched Copy Machines for what manufactuer?

In the Eighties, Jack Klugman of the of the Odd Couple also pitched Copy Machines for what manufacturer?

In what year did Haliod Corp obtain a license for the photocopy machine

In 1955 Haliod marketed the first automated machine in 1955. What was the name they used?

How many copies were made in 2008?

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