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Reply to "What's the application that will cause Capture to really grow in the MFP space"

Geeesh, you ask a great question!   I really not sure if there is an answer for that. 


All of my accounts scan whether it's scan2email or scan2folder.  Most are then moving those documents to a place on the server or another pc where they are stored in a windows alpha tree folder structure.


When I speak about entering meta data at the copier, so that they can perform a better search, it seems to have turned them off.  Many users feel that they can find the documents that they've scanned and don't want to pay for something when they can find it on their own. Thus these accounts don't have any PAIN.


I also may attribute the above scenarios because most copiers out of the box are not capable of allowing the user to search for the correct folder on the network to scan to. Nor do most come with creating searchable /pdf's when they scan.


Just maybe if the user was able to see the network folders from the MFP, they might then embrace entering meta data when they scan the document.  For instance in drop box.


Scan2sharepoint, not many customers doing that on my end, however many are scanning to dropbox, box, evernote and MS 365.  Maybe what the industry needs and this may be possible with the new smart MFP's is an app that the customer can purchase and pay a monthly fee for and it includes a basic DM system. The app in nature would be some kind of "lite" version of DMS, and you could pay more to add more features.


It could also be that most sales people are not embracing Document Management, meaning in most cases this will slow down the box sale since other parties will need to be consulted with the purchase or lease of the MFP.


Would it be possible to bundle a lite version of a DMS system with the copier?  Maybe a license for one user for one year?


Can anyone else add anything?  


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