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Reply to "The End Is Nigh"

More for Czech

I see what you do on LinkedIn, I see what you write, you my friend "is the value" that you bring to your clients! 

Like I stated before, selling copiers now seems to be more about identifying those clients that you can ands can't make GP.  You need to make that assessment ASAP during discovery.  There are many boxes I don't make money on (GP), however there are spiffs from the manufacturers and @ $200 bucks each for some color units, you can pocket another $1K in spiffs. 

Don't let a bad month or a bad quarter affect you, there is GP to be made!  Just saw one of my guys get $3K on a 25ppm color box, they are out there.

"really don't know how to sell on value anymore because it feels like there is none to offer. "

Value:  You need to add value to your offering, something different than what the others offer, whether it's personal training for the hardware, a special guarantee, hand holding, or finding that pain point that no other manufacturer or rep can relieve for them. I'm now adding value with Print Rules and that's one of the first items I talk about, screw the speeds and feeds, talk about something that can save the client time and money!

It could also be offering up your SEO knowledge for a free hour session for some of your clients. I've offered up my services for social media, and sat with the customer for one hour to teach some of what I now.

The blog I wrote the other day about the paper lock trays, that makes me different, you need to find products, solutions or ways to make yourself and your dealership stand out in the crown.

"When you help solve a problem for someone, they take your recommendation and ask 3 other people to quote the same thing."

Well, this happens from time to time, again offer them something your competitors can't.  If there is no pain, then it's pretty much a commodity sale, get the sale, screw the price and move on to the next deal. I think you sell Canon right?  If so, there is some really cool stuff that Canon has that you can use as a lockout feature!

"People just want a cheap box and companies in town will do anything to sell that."

True and not true, there are companies and people that will pay for your services so they can concentrate on their core business. 

"Proposals continuously disappear into limbo and following up after doing a demo or proposal appointment feels like pulling teeth."

Proposals suck! 

Here's my proposal, and order doc, a maintenance agreement, and a lease all highlighted and little green arrows stating, "sign here".  The intent which is mild, is that I'm here to have you sign the order. I will offer proposals for higher end systems and or 3 or more systems. Other than that I will not email, mail or fax the customer anything. I state that I will drop by with my proposal (which is the order docs), answer any questions, review the terms and conditions and then throw in, "if you like what you see, I'll have the documents all ready to move forward".

I'm thinking you may have fallen into the trap of emailing or dropping off proposals. I've been there and done that, and most of the time, doing that process gets me nothing, and like you stated the deals hang in limbo.

What I like best about this industry is that you never know what tomorrow will bring. Meaning, as long as you keep prospecting, keep working and keep a decent (yeah, I know, it's tuff) attitude, you will do well.

Kid, you're in a slump, it happens to all of us!  Change some things up, no emailing or dropping off proposals, trying working some higher end offerings. I love working wide format because the clients value IT, they value time (time is money) and most wide format users have multiple units, thus I get to sell them not only the wide format, but the MFP too!!  It takes as much effort to sell one copiers does 3-5 copiers.  Break your GP into weekly goals, like,  OK this week I want $2K.

Start higher with your pricing so you can offer your own promo's, believe it or not there are clients that assume a higher price means better value, more reliable.

Let me repeat, I read your stuff, I see what you do on LinkedIn, I'm often thought, WOW, that Czech is really good at what he does, wish I could do what he does.  That's no BS!

Change it up, work hard, be different, don't email, mail or fax anything every again. Oh and one more item, if you haven't close the deal, before you leave that office, schedule a follow up appointment right there and then. Also, don't be afraid to walk, if they don't want to adhere to your terms (tell them this is your time frame for selling) and guidelines.

Hope this helps!!!1