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Reply to "Sharp has Serious Money Problems!"

Originally posted by yeti:
So looks like this was all just a rumor

anybody think differently with the letter sharp just released?

Read carefully. You are all in the copier business, this is a business of careful word craft.

"The Nikkei had earlier reported that Sharp was considering selling its copier, air-conditioner and LED businesses, with Kyocera Corp, Daiwa House Industry Co and Daikin Industries Ltd among possible buyers or investors.

Sharp denied both reports, while a Hon Hai spokesman declined to comment. (My insert: Which owns 10% and wants 20%)

Separately, the Jiji News Agency reported that Osaka-based Sharp was seeking a 50 billion yen ($630 million) capital increase, and is approaching U.S. investment funds, Kyocera, Toshiba Corp, and others."

Wait a minute, What? They are not selling to Kyocera, just asking them for money? Oh that makes it better, or different. If that news leak occured prior to closing the deal (if there is or was a deal working wink wink) then somebody will be falling on a sword . I dont beleive Sharp is that careless. I think it is done and over with either way you decide.

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