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Reply to "Sharp has Serious Money Problems!"

It is very easy.

12 months from now, when all of the smoke blows away, Sharp Corp Japan will either be in or out of the copier business.

I personally think, in.

Sept 2013 is a "drop dead" date for Sharp Corp Japan re financial commitments.

12 months is only four quarters, which can be a long time in the copier business.

I acknowledge Sharp has made huge $ and continuing $ commitments in their very strong belief of the continuation of the current copier business, as is.

Is Sharp Corp profitable in the copier business, probably 99% true.

Will Sharp lose business because of the current potential business uncertainty, probably 99% true. There are very good competitive copier reps who can spin doubt.

The door to doubt has been opened. Sharp has to close it! That door will not close for several months based upon Sharp proving to the world it is not so!
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