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iDatix is Now DocuPhase -- A New Generation of Document Management and Process Automation Software

CLEARWATER, Fla., Oct. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- After reviewing months of market feedback and working though the design iterations, iDatix has released the most recent version of their signature document management and workflow automation software.


With so many enhancements being rolled into the release, and in the interest of simplifying and combining the individual pieces of the platform, iDatix has rebranded their iSynergy Document Management platform and Progression process automation software as DocuPhase – an all-encompassing platform with more features, fewer individual components, and a focus on being the best in both value and price in a highly evolved and competitive environment.


Additionally, iDatix has transitioned their corporate identity to unify the company with the software they provide, and DocuPhase will now be indicative of both the company and the software.


"Our platform is our identity," said founder and CEO Steve Allen. "We want competitors and clients alike to know we live and breathe this platform inside and out, and that the platform we are willing to put out in the marketplace is a product we want to be our ambassador and our primary identity in the software space."


The new user experience includes refreshing and sleek experience, with more features in each offering than ever before, as well as the reliability and user-minded functionality of the previous iDatix offerings. DocuPhase will take the place of the newest iSynergy release (version 6.0) for existing customers planning to upgrade, and is available as a direct upgrade now by contacting Account Management.


The feedback that the company received in regards to their product and other competitive products on the market included requests for more secure signature technologies, a more customizable interface, and expanded functionality in the controls for routing and automation, and seamless integration with required PDF forms.


To answer these requests, the new DocuPhase platform includes several standard features that were not available in iSynergy, such as enhanced "Wait Task" functionality in routing, electronic wet signatures on forms via mouse or touch screen, a customizable landing screen on initial log-in, and refined two-way interaction between Active Directory and DocuPhase.


The combination of features greatly reduces time spent on data entry and retrieval, and provides a modern solution to let information flow freely through the defined channels of a company's unique business process. The new product and pricing structure that DocuPhase is utilizing also allows the company to compete much more directly with providers such as Square 9, Docuware, and Docushare.


"DocuPhase will provide us with a software brand and corporate identity that accurately represents the transformation that our product suite has gone through over the past fifteen years," said Allen. "The software will continue to evolve, with a focus on client success, and we will rapidly exceed the standards of excellence set by both our previous offerings and our competitors for value and cost."


About DocuPhase

Driving innovation with information, DocuPhase is a complete browser-based platform that includes four core components – Enterprise Workflow Automation, Document Management, Electronic Forms, and Capture Recognition - that deliver unmatched efficiency and unparalleled performance to companies around the world. By transforming and automating core business processes and promoting continuous improvement, DocuPhase has helped clients consistently gain more from existing systems throughout their company, while maintaining the competitive edge in both price and functionality.


Media Contact: Alexander Craddock DocuPhase 727.441.8228 x239


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