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ok, I got more. Is anyone else going to chime?  What I'm doing is researching the heck out of the HP PageWide XL printers. It makes sense because the same print technology will be used in the new A3 color MFP's.  Thus, I'm taking some of the data that I find interesting and posting it up for us.

1) Light radiation hazard

Light radiation is emitted from the beacon, ink level indicators, paper drawer indicators, and formatter status indicators. The emitted light is in compliance with the requirements of the exempt group of IEC 62471:2006, Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems. Do not modify these modules.

  • Here's some additional information I found on this:  Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems (IEC/EN 62471) for LEDs. My thoughts....., there is no good radiation.
  • Evaluating the photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems, including LEDs, to IEC/EN 62471 is a legal requirement for lighting products sold in Europe. Photobiological testing relates to the optical radiation effects of LED and traditional lighting on human eyes. As LEDs become widely used, assessment of the unique “blue light” hazard is critical. The Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems (IEC/EN 62471) for LED Lighting white paper provides an overview of exposure limits, measurement techniques, classification of hazards, and manufacturer obligations including labeling requirements.

    Only for HP PageWide XL devices:

  • Heavy paper hazard

     Special care must be taken to avoid personal injury when handling heavy rolls of paper.

    1.   Handling heavy rolls may require more than one person. Care must be taken to avoid back strain and/or injury.  
    2. Consider using a forklift, pallet truck, or other handling equipment.
    3. When handling heavy rolls, wear personal protective equipment including boots and gloves. 
    4. Do not exceed the maximum weight of a paper roll: see Functional specifications on page 128.
    5. Paper rolls could weigh up to 18 kg (50 lbs). Follow your local Environmental Health and Safety recommendations for handling heavy paper rolls.

      Ink handling (This is interesting!!)

      HP recommends that you wear gloves when handling the ink maintenance cartridge or waste container.

Let's talk more about the paper.  The HP will take a 650 foot roll.  What that means is the roll of paper will be 50lbs or more.  

* Risk of someone hurting their back when loaded the paper. This is introduces additional risk to the business owner if someone hurts their back when changing rolls of paper. The last thing a business owner needs is a workman's comp claim.

* Are the prints going to be used on a job site? If so, rain and or moisture can make the ink smear and bleed. What good are the prints then?