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New Ricoh A4 IM 350F_IM 430F Copier

Art Post
Thoughts? Ricoh engine? Got some really cool features Convenience staple (corner and book) 37/45 ppm 500 sheet paper trays some additional features that's just not coming to me right now. MSRP is cool, however we do need a black A4 device that does auto stapling. Not sure if Ricoh will ever do that. Putting a blog together over the weekend on these new A4'sRead More...

Ricoh challenge of the day

John Mooney
So here's a new one that has me stumped. A sales rep sold a Ricoh MP C4504ex to a real estate company. The company was hoping to bill back the realtors for copies and prints and have the users authenticate via the key cards with the Ricoh QCA and card reader. Everything is great on paper but no one brought up to the rep (and they didn't involve their solutions manager , yours truly, on the initial conversation) that 60% of the realtors use macs and lo and behold QCA doesn't work with Macs at...Read More...
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User Codes and Mac

I've always had problems with the combination of User Codes and Mac printing. We have an office that is 90% Mac and they have decided to implement user codes. With Windows, piece of cake...embed them in the driver and you're done. With Mac, I've used CUPs and some of the OS' allowed me to enter it as a default setting in Job Log but most haven't. When unable to I set up a preset titled user code and tried to train the customer to select this preset when printing...however, when printing from...Read More...
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Smart Operations Panel

How are you (or are you not) transitioning from the "Classic" RFG functions to the new SOP applications and widgets? Coming from many years of showing the classic functions I'm having a bit of a hard time transitioning. I'm in the process of training some new reps and thinking that I probably should have started with the new stuff. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!Read More...
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Syntax Error

I have a user who is intermittently having problems printing from their Mac to a Savin MPC3004ex. When they print, they are getting a sheet that says: Error: Syntaxerror Offending Command: true cvt lfpgm glyf ( \head Stack: -mark- /sfnts I believe this is a PostScript error. Any idea how to resolve this issue? I have removed and re-added the printer. I have changed the printer from PostScript Emulation back to PostScript. It isn't occurring currently but I think it will come back. Thanks for...Read More...
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One of my clients has the SP842DN printer with bookletmaker and also have the C6503 with bookletmaker. Even through the print speed of the 842dn (60ppm) and the C6503 (65ppm), the SP 842DN will not start printing the next booklet until the booklet finisher has ejected the booklet. The C6503 will continue to make prints and does not wait for the booklet to exit. Are there any work arounds to get the SP842dn to behave more like the C6503?Read More...

Xerox Job Build

I have a customer who was using a Xerox Job Build feature to copy mixed single and double sided documents (so they are not charged a click for blank pages). How can I do this on a Savin/Ricoh? With Xerox Job Build you can tell the copier these pages are single sided and these pages are double allowing you to only be charged for the pages with coverage. I can't figure out if or how to do this with the Savin. Thanks!Read More...

Scan to email with Office 365

We have a mail server we use for most of our clients. However, I have a customer who wants to use their Office 365 mail server. Does anyone have documentation on how they have done this successfully? I have referred to the information here but haven't really picked through it yet or cracked the code. Thanks!Read More...
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Central Address Book Management

I have a Hospital that is using 8 Ricoh units. I am using a MP 501 as a Central Address Book server. The hospital is looking at expanding there fleet of units to 12. I am told that Central Address Book server will only work for 10 units is there another piece of software I can use to get central address book functions? Also I have a C407 installed and it will not connect to the central address book on the MP 501 as the C407 is unsing GW+ architecture and the MP 501 uses GW architecture has...Read More...
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Locking down features

I have a customer who wants to really control what can be changed on the MFP (Savin 2555SP). This seems like it should be easier than what I'm experiencing. I have been successful in locking down the address book. However, when it comes to Tray Paper Settings and other things that end users might change I'm scratching my head. Can anyone provide some detailed information on how to prohibit users from making changes?Read More...
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Mac Booklet Printing

We're running into an issue with several Mac users. Here is the general run down, when printing a PDF and using the "magazine" feature of the MFP either through the print driver or the application, pages are not centered. When the same document is printed from a PC it is correct. The only workaround we have found is to print the document to the Document Server and go into the Doc. Server through Web Image Monitor or from the MFP touch screen and use the MFP to create the magazine. This means...Read More...
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