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Event Information: Qualifying the Impact of 3D Printing On the Imaging Industry


Photizo Group's Qualifying the Impact of 3D Printing

on the Imaging Industry Webinar

March 4, 2014 11:00 AM EST

Why Should You Care?
You will learn:
  • How 3D printing will affect the imaging industry
  • What to expect from those changes
  • How to capitalize on the opportunity and turn industry disruption into opportunity

You know that 3D printing is emerging, and that transformation is coming. Will you leverage the knowledge needed to capture new profits?  Will you turn disruption into opportunity?

Register here ... it's FREE! See you there!

Photizo Group


The majority of the imaging channel already thinks 3D will have a big impact on the industry. But what exactly does that mean? This edition of Photizo Group's 3D webinar series will discuss some examples of how imaging industry companies are approaching 3D today, and how that may change in the future. Speaker Scott Dunham will detail some of the key ways that a 3D printing business may feel familiar to the copier guys, and identify the key value statement behind 3D printing.

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