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Does your MPS business stack up to the best in the world?



Does your MPS business stack up to the best in the world?


Based on our research of the top MPS channel providers in the world, we will show you the methods and research behind identifying, simplifying, and applying the metrics needed to successfully run your MPS business.

Who should attend:
  • Independent dealers, resellers, or other channel providers seeking to learn what the best MPS providers in the world are doing, and how that drives higher profits.

  • OEM channel program managers looking to help their channel partners improve their performance, better satisfy customers, and capture higher market share.

What you will learn:

  • Gross proit benchmarks
  • Select revenue and profit benchmarks
  • Select sales benchmarks
  • The current state of automation in MPS and it's applications
  • Techniques for mapping account opportunities
  • Additional resources to accelerate your success in MPS

Join us on July 29 at 11:00 EDT to learn what metrics you needed to drive success in your MPS business.  These metrics are proven and vetted by the best in the business to drive increased customer satisfaction, greater market share, and higher profits.


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