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Contex VIP Event in Las Vegas is a Hit; More Exclusive Events to Come in 2019

Chantilly, VA — November 13, 2018 — Contex, the world leader in large format scanning, today announces the success of its recent VIP event at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, Oct 18-19, 2018.

Professionals from across multiple industries attended the event to see Contex’s full line of scanners in action, ranging from the compact SD One to the market’s fastest and widest HD Ultra X. Attendees also had the opportunity to preview a new wide format scanner from Contex, which is scheduled to be released in January, 2019.

Due to the tremendous success of the event, more regional VIP events are slated in 2019.

“We were extremely impressed by the attendance at our VIP event, as well as the tremendous response to the newest HD Ultra X scanner series,” comments Steve Blanken, General Manager, Contex Americas. “Our goal is to provide solutions that are one step ahead of the requirements and demands of our customers, and these events give attendees the opportunity to see how they can leverage these advancements to grow in new directions.”

“As the primary distributor for Contex, we were excited with the success of the VIP event. Many new and existing customers are adding new Contex scanners to their portfolio after seeing first-hand what the new technology can do,” comments Rich Gigl, Senior Vice President, National / AZON.

The VIP event was facilitated by National / AZON, and scanning experts were on hand to discuss how each scanner fulfills customers’ various requirements. For more information, visit a Contex distributor or contact info@contex.com.

About Contex

As the world’s leading developer and producer of large format imaging solutions, Contex leads the market with innovative technology and advanced scan and copy software applications. Sold worldwide in more than 90 countries, Contex solutions are recognized in a wide range of industries for reliability, value, high performance, and superb image quality. For more information, please visit www.contex.com.

Architect adds Ricoh PrintCopyTool in New Jersey “Simplifies CAD Workflow”


A few months ago I was able to sit down with an existing client to discuss the benefits of Ricoh PrintCopyTool.  Our client was near the end of their Ricoh MP W5100en wide format printer/scanner/copier lease.  The Ricoh MP W5100en was a little long in the tooth along with using the older Ricoh Plotbase software. In addition our client had also added a…

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Jersey Shore Electric Contractor Lease Ricoh CW 2201SP Color Plotter

Sometimes it’s that one little feature that makes the difference from leasing a Ricoh CW 2201SP or an Oce/Canon wide format. For our Jersey Electric Contractor it was the TWAIN scanning feature that drove their decision to lease the Ricoh CW2201SP.


TWAIN scanning is also known as ‘pull scanning”.  Pull scanning means that your software program has the ability to use a TWAIN scan driver. With our Electrical Contractor they have the ability to use a TWAIN scan driver with their business line of software.  We demonstrated that the use of the twain scan driver would allow them to scan wide format drawings directly to their client records. This eliminated the tedious task of scan2email & scan2folder, naming the file and then transferring that file to the software.

read the rest on my Jerseyplotters wordpress blog

Should I Lease or Buy a Ricoh MP6700SP in New Jersey?

Should I lease or should I buy the Ricoh MP6700SP wide format? It’s a question that I’ll field at least a few times a month. MP6700SP In order to answer that question, I’ll need to give a little history about the Ricoh MP6700. The one great feature of the Ricoh MP6700SP, is that it’s a…

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Three Ways to Protect Your Ricoh Wide Format Plotters

Over the years I’ve had many calls about how my clients can protect their Ricoh Wide Format Plotters.  Wide Format plotters aka Ricoh Wide format MFP’s (multi-functional devices) that can copy, scan or print.  In most cases what we recommend is not information that is available with the manufacturers user guide. Thus, we thought it would…

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The Quest for $200K "Insisting that the world keeps turning our way"

"Insisting that the world keep turning our way" was taking from a song made famous by Willie Nelson, "On The Road Again".  While traveling the road all day today, I was thinking what would be the theme for the blog tonight. I settled with On the Road Again.  Something told me to read the lyrics and that's when I settled on, "insisting that the world keep turning our way". 

The lyric "Insisting that the world keep turning our way" resonated with me because when salespeople are on the road we're making things happen, and when we make things happen, we are insisting that the world (sales) keeps turning our way. 

I had a 9AM scheduled for some production gear, however that got pushed back to 10AM.  I had scheduled my Fiery guru to meet me at the account so that we could review the clients current workflow and make recommendations with additional fiery options that would save our client some time. 

I'm no Fiery expert but was so glad that I brought along my guru.  What I thought would be a one hour meeting turned into almost three hours.  A lot was learned, much time was saved and I moved this opportunity to the final stage where we can present our proposal.

Since I was more than two hours late for my next stop I was not sure if my DM was going to be there or not.  Even thought this was just a short visit for a pick up of a wrongly shipped item, I wanted to make sure this opp also moved to the final stage.  I was in luck, my DM was there, we chatted for maybe five minutes and I secure the appointment for next week to present.

Moving right along,  my next stop was to help a quasi net new account.  This client had "found" a wide format mfp with our name tag on the device. We did perform some service during the summer, however when I called the client a few days ago they were having some issues with printing.  I offered to lend my expertise and give them some time with going over the print drivers.  It's what we do, we help, we educate, we give up our time, and that's what relationship building is all about.  We're not looking for anything in return.

K, I still had two more stops I had to do for the day.  I grabbed a quick lunch, checked my email and was surprised to listen to a voice mail from one of favorite IT guys.  A couple of years ago the company he worked for closed shop here in NJ. I had tried to reach him a few times, but was never able to connect with him.

I called, we had a short chat and it turns out he is with another company and they are in the need for a color MFP.  He asked if I had some time today, I told him I had another stop but could see him about 3PM. 

Ninety minutes, that's how long our meeting took. I may be able to help him and I may not.  I'm going to find that out in a few minutes after I finish this blog. What I can say, is that if I can't help now, I will be able to help with something pretty large in 2018.

While I did not take an order today, I did move two of the opps for December to the final stage. In addition, I may have developed another opp for this month and definitely developed an large opp for December. 

You never know what the tomorrows will bring as long as you keep on hustling.

Tomorrow, it's an 8AM stop in with doughnuts and coffee!

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New Jersey Print Shop Selects Pre-Owned Ricoh MP W3601SP vs KIP 3000

New Jersey Print Shop Selects Pre-Owned Ricoh MP W3601SP vs KIP 3000

2017-11-10_12-19-23Buy a pre-owned wide format multi-functional KIP 3000 or buy a pre-owned Ricoh MP W3601SP from an Authorized local dealer?

That was the scenario that I ran into a few weeks ago with a new prospect.  I can’t blame prospects for searching the web for to get the most bang for there buck.  However, with wide format multi-functional devices there can be many pitfalls to buying for the lowest price.

Our Ricoh MP W3601SP offered a dual roll feeder.  The dual feeder option is hard to find on pre-owned Ricoh MP W3601SP’s because at the time of the ordered you could order only a single roll feeder or a dual roll feeder.  Since the dual roll feeder were more expensive, there were many more orders for the Ricoh MP W3601SP with in the single roll configuration.

The single roll feeder can’t be converted to a dual roll feeder.

Our strengths going in were these:

You can read the rest of the story here.

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Five Cool Features for Epson Sure Color T-Series Plotters

2017-05-31_9-10-16I've placed a few of the Epson Sure Color T-Series Plotters with Architects, Engineers and Construction Companies in New Jersey this year.  The models with the five cool features are the Epson Sure Color T3270, Sure Color T5270, Sure Color T7270, Sure Color 5270D & the Sure Color T7270D.

What Does the “T” Mean?

To get you more familiar with the Epson Sure Color T-Series Plotters, we can point out that the “T” means that the plotters are the technical series.  Designed for the AEC (Architect, Engineer, Construction) Markets to produce quality prints for technical drawings, renderings, and GIS Illustrative Maps.  In addition the Epson T-Series Color Plotters also do an excellent job for reproducing posters, infographics and POS (point of sales) graphics and signage.

Five Cool Features for Epson Sure Color T-Series Plotters

With the optional internal print server you can remotely manage print queues, save and reprint jobs from the control panel of the Epson Sure Color T-Series Plotters.

2017-05-31_9-09-35Mix and match ink cartridges is awesome especially for AEC companies.  This means that you can take advantage of using the high capacity MK (matt black) 700 ml cartridge and use the smaller 110 ml cartridges.  Technical drawings are mostly printed in black, the lower yield color 110 ml cartridges will reduce your consumables costs.

The Job accounting tool is a piece of software that’s included with the Epson Sure Color T-Series Plotters.  Job accounting software will enable you to calculate all job cost print data, calculates ink usage per job. In addition the software will allow for input of media costs to arrive at the total cost of prints.  Users can view the cost data from any PC on the network.

Rigid Poster Foam Board printing is available on all of the Epson Sure Color T-Series Plotters.  This is an awesome feature for AEC firms.  Renderings and artists conceptions can be printed in house on foam boards.  Thus, you’ll always have your presentations ready when you need them. You can view a video of that process here.

2017-05-31_9-13-30Multifunctional Model option (scanner, stand & hdd) can be added to these models Epson Sure Color T-Series Plotters.  The T5270, T7270, T5270D & the T7270D are transformed into functional wide format MFP that can print, copy and scan.

There are many other features that make the Epson Sure Color T-Series Plotters an option when choosing a color plotter.

Feel free to chime in with any questions or comments

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