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Where to Find Leads for the Contex IQ Flex Flatbed Scanner

There's a tremendous amount of data that you can consume from a brochure. Sure, the brochure will give the specs, the data and a nice glossy photo.  You'll get to read about the speed of the device, all of the awesome technology that's packed into the IQ Flex color wide format scanner. That's all useful data when you have the conversation with the decision maker and or the IT person.

What the brochure won't tell you is what type of accounts may have the need for the IQ Flex wide format color flatbed scanner.  I thought I'd put together a few verticals that would have the need for the Contex IQ Flex color scanner.

Colleges & Universities:  With a quick web search I was able to find five Colleges and Universities that offer services for wide format scanning services on the first page of Google.   Old maps, and posters and frail legacy documents were mention on multiple sites and multiple times. Most of those old legacy documents can't be placed through a conventional wide format scanner because the paper feed roller could tear original legacy documents. Below are a few of the departments that were listed as having wide format scanners.

  • Science 
  • Humanities
  • Print Room
  • Engineering
  • Art
  • Library
  • Facilities

Print4Pay:  Especially, any print4pay that offers black line and color wide format printing and copying.  A shop that I know of has a few artists in the area that want their paintings scanned, in addition to others that want to scan oversized objects. You can sell this as an additional profit center for the Print4Pay client that does not have a flatbed scanner.  Also don't over look any repro facilities that just print wide format documents.

Municipalities, Cities, County, State:  We don't think about them much, but many of the larger Municipalities have the need for a flatbed color scanner.  Maps, surveys, renderings, and many legacy documents will not feed in a conventional wide format scanner.

Libraries:  Larger libraries most those that are located in larger cities and in most cases just the main branch.

Seeding accounts with the Contex IQ Flex scanner will enable you to get in the door and then grow your business with replacing many of the old wide format scanners that are still in the field. 

Maybe take a day and don't cold call for copiers and do some cold calls for flatbed wide format color scanners.  It's different, it's unique and offers a different talk track from your peers. 

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You can get more info on the Contex IQ Flex here.

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