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Imaging Industry Predictions

Top Ten Copier & Imaging Industry Predictions for 2020

So was 2019 a good year or a not so good year for the imaging industry?

If I'm thinking about my personal results then 2019 was awesome and one of the best ever.  I think 2020 will prove to be one of the biggest years yet for change in our industry.  Change is good, right?  I'm sure there will be at least two or three bombshells with one of them happening in late January 2020 and then another in late March to early April 2020.

None of my predictions came true in 2019 and that's because I didn't put any out there.  However past predictions from 2018, 2017, 2016 did allow me to add a little swagger in my prognostications.

Top Ten Copier & Imaging Industry Predictions for 2020

1. It's no secret to anyone and our Print4Pay Hotel Members with Xerox and HP.  It's my bold prediction that Xerox and HP will sit down for a mind meld in the next 90 days and deal will be struck for the merger.

2. KonicaMinolta, Canon, or Kyocera will purchase content management aka document management companies. One that comes to mind is Square 9 since they are in the dealer space already.

3. KonicaMinolta, Ricoh, Canon or Kyocera will purchase a wide format printer manufacturer.  Could be one of these Mutoh, Mimkai, Roland, or Kip.  The growth in print is real and it's with wide format color.

4. The new Fuji copier manufacturer, originally was Fuji-Xerox until Xerox sold their equity a few months ago.  Fuji will partner with a mega dealer in the US for private labeling of those copiers and software solutions.  Names that I keep seeing are Dex Imaging, Marco, Flex Print and RJ Young.

5. Look of the top four copier manufacturers to now turn their acquisition attention to cyber security companies.  Current forecasts project cyber security to top $221 Billion US  by 2022.  Maybe BT, CenturyLink, NTT or Wipro. It's going to happen just a question of who buys what.

6. I wrote this two years ago and it still hasn't happened, however the time has come that one of the copier manufacturers will cease to manufacture black/monochrome copiers.  It will be all color MFP's.

7. In an effort to continue "moving boxes" and a fear of FOMO (fear of missing out), one of the major copier companies will start offer their devices through Amazon.

8. Consolidation in a mature market will continue. Merger is the name of the game, and it could come from the likes of Ricoh, Canon, Kyocera or KonicaMinolta.  Konica and Minolta merged many years ago, and maybe it's time for another merger.

9. 2020 is the year that copier manufacturers finally get it and start selling more A4 devices with advanced functionality than A3 MFPs. 

10.  Ninestar purchases Toshiba Tec from Toshiba Corp, merges Lexmark and Toshiba for the creation of a new brand.  Any guesses?

I enjoy writing these and please keep in mind that these predictions are intended to be more entertaining than factual.  But, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

-=Good Selling=-

Top Ten Copier & Imaging Industry Predictions for 2017

2016-12-28_0-07-40Looking back, 2016 was one heck of a year with our industry.  Lexmark was purchased by Apex Technology Co., Ltd (People Republic of China).  Who would have guessed that? 

Sharp Corporation lived to fight another day when Foxconn (Taiwan aka Republic of China) acquired them earlier this year. Then just a few weeks ago Print Audit purchases NeoStream (document management software company). Of course we then have the purchase of Samsung Imaging Division by HP.  We can only wonder what's next for our industry and it continues to evolve and condense.

Last years Top Ten MFP Copier Industry Predictions for 2016, had some prognostications come to fruition with Niche Printing Devices, acquisitions of smaller office equipment dealers along with Seat Based Billing for Managed Print Services.  However, most of the predictions did not pan out, because many of them are intended to be entertaining or a "what might happen scenario".  I enjoy writing these and please keep in mind that these predictions are intended to be more entertaining than factual.  But, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

1.  With Print Audit leading the charge with the purchase of NeoStream, the market is ripe for the likes of Ricoh, KonicaMinolta, Canon  and Kyocera to acquire document management software companies.  Own the digital documents. 

2. Color Wide Format is here with a vengeance, and I'm not referring to the CAD ink wide format systems.  We're talking industrial color ink wide format systems from the likes of EFI, Mimaki, and Roland to name a few.  Dealers are still in need of additional revenue streams and Industrial Color Wide Format consumables are huge!

3. 2017 will be a big year from Color Label Presses.  Office paper clicks maybe on the decline, however Full Color Labels Presses from the likes of KonicaMinolta and Muratec will be a hot commodity and offer excellent profits for office equipment dealers.

4. Acquisitions of smaller office equipment dealers will continue to expand.  Look for some of the larger Mega office equipment dealers to make some strategic purchases.

5. Last year I called for Ricoh, KonicaMinolta or Kyocera to purchase KIP. It didn't happen.  But, it's still a good move for any these manufacturers to make the deal happen, since the AEC Market is still paper intensive.

6. Either HP, KIP, Ricoh or OCE will market the first wide format MFP with an automatic document feeder.  AEC users still need to scan legacy prints, and the added feature of a document feeder would generate many upgrades of existing devices.

7. MFP manufacturers will continue to add apps to their devices.  The apps will be designed to automate scanned paper document workflows.  These apps will compete directly with the likes of Nuance, AutoStore and Ecopy.

8.  One of the Big Four Copier Manufacturers (Canon, KonicaMinolta, Xerox or Ricoh)  will cease to offer black/monochrome MFP's for the office.  Color is the name of the game!

9. HP and Samsung Copier Dealers will not be a marriage that was made in heaven. Look for many changes to that channel.

10.  Keywords for 2017; Seat Based Billing, Industrial Wide Format, Risk Mitigation, and Automate Processes

There it is, my predictions for 2017!  Remember to have fun with this, maybe even think up a few of your own and post them in the reply section.

-=Good Selling=-