EquiPro Investments saves 400 man-hours YTD with DocuWare!

EquiPro Investments saves 400 man-hours YTD with DocuWare!

With 15 years in operation and $13 billion purchases in asset receivables, EquiPro is an investment firm that works with vendors in recovering credit card debt. When the company’s old software became too slow to handle the volume of transactions, EquiPro looked for a new solution. “For us, speed is the main improvement. We were able to focus our employee resources on other issues. When it comes to dealing with document distribution, we achieved about 50 percent savings in man-hours,” says Leo Seicshnaydre, Senior Data Analyst.

Their DocuWare solution keeps track of and assigns access privileges to all documents related to EqipPro’s account acquisitions, processing and distribution to vendors.

Additional DocuWare benefits include:

  • Achieved secure storage and access of 2.7 million documents in one central database
  • Quickly and accurately distribute documents to vendors; vendors’ document access rights are stored in the company’s SQL database which DocuWare retrieves details from and assigns accordingly
  • Saved a large amount of manual labor; currently save about 6 man-hours per week, totaling 400 man-hours to date

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Copier dealers thrive selling content services solutions; Impact Networking, LLC and Kelley Connect share their successes as Authorized DocuWare Partners

If you want to provide real solutions for real business process challenges that organizations face every day, consider becoming an Authorized DocuWare Partner. By adding content services to your product portfolio, you can accelerate your sales with a unique selling proposition setting you apart from your competition. For complete details on the Partner Program, click here. To request to speak to someone about becoming a Partner, click here or contact

Tonight, I was able to have dinner with a friend of mine that’s also in the imaging channel aka copier business. We went from topic to topic and I finally landed on “What will our copier (MFP) business look like in five years?” It’s funny because both us of know what it’s going to look like and neither of us wanted to say it first. The business model of just selling copiers and providing service/supplies will change dramatically in the next five years because A4 devices will become more popular as manufacturers shift their focus from full featured A3 devices to full featured A4 devices. In addition, it seems there’s no short-term possibility that one of the seven copier manufacturers will get out of the copier business or sell to another manufacturer. For copiers dealers, this means lower revenue expectations along with lower profit margins.

Recently, I’ve thought a lot about how I can re-invent myself for 2020. What can I do to offset the possible loss in revenue from selling more A4 devices than A3? For me, the answer came quickly. I need to make the jump from focusing on copiers to focusing on helping clients achieve key organizational needs:

  • A cloud-based document pool for archiving documents with easy, secure access
  • Automated workflows to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Seamless integration between existing applications for consistent data across the IT landscape
  • Solid compliance and document retention policies in place

One profitable market opportunity to tap into is offering content services solutions. A recent white paper published by Nucleus Research stated, “Nucleus found that for small to medium businesses, investing in content management returns $8.55 in benefits per dollar spent. The key value drivers for these solutions are increased user productivity and cost savings from redeployed staff or avoided additional hires. As organizational transparency and the value of data continue to grow, companies that fail to fully leverage their own digital content will lag behind more savvy competitors.”

Copiers dealers need to change because keeping everything status quo isn’t going to cut it in the “Digital Twenties.” One hundred years ago, a decade was defined as the Roaring Twenties. It’s my belief that copier dealers can create their own Roaring Twenties again by offering content services solutions.

Since I have a great relationship with DocuWare, I was able to interview two leaders at highly successful copier dealers who are Authorized DocuWare Partners: Douglas Green, Sales Manager, Strategic Services at Impact Networking, LLC and Jason Ostendorf, Director of Professional Services at Kelley Connect. I brought seven questions to the table for them and I’d like to share their experiences selling content services solutions.

1. Share with us your background briefly; what is your position and company?

Green: I’m the Sales Manager for the Strategic Services Division of Impact Networking, LLC. Impact employs approximately 700 people in 20 locations across Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Southern California. In addition to hardware and software, Impact Networking specializes in Managed IT, Design and Marketing, and ERP.

Impact Strategic Services leverages platforms like DocuWare to optimize business processes for growing companies. The Strategic Services team consists of a dozen pre-sales Specialists and Solutions Architects, backed by a team of 48 post-sales specialists that are responsible for project management, development and helpdesk support. I’ve been a part of Strategic Services since 2007 when we were a team of three people.

Ostendorf: My background is in accounting and technical sales. I am the Director of Professional Services at Kelley Connect, responsible for sales and implementation of supported software products.

2. How long has your company been an Authorized DocuWare Partner? What is your revenue percentage growth year over year?

Green: Impact has been a DocuWare Partner since 2006. We’ve been a top-selling Diamond Partner for 13 consecutive years, and the #1 DocuWare Partner in the Americas five of the last six years.

Impact Networking has averaged 27% year-over-year growth since our inception in 1999. We attribute our growth to our corporate culture, unique business model and local go-to-market strategy.

Ostendorf: We’ve been a DocuWare Partner for 5+ years and this is our second year as one of their top Diamond Partners. Revenue growth has increased dramatically in the last three years.

  • 2017 - $182,355
  • 2018 - $318,498
  • 2019 - $543,811

3. What is the best part about being an Authorized DocuWare Partner?

Green: We’ve enjoyed a long and very successful relationship with DocuWare. The DocuWare senior management team has always been engaged and responsive to Impact’s needs and product enhancement suggestions.

Ostendorf: DocuWare has a good product with a good support team. The product is stable and provides customers with a flexible platform that they can grow with. The pricing structure is also favorable.

4. How is it working with your DocuWare Regional Sales Director (RSD)?

Green: We have the opportunity to work with several directors across multiple states. Whether working on joint accounts, small lunch and learns or larger events like Impact Optimize at Navy Pier in Chicago, the DocuWare RSDs do an excellent job supporting Impact.

Ostendorf: My RSD is Caleb Wolfe. Caleb is simply the best partner manager I currently deal with or have ever dealt with throughout all of our different software partner relationships.  His knowledge, helpfulness and integrity are heads above others in his position at our other software partners.

5. Why DocuWare? What is the feedback you are getting from customers/prospects when you show them DocuWare?

Green: DocuWare offers everything both SMB and Enterprise customers are looking for: Ease of use, modular and scalable, integration capabilities and robust on-premises and cloud offerings.

Ostendorf: Easy to use with a friendly user interface; customers like the flexibility of the product in that it allows them to grow and implement it in many areas, but it also provides a favorable ROI almost immediately.

6. Can you share a story about your most memorable DocuWare deal? What were the pain points and what closed the deal?

Green: One of my favorite customers is a transportation company with locations in seven states. At the conclusion of our initial demonstration, we asked for questions and their CFO held up a sheet of paper that said “ROI.” We spent the next several months collecting financial information and conducting user interviews with over 20 departments and users. Bottom line: the ROI was overwhelming, and they became one of our largest customers. In addition, they became one of our first “managed” accounts in which we provide ongoing platform enhancement based on their requirements.

Ostendorf: My most memorable DocuWare deals have been when we have provided our customers with very high ROI’s using DocuWare. I have had multiple deals like this in the past year where their cost of doing AP approvals manually was significantly more than with the DocuWare solution.  Each company’s reasons for inefficiencies were a bit different, but all have seen significant ROI’s from adopting the DocuWare solution

   7. Why should a copier dealer sign up to be an Authorized DocuWare   Partner?

Green: Print is a declining commodity. The ability to diversify your portfolio and provide your customers value beyond the traditional copier space is critical to the long-term growth of a dealer. DocuWare has a robust product offering, is user friendly and easy to implement. They are an ideal partner.

Ostendorf: DocuWare has a very good product and support team.

-=Good Selling=-

Truck & Trailer dealership implements DocuWare to streamline business transactions, improve communications and operate more efficiently

Truck & Trailer dealership implements DocuWare to streamline business transactions, improve communications and operate more efficiently

A heavy duty truck & trailer dealership, Peterbilt of Wyoming is a third-generation, family owned and operated business with five locations. They custom build and service trucks for many industries. With 5,000 customers, the dealership processes thousands of truck-related orders, including new sales, repairs, service orders and warranty. Previously, all this paperwork was processed manually. With DocuWare now, paperwork can be pulled up instantly from any location and the solution has also streamlined invoice processing, communications and payments.

DocuWare benefits:

  • Instant digital access to documents versus waiting two to three days of manual searching and mailing
  • Improved payment collection as invoices are automatically archived and can be pulled up fast
  • Sped up recall process as every invoice for parts can be found quickly by different search criteria
  • Cut costs on mailing documents between locations
  • Converted physical storage space into a conference room

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DocuWare Announces 3rd Annual Customer Appreciation Week – Nominate your DocuWare customer by March 2

DocuWare Announces 3rd Annual Customer Appreciation Week – Nominate your DocuWare customer by March 2

Calling all Authorized DocuWare Partners: Nominate your best  DocuWare customers for DocuWare’s Customer Appreciation Week. It’s a great way to show your thanks for their DocuWare commitment and shine the spotlight on their success.

DocuWare is accepting nominations now through Monday, March 2 at 11:59 p.m. EST.  Click here to submit your nominations for your customer(s).

Customer Appreciation Week will be celebrated June 1-5 2020 and each day of that week DocuWare will shine the spotlight on one of your winning customers by writing an article about them on the company blog and raising awareness for their business across the company’s social media channels.

Winners receive a plaque and complimentary breakfast, lunch or DocuWare Swag bags for the whole department.

Questions? Please contact Nicole Smajda at


DocuWare Group Revenues Climb to 54.8 Million Euros in 2019 DocuWare Cloud Keeps on Driving Success


DocuWare Group Revenues Climb to 54.8 Million Euros in 2019

DocuWare Cloud Keeps on Driving Success


New Windsor NY, Feb 4, 2020 – DocuWare, provider of cloud solutions for document management and workflow automation, announces its 2019 global results. The company achieved 54.8 million euro in total revenue – an overall growth of 17 percent over 2018. Most notable contributor within this revenue increase is the expansion in cloud customers which has risen by 71 percent YOY and now accounts for 13.4 million euros of total 2019 revenues.

In a year of leadership transition and ownership changes, the company’s outstanding success is attributable to DocuWare’s thriving partner network as well as the strategy to operate as an independent subsidiary of Ricoh Company, Ltd.

"DocuWare is built on the success of our partners. When they succeed, we all succeed. Our strategy is to remain an independent company and brand within the Ricoh family, enabling our full partner ecosystem to confidently sell our software. Our record-setting year proves this strategy is working, and our relationship with partners has never been stronger,” states Max Ertl, President DocuWare Group.

DocuWare Cloud continues to move the needle on the company’s growth, with 60 percent of new customers choosing this option and driving the number of cloud-based customers to approximately 3,000 – an increase of 50 percent YOY. DocuWare delivers the most complete and scalable cloud document management system for companies of all sizes.

In addition to the company’s winning partner strategy and cloud growth, the company’s flagship product consistently pairs the latest technology with an intuitive user experience for their more than 600,000 global users. Dr. Michael Berger, President DocuWare Group, notes “DocuWare versions 7.1 and 7.2, both released in 2019, enhanced key features for our preconfigured cloud solutions, and increased the performance and stability of cloud and on-premises systems.” A global customer retention rate of 94% in 2019 is further evidence that users embrace their DocuWare solution.

Berger and Ertl agree that the 2019 successes could not have happened without tremendous commitment from the company‘s employees: "There is no way we could have achieved these results without the great people who work for DocuWare,” Berger concluded.

* * * * * *

About DocuWare

Headquartered in Germany & the US, DocuWare provides document management and workflow automation solutions in the cloud. DocuWare has helped 14,000 customers across 90 countries simplify their work through digitizing, automating and transforming key processes.

Giving Back "How Print4Pay Hotel Partners Help Others" DocuWare in 2019

It's been a few years since I blogged about how are Print4Pay Hotel partners give back to their community or to their charitable cause.

Thus for the next few days we'll be posting a paragraph or two from our sponsors.  Please hit up the like button and please share, it's wonderful that these companies take the time and effort to give back to others in need.

DocuWare Supports Local Students

At DocuWare, we take our corporate social responsibility seriously because we believe that the people in our communities are our most important stakeholders.


We strongly support tech education, as it has a direct and significant impact on a community. One of our continuing initiatives is to support local students (of any age) interested in careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through customized, fully funded educational programs.

We work with the students of Nora Cronin Presentation Academy in Newburgh, NY to fund annual school field trips and host a hands-on tech workshop for the 8th grade girls. In the fall of 2019, we launched a certified tech training course for adults at the Newburg Armory Unity Center. Once certified, we help them find a job with our wide network of local business partners.


We volunteer as a group at our local Food Bank of the Hudson Valley and many of our employee’s volunteer on their own time as fire fighters, animal shelter workers, teachers and more.  DocuWare extends the reach of our philanthropic spirit through our global network of 600 DocuWare partners. By supporting the non-profits with whom they work, we can continue support our core initiatives like STEM education, medical research, sustainable energy sources and more.


DocuWare Releases Version 7.2


DocuWare Releases Version 7.2

E-stamps, e-invoice display, streamlined configurations and integrations are among the new features that benefit DocuWare users

New Windsor NY, October 30, 2019 – DocuWare, provider of cloud solutions for document management and workflow automation, releases version 7.2 of its flagship software.

“User feedback combined with results from our own rigorous R&D form the roadmap when planning DocuWare updates”, says co-president Dr. Michael Berger. “At DocuWare, we believe that digital document management and automated workflows achieve widespread adoption only when they are part of a solution that places as much emphasis on user friendliness as it does on excellence in technology. DocuWare version 7.2 is evidence of this,” concludes Berger.

DocuWare version 7.2 highlights include:

  • User-friendly environment with easier reviewing and archiving and faster keyword searches:
    • XML-based invoices are automatically displayed in a reader-friendly version similar to a PDF to support XRechnung, ZUGFeRD 2.0, FacturX and  FatturaPA standards
    • Archived documents are displayed in the Viewer.
    • Table fields are enhanced with title optimizations and auto-calculation of decimal columns
    • Enriched keyword fields accept multi-keyword indexes with ability to affect multiple documents in parallel
  • Deeply enhanced Workflow Designer enables higher efficiency with new options to reduce manual touch and increase trackability of workflows:
    • “Wait for event” option allows users to configure in advance but delay a workflow until related documents are processed
    • Metadata on any workflow documents can now be automated
    • Lists in workflow dialogue boxes can be filtered so employees quickly see only their tasks
    • Users can configure workflows to identify which fields get transferred to a stamp so that only relevant information appears on the document
    • Workflow history displays the current task and allows users to see which step is being executed at any given time


  • Simplified configurations, updated Autoindexing and direct integrations ensure speedier movement of documents through workflows:
    • Stamps are integrated directly into DocuWare Configuration in a new, intuitive design, eliminating extra steps needed in previous versions and offering massive time-savings for those configuring or administering DocuWare
    • DocuWare Request and Connect to Mail have completely new designs to elevate usability
    • The field type “Date” is now a powerful new match code for Autoindexing


DocuWare Version 7.2 is available in cloud and on-premises versions. As always, DocuWare provides feature parity between deployment options to support the diverse IT ecosystems of our customers. Updates to 7.2 can be made from version 7 or 7.1.

Customers are advised to contact their authorized DocuWare partner to implement this latest version.

* All existing stamps are automatically transferred for those updating to version 7.2


* * * * * * *

About DocuWare

DocuWare office automation solutions deliver smart digital workflow and document control that set a new pace for worker productivity and business performance. DocuWare’s zero-compromise cloud services are a recognized best-fit for digitizing, automating and transforming key processes. DocuWare operates in 90 countries with headquarters in Germany and the U.S.

For More Information Contact:

The Americas:

DocuWare Corporation
Samina Sabir
Communications Director
4 Crotty Lane, Suite 200
New Windsor, NY 12553
845 253 6784

DocuWare Introduces a Free Tool for Creating Process Diagrams


Visualizing Clear Processes is the Key to Seeing New Efficiency Opportunities for Businesses


New Windsor NY, Oct 17, 2019 – DocuWare, provider of cloud solutions for document management and workflow automation, releases Process Planner, a stand-alone, web-based process diagramming tool that is available for free for anyone.

Process Planner is a 100% free tool requiring no prior knowledge about workflow standards or notations and no prior experience with other diagramming solutions - a considerable differentiator from other products in the marketplace. Process Planner is particularly valuable for small and mid-sized businesses who do not have the staff, time or financial resources for complex diagramming tools designed for enterprise power-users.

Offering easy-to-use, drag-and-drop diagramming capabilities, Process Planner accurately maps any process from any part of a business. These visual flowcharts can be created by just one user, or with seamless contribution and collaboration from multiple people simultaneously. Process diagrams can also be shared and exported. Users do not need experience with other DocuWare products.

As DocuWare has learned from thousands of successful deployments of their document management and workflow automation software, using clear diagrams to explain the flow of information is the first step to understanding and improving any core process.

 “There is no barrier or learning curve,” states Dr. Michael Berger, President of DocuWare. “Following extensive research and testing, we have designed one of the easiest, free tools for creating diagrams of business processes. Anyone can just start using it in less than a minute.”

Central to all DocuWare products are the intuitive, highly usable tools that enable information sharing and process transparency across all business units. DocuWare’s Process Planner remains true to the company’s mission of improving the experience of workers no matter their level of technical expertise.

* * * * * * *

About DocuWare

DocuWare office automation solutions deliver smart digital workflow and document control that set a new pace for worker productivity and business performance. DocuWare’s zero-compromise cloud services are a recognized best-fit for digitizing, automating and transforming key processes. DocuWare operates in 90 countries with headquarters in Germany and the U.S.

For More Information Contact:

DocuWare Corporation 
Samina Sabir
Communications Director
4 Crotty Lane, Suite 200
New Windsor, NY 12553
845-565-5907 ext. 218

DocuWare GmbH
Birgit Schuckmann

Public Relations Manager 
Therese-Giehse-Platz 2
82110 Germering/Germany

DocuWare New product features

A picture containing clipart Description generated with high confidence

DocuWare Releases Version 7.1


With Improved Invoice Processing and Expanded Workflow License Options for Cloud Users

New Windsor NY, May 21, 2019 – DocuWare, provider of cloud solutions for document management and workflow automation, releases DocuWare 7.1, the latest version of its flagship document management and workflow software. Highlights include improved workflow capabilities, a new Workflow User License, and automatic processing by line item on invoices..


Addressing the need for fast and secure workflows essential to every modern business, DocuWare version 7.1’s new features make its workflows faster, more convenient and more transparent. Now, several tasks can be processed at the same time, steps can be filtered for a better overview and notification emails sent to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Following DocuWare’s cloud-first strategy and focus on flexibility for customers, the new Workflow User License enables employees who require only read-only access to archived documents to complete their key tasks within a workflow, using a “lighter” version of the full license. These users can also fill out and save forms with this license. This new option allows teams to involve a greater number of relevant staffs in workflows in a much more cost-effective manner.

The new version also features automated invoice processing based on individual line items. With version 7.1, split posting – the assignment of these individual line items to different cost centers for multiple approvals, is effortless. Improved Intelligent Indexing recognizes individual entries and transfers them as metadata into a new field. The accuracy of these entries forms the basis for controlling the invoice workflow.

"The new features help companies of all sizes and industries to work more efficiently and save even more time," says Dr. Michael Berger, Co-president of DocuWare Group. Dr. Berger, who has led the company’s development team for more than 10 years, sees the new features as another step toward offering organizations of any scale more ways to adopt a cloud solution: "With DocuWare version 7.1, our customers have even more new ways to effortlessly handle tasks within complex processes - without the burden of investing and maintaining a complicated IT infrastructure.“


DocuWare Version 7.1 is available in cloud and on-premises versions, both set ups offer identical functionalities.

* * * * * * *

About DocuWare

DocuWare office automation solutions deliver smart digital workflow and document control that set a new pace for worker productivity and business performance. DocuWare’s zero-compromise cloud services are a recognized best-fit for digitizing, automating and transforming key processes. DocuWare operates in 90 countries with headquarters in Germany and the U.S.

How to Tell if a Document Management System is Future-Ready

By Joan Honig • March 28, 2019 at 7:05 PM

No one can predict the direction technology advances will take over the next five, ten or twenty years. A dedication to staying current and using the most advanced proven technology is the best way to cultivate a forward-thinking mind-set and be future-ready.

If you're in the process of choosing a document management system (DMS) for your business, or are looking to upgrade, it's important to select a solution that solves your business issues for both today and the future.

This list outlines what you should look for in scalable DMS.

The features of a future-ready document management system 

  1. Modern web-based and mobile interfaces: A document management system should perform equally well on a Mac or Windows OS, as well as on the variety of mobile devices your employees rely upon. The growth of 'bring your own device' initiatives makes this even more important. Your employees should be able to navigate seamlessly among their work laptop, mobile phone, and tablet without missing a beat. Choosing a document management system that only accommodates one platform dramatically limits your choices of hardware and your employees’ productivity.
  2. graphic of men pushing blocks and one pushing a circleNative mobile applications: A future-ready document management system should offer native mobile applications optimized for iOS and Android. A native application that has been created for a specific mobile platform has a faster response time and a familiar look and feel. Browser-based applications that are optimized for mobile use may not display properly and are not as user-friendly. 
  1. Open communication standards: In a future-ready document management solution, the interface must be able to communicate between Windows programs, HTML5 web clients, and native mobile applications. Look for a system that uses open communication standards, as well as HTTP/HTTPS in conjunction with REST (Representational State Transfer).
  1. Compatibility with the cloud and on-premises servers: An on-premises document management system should support the leading database server technologies, from the latest Windows versions to MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle. 

    You should also choose a solution that offers a cloud-based option, even if you aren’t planning to move your documents to the cloud yet. Cloud availability ensures you're future-ready. Then, when you transition to cloud-based software, there will be no business disruption. Your workflow processes will not have to be revamped, and administrators and end-users will not require additional training. 

    Moving to cloud-based software eliminates the need to purchase new hardware. In addition, the responsibility for maintaining security, ensuring data back up, and developing a technology infrastructure that can grow with your organization is shifted from your IT team to the cloud service provider. 
  1. Scalable architecture: A comprehensive document management system enables you to start with a few users in a single department and gradually expand the system into other departments without and additional users and without affecting performance. The key to this flexibility and scalability is a system architecture that handles document access and user actions with web services.

    Cloud-based document management software takes scalability one step further. The cloud supports teams of all types and sizes. Its storage volume and number of user licenses can be increased easily when you hire more employees or when the storage capacity you need increases.

The option to choose on-premises or cloud-based software, open communication standards, and native mobile applications are essential components of a high-performance, future-ready document management system. Regardless of how quickly your company grows, DocuWare is a future-ready solution that will evolve with your needs without extensive changes or time-consuming retraining.

Learn how to achieve your office automation goals while preparing for your organization’s future needs with our free ebook: Plan Your Move to Cloud Office Automation.

cloud office automation

Editor’s note: This post has been updated for accuracy and new content has been added.

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The 411 on DocuWare Kinetic Solutions: Sell Preconfigured AP and HR Office Solutions with Ease

In June 2018, DocuWare launched its new cloud-based preconfigured workflow solutions called DocuWare Kinetic Solutions. I had the opportunity to chat with Jo Ann Kreidel, Solution Manager for DocuWare Kinetic Solutions at DocuWare to get a deeper understanding of what the solutions are, why they were developed, and how you can position yourself as AP and HR solution experts to sell these solutions to your current customer base.

Learn how to become an Authorized DocuWare Partner to generate new levels of revenue: click here or contact Mary Williams at


Art: What are DocuWare Kinetic Solutions? How did these specialized solutions come about; what prompted their development?

Jo Ann: The two solutions available are:

These are preconfigured, cloud-based solutions for two common business applications based on the best practices we learned over the past 30 years. Inefficient manual invoice processing costs time and money and securely processing and maintaining employee documents is critical to business. These key business processes can be solved with one of our solutions and can be up and running in a matter of days. By replicating common business problems, we’ve enabled companies to work with a pre-built solution versus pre-engagement consulting solution, which can take a long time and could put the solution out of reach on a cost level.

Art: Why did you choose the word “kinetic” for the name?

Jo Ann: Kinetic represents that active energetic state of how these solutions are quick to deploy and bring fast value to the customer.

Art: What are the benefits for a customer implementing one of these solutions?

Jo Ann: The first benefit they will realize is the rapid deployment; we’ve eliminated the long, resource-consuming process of recreating standard invoice processing and employee management workflows by presenting the customer with a packaged solution of best practices based on thousands of successful deployments. With a few minor adjustments to ensure a good fit, they’re up and running quickly. The second benefit is the affordability. Since these solutions are cloud-based, no IT infrastructure needs to be purchased, installed or maintained.

Art: What are the advantages for copier dealers selling these solutions? Does DocuWare provide marketing material to accelerate selling these solutions?

Jo Ann: Taking the fear out of content services conversations was paramount for us when we looked at what sales assets were needed. As these are very defined solutions, we came up with a prescriptive, step-by-step sales process with easy-to-use, relatable tools so that every dealer could be successful regardless of their sales staff’s experience level.

Each solution has three videos: the first is a 90-second teaser, the second is a 3-minute intro video and the third is a 12-minute demonstration video. We also have a comprehensive flyer, PowerPoint presentation, FAQ sheet, Statement of Work, and PO template. We have great success stories on how deals close using these materials; some on the videos alone!

Art: When speaking with the HR department prospect, what type of discovery questions should we be asking to well position DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Employee Management?

Jo Ann: Some of those questions could be:

  1. How do they handle the influx of resumes for open positions?
  2. How does the hiring manager and applicant communicate?
  3. How do they do onboard a new employee?
  4. How does paperwork get filled out?

This solution provides HR departments with a centralized, secure digital repository for all personnel documents. With digital forms and immediate, reliable workflows, the HR team reduces manual paperwork and produces a better employee hiring experience from resume submission to interviewing and onboarding. HR staff also has more time to connect with employees, building relationships and growing company culture.


Art: When speaking with the Finance department prospect, what type of discovery questions should we be asking to strategically position DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Invoice Processing?

Jo Ann: I would ask:

  1. Are you taking advantage of vendor early payment discounts?
  2. Are you paying late fees?
  3. How many hours are spent on data entry?
  4. Is the invoice process slowed by delays in the approval process, entering data, or manual entry errors?

This is where our solution can save a company money straight to the bottom line. They can quickly process invoices before they are due, catching that early payment discount and avoiding those late fees. Keeping vendor payments on time is necessary to maintain good vendor relationships. This enables a company to build a stronger negotiation position for better pricing or additional discounts to save even more money. Best of all it is a win-win; a company pays less and vendors get paid faster.

Art: Can we integrate DocuWare Kinetic Solutions with MFPs and networked scanners? If so, can you please tell me how?

Jo Ann: At its core, a DocuWare Kinetic Solution is still a DocuWare system. MFPs or network scanning devices will always be a fundamental source for DocuWare systems. This means they can absolutely be the on-ramp for paper invoices, HR forms, or any documentation into DocuWare. It is a fast and easy way to get documents into an electronic workflow so that automated processes will analyze the document with OCR, enter it into workflow logic, and safely store it into an archive so that it can easily be found later.

Art: Would that mean from the scanner you would open a DocuWare Kinetic Solution and then scan the images?

Jo Ann: There are several MFPs available that allow for calling up DocuWare directly from the front panel, however, you may not even need to do that. When DocuWare is running in the background, it is monitoring folders. Even the simplest desktop scanner can save a document into a monitored folder. Once there, DocuWare will identify it and process it based on a configuration for that specific document.

Art: Can we also use scanners that are connected locally?

Jo Ann: Yes, absolutely. A DocuWare application can process documents in a variety of ways. Certainly that includes whether the device is connected locally or networked.

Art: Do you have a sales success story to share?

Jo Ann: Definitely. A dealer recently demoed DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Invoice Processing to a global technology manufacturer and the overall reception was very positive. After the meeting, the prospect informed the sales rep that they had recently reviewed other vendors. They liked our solution best because they felt we have the best understanding of AP needs and our solution is configured in a way that helps them achieve their goals faster as opposed to the competition who are offering traditional, consultative content services solutions.

When we showed them how an invoice from an unknown vendor triggered an automated new vendor form and Form W-9 request, they were impressed with our understanding of exactly how their accounting processes needed to run. This was important to them as AP fraud is on the rise, and each time a new vendor invoice comes in, the process of onboarding that vendor is time-consuming.

This is a perfect example of how we can win new customers with our preconfigured, cloud-based solutions.

Art: This all sounds great. Thanks for sharing all this information and thanks so much for your time!

Jo Ann: Anytime; thank you, Art.


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Putting a Strategic Vision into Action with Hoshin Kanri

8:30 a.m. in Germany is 2:30 a.m. in my native east coast U.S. time zone. I was jet lagged from the previous day’s flight. It was already hot, and there was no air conditioning in the conference room of the hotel in Bad Wörishofen. Coffee. Europe has the best coffee.

My discomfort alleviated, I still did not expect that this day in July of 2016 would have such a profound impact on DocuWare and the way we operate. This was the first day of a workshop that introduced our senior management team to a new strategic planning and implementation process called Hoshin Kanri.

“Strategic planning,” “implementation process,” “Hoshin Kanri” – we’re getting into dangerous waters. This business jargon tends to cause eyes to roll … but stick with me because what I am talking about is how we were able to better organize our energy and effort to achieve significant business results. In short, how we’re able to put a strategic vision into action.

Hoshin Kanri, also known as policy deployment, is a methodology that enabled us to achieve breakthrough goals by ensuring a laser focus and precise alignment throughout the organization. I would like to take you through the Hoshin Kanri methodology, and along the way, I’m happy to share a story or two about my experiences.

The Hoshin Kanri 7-step Process

  1. Establish Vision vs. Current State

    In this phase an organization determines their true goals. What is it they want to achieve at the most distilled level?  This critical step sets the direction of the compass needle and determines where you want to travel. In this phase a company may do things like review its mission statement, its processes, and its current key performance indicators (KPIs). The organization openly discusses what they are doing to move in the right direction and what is not working.

    This is difficult. If you have ever sat on a committee that is responsible for writing or rewriting a company’s mission statement you might already have experienced the challenge that comes with defining company direction: its main goals, values and vision.

  2. Develop Breakthrough Objectives 

    Breakthrough objectives aren’t like other goals your organization has probably set in the past. They are “breakthrough” in the sense that they are goals that might seem impossible to achieve at first glance.

    These types of goals force your organization to do new things such as introducing new products, entering new markets or transforming your service delivery model. These are the goals that are going to force change within your organization, and that won’t happen overnight. These goals have a three- to five-year time horizon.

    I won’t share DocuWare’s breakthrough goals as they are proprietary to our business, but I can share the categories they address. We have three targets:

    1. Sales excellence
    2. Excitement working with our solutions
    3. Excitement interacting with our company

    It was at this phase of the planning that the management team started to feel aligned – our departments all had a direct role to play in reaching one or more of these goals.

  3. Develop Annual Objectives

    Breakthrough objectives are huge and meeting them doesn’t happen all at once. In this phase you develop one-year goals that will get you moving towards your breakthrough objective, “This is what needs to happen next year for us to reach that goal in five years.” 

    This was an exciting step for us. We started thinking about what we really needed to do in the next year. Under each of our three targets we developed one or two initiatives, all of which were focused on revamping our processes.

    Throughout the organization, we found that if we only optimized processes we had in place, we could only achieve incremental change (maybe a 5-10% improvement by changing a small thing here or there). We couldn’t keep doing things the same way and expect a significantly different result.

    We ended up identifying five major processes within DocuWare that we wanted to transform and called it “xxxx process Version 2.0.” We developed a vision of what these processes would achieve and gained a shared understanding of what our expected result would be. This was our first year’s annual objective

  4. Deploy Annual Objectives

    If you’re noticing a trend where each previous step starts to cascade down to the next for a more specific refinement, then you start to see how the Hoshin Kanri methodology works. It takes a big vision and breaks it down into actionable steps.

    In this phase, you establish concrete steps for what your organization will really start to do. Here you plan specific, measurable goals that are assigned to initiative owners and supporters within the leadership group of your organization.

    Under the umbrella of “Excitement working with our solutions” DocuWare determined that there were two driving variables that went into “Exciting Work” equation – 1) things that our users found exciting and delightful, and 2) things that detracted from that excitement.

    We started to think in different terms. We already had excellent metrics around bug numbers, support case volume, and satisfaction with our help desk … but what if we started thinking about the fact that every time a user interacts with an expert from our company that we aren’t living up to our mission, and that it could be taking away from their overall excitement of our solutions? Of course, we want to continue to be there to delight our customers with excellent service when they need it, but we also really needed to focus on empowering our users to manage their digital transformation without an expert. From this we decided the number of support cases each customer opened with DocuWare through their life cycle was a powerful metric to monitor. I asked my teams to find specific trends that pointed to where we could proactively empower customers before they had a need to contact us. This work became the basis for my team’s first year annual objectives.
  5. Execute Annual Objectives (aka Just Do It!)

    Through steps 1-4, an organization aligns strategic vision with a clear roadmap to achieve that vision.

    In Step 5 you simply do it. I say “simply” but obviously doing the work is a big challenge, and no one approach is the “right” way for every organization. Many organizations implement well-known approaches like Six Sigma DMAIC, Kaizen Events, Plan-Do-Study-Adjust cycles, or A3s.

    A mentor of mine once said “the product of strategic planning is the planner, not the plan.” I think there is a lot of truth in that statement, but I also think he never went through a Hoshin Kanri planning. We had planners AND a plan.

    To implement our plans, we used an A3/PDCA approach. DocuWare’s leadership team created action plans and milestones. We created a lot of new processes to ensure collaborative and transparent teams across divisions. Throughout the first year with a little trial and error, we found our way quickly.

    High visibility KPIs are a key part of our Hoshin Kanri initiative. The methodology provides many tools which make closely tracking KPIs possible. They’ve got great names, like the “Bowler” (it looks like a score card you keep at the bowling alley) and the “X-Matrix” (which is not another awesome movie with Keanu Reeves). We ended up having a lot of action plans going on at DocuWare. The great thing was that even though we all are working on different plans, they all are synchronized, pointing each department in the same direction.
  6. Monthly Review

    One of the pitfalls organizations face when creating a yearly plan is that it sounds great at the beginning of the year but as the daily work never seems to end, the plan gets delayed, stalled, or even forgotten. To bring about a great change requires a lot of dedication, and most importantly a lot of effort. In fact, most advice on Hoshin Kanri will tell you that a minimum of 60% of a leader’s time should be focused on achieving an annual goal.

    The only way to ensure that is to review the progress often, and while action teams should meet at a minimum every week, the leadership round must meet at least once a month to review the status of all Hoshin Kanri projects.

    Hoshin Kanri truly transformed DocuWare’s senior leadership monthly meeting. Every initiative owner is responsible for giving a status update on his/her project and a discussion about the KPIs happens as an entire management team, not limited to subgroups or divisions. The phrase “red is the new green” became a motto, because unachieved KPIs (marked in red by our tools) are not look at as failures or non-achievements but simply as an opportunity to further push us to change more in our organization, to break even further from our status quo and find new and innovative ways to bring change. Fast change.

  7. Annual Review

    Hoshin Kanri is a cycle of work that brings an organization toward an extremely ambitious goal.

    Of course, along the way adjustments will need to be made, minor course corrections here and there. An annual review is an extremely important step. It’s an opportunity to look at what happened over the last 12 months and figure out what needs to be done in the next 12. Next year’s goals and action plans need to be set.

    DocuWare’s first annual review was held just two weeks shy of one year after our kickoff of Hoshin Kanri. I was frazzled because I arrived a day later than expected (Pro Tip: if you forget your passport, there is absolutely no way they are letting you on a plane headed out of New York). Coffee. Great European coffee. Cures all ailments.

    Each of our initiative owners prepared a presentation to review the past year’s achievements and shortcomings. I reviewed the several enhancements in our product, changes in our processes, and in our adaptations of our communication strategy with the management team. These better enable our users to meet one of the goals in DocuWare’s mission statement which is to “manage the digital transformation of their business processes and their dynamic adaptations without the need of experts.” We talked about what could be done better. I had noticed one of my major KPIs wasn’t really telling the whole story and we worked as a team to figure out what the best metric would be. And then we circled back to step 3, a little wiser than the year before.

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    About the author:  Jon-Langdon

     Jon Langdon is the Vice President of Client Services & Quality Worldwide. He oversees the operation of DocuWare’s Support, Professional Services, and Quality Assurance Teams in Germany, United States, and Bulgaria. He holds an Executive Master of Business Administration from the University of New Haven. He is currently spending his spare time learning the craft of woodworking.

Why a Copier Salesperson Loves to Sell DocuWare

You probably don’t know me but I’ve been in the industry now for over 20 years and have been fortunate to be successful selling Canon, Ricoh and Kyocera products in both hardware and software sales.

I remember when I started it was all about hardware. I used to say “black and white paid the bills and color sent me on vacation”. Back in those days a color sale would be $40,000 plus and would always be a generous commission. I remember speaking with another colleague of mine back then who had been in the industry for many more years than I and told him “ I wanted to be a color specialist”. His response was why “would you want to only sell color”? Those words rang true and I learned much from him in our years together.

I’m guessing your dealership has a document management networking team that supports sales for products like Docuware. Long ago I realized this gave me another arrow in my quiver and allowed me to position myself as an expert salesperson in our industry. Why would I just want to sell Canon, Kyocera and Ricoh when I have other software applications to offer my clients?

At first the sale may seem daunting as it is a far cry from feeds and speeds. I suggest you take the time and learn two different departments. Accounts payable and Human Resources. It doesn’t matter the industry, these departments function almost identical in every business and if you could “speak their language” you’ll unlock the door to more sales.

In my experience these sales are also very profitable as they replace labor which is often an exceptionally high cost for business. So… look around your clients and prospects offices and see if you can find boxes of paper (which I’m sure you will). Ask about Accounts Payable and Human Resources and you will find opportunities that will help businesses streamline their processes, make them more efficient and profitable and will rely on you as their trusted business partner.

Bring in your Docuware representative or network specialist and listen to the language they use. Once you’ve done it a few times you can approach any business and add value.

 Monte Jensen

Note from Art:  Monte has been a Print4Pay Hotel longer than I can remember. I'm thinking 15 years at least. Monte is one my peeps in my inner circle of connections in the industry. We try to chat at as often as possible. Monte is the real deal and has a wealth of experience to share and I thanked him for sharing this blog with us today.  Thanks again Monte! 

Transportation Company Expedites Accounting Processes with Flexible, Digital Workflows

The Salmon Companies, a transportation partner of the United States Postal Service, started using DocuWare to merge its business processes with those of a company it acquired resulting in an efficient, flexible, digital accounting workflow. The accounting process automation improved employee productivity, reduced costs and secured information.

Founded in 1946 for hauling a load of mail for the United States Postal Service (USPS), the Salmon Companies have expanded from a regional transportation company to a key supplier for the USPS. The company has 30 locations and 10 branch offices throughout the United States. Their fleet of 1,500 trucks transport mail throughout almost every state in the nation. Throughout their growth they have focused on using technology to better manage their business and operating costs to achieve their mission of delivering the mail for the USPS “safely on time, every time.”


A number of years ago, Salmon acquired a company that used DocuWare. As the two companies merged their processes, Salmon decided to speak with an Authorized DocuWare Partner to see how they could better leverage this technology to fit their unique business needs. Salmon has only one customer, the US government, and fitting the accounting and business process to the government’s expectations is a top priority.


Authorized DocuWare Partner, Business World, worked with Salmon to identify the needs and inefficiencies in their existing accounting process. They worked with Salmon to build a custom workflow based on amount and location. Salmon loves DocuWare’s modular nature which enables them to easily modify and change business processes to meet their evolving needs. The staff was involved in the creation of the business workflow and Salmon tweaked processes based on employee feedback. The workflow process is based on a system of rules and electronic stamps that route a document through the workflow.

“We have only one customer and we have to mold our system to fit the client; our business is a little bit of a different animal that way. DocuWare’s flexibility allows us to not only work through our custom processes, but drives us to consider more effective and efficient means to an end,” said Steve Christian, Director of IT.

Salmon processes more than 15,000 documents a month in their accounts payable processes. Most indexing is automated with DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing feature and the solution is integrated with the company’s Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains accounting system, making it a holistic approach to servicing their client.


Employee productivity has gone way up now that processes are fast and efficient. Salmon has lowered costs by eliminating the printing of multiple copies of a document and sped up document processing time. Filing errors have been eliminated and additional savings are realized by not having to pay to store paper documents in an offsite facility.

DocuWare has expanded to the Human Resources and Safety departments to securely store confidential information and retain documents with long retention schedules, such as employee files, benefits, discipline, deductions, 401K and driver safety documents.


“If we have a problem we always look to see how DocuWare can fix it. We are constantly reviewing our processes and looking for ways we can improve. DocuWare’s modular nature is a good fit for us,” Christian said.


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Workflow Management Software Integration Improves Accounting Processes for Growing Business

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Growing autobody company, Carubba Collision, integrated their accounting software with a document management solution to optimize its accounting processes.  The results: a corporate accounting department able to meet the demands of a growing business without additional staff.

Established in 1955, Carubba Collision is the largest body shop conglomerate in upstate New York with 16 locations across 11 cities. The company is dedicated to assisting customers with insurance claims and works hard to restore its customers’ vehicles to pre-accident condition, appearance and performance. Over the last two years, Carubba Collision entered a high growth phase opening 4-6 new locations a year.

CarubbaCollison_Logo one column


To manage this growth, Carubba’s new Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Sean Penner, took a closer look at their existing software platforms. Since they were currently using capturing software, PSIcature by Psigen, to bring invoices into QuickBooks for processing and DocuWare, their document management software to store the invoices, it was determined that a tight integration could easily be leveraged through workflow automation and staff training.


CFO, Sean Penner, worked with his Authorized DocuWare Partner, ComDoc, to review DocuWare’s functionality and decide which features could best be utilized by Carubba. The Authorized DocuWare Partner provided hands-on training for all employees on the use of DocuWare and implemented tighter software integrations such as an “Invoice Look Up” button in QuickBooks which would take the staff directly to the needed invoice in DocuWare. They also added the “Connect to Outlook” feature which allowed the staff to easily send, receive and upload documents via email.


“A general training on the basics of storing and searching in DocuWare and giving employees proper access, made a huge impact on employee buy-in resulting in an increase in our accounting department’s efficiency,” said Penner.

Carubba’s accounting staff was absolutely thrilled with the new work processes because it took away the tedious tasks like filing paper documents. They now have the ability to research a question and respond without ever leaving their desk. This goes a long way in improving customer service.

Today, the bulk of Carubba’s invoices arrive in paper and are scanned and automatically indexed. DocuWare is increasing employee accountability because it gives management an audit tool to review invoice accuracy. Documents are no longer filed. Carruba holds onto paper documents for 30 days, then shreds them.


Carubba is very happy with its DocuWare solution and hopes to expand it to its Human Resources department. As a final thought, Penner stated, “We’ve eliminated a couple of hours per employee per week by getting rid of manual, paper processes. It’s hard to quantify how many hours we’ve saved but the bigger benefit is that we’ve been able to add more stores and grow our business without adding operational costs such as more staff in accounting.”

Learn more about DocuWare here