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With version 7.9, DocuWare enables optimal purchase-to-pay process

With version 7.9, DocuWare enables optimal purchase-to-pay process

~ From purchase order to payment - businesses experience increased efficiency and ROI~

Beacon NY, September 28, 2023 – DocuWare, a leading provider of document management and workflow automation solutions, provides optimized mapping of the procurement process with the release of its latest software version 7.9.

Purchase-to-Pay is a complex business process within a company, where multiple steps take place across multiple departments. It plays a central role in procurement and cost management. DocuWare helps companies make the Purchase-to-Pay process efficient and transparent, reducing errors and costs through standardized procedures and automation.

"With version 7.9, even companies with a smaller volume of documents are able to benefit from an automated Purchase-to-Pay process. Thanks to simple configuration and new predefined functions, both the effort and the costs are significantly lower than before, which means that the investment will pay for itself within just a few months," said DocuWare President Max Ertl,  responsible for Marketing and Sales.

With version 7.9, tables can be inserted into DocuWare Web forms. This simplifies structured data entry and lays the foundation for automated processing while allowing employees to create detailed purchase requisitions.

The tables in DocuWare continue to play an important role even after the order is placed and the invoice arrives, as they facilitate the transfer of individual invoice items into DocuWare. With XML invoices, this is now done automatically, making them immediately ready for approval workflows.

Once all documents are made available to the responsible department, the next step is to match data between invoices and documents such as delivery bills, purchase orders, or order confirmations. If items from several purchase orders are combined in one invoice, version 7.9 retrieves the data from all relevant purchase orders to perform a two- or three-way invoice match. It is now possible to retrieve and match up to 20 different documents.

Thanks to fuzzy matching, if "M5" and "MS" are part of an item number on a purchase order and invoice, they would be considered a match.

DocuWare continues to adhere to the highest security standards and has undergone two audits by independent organizations. DocuWare’s ISO/IEC 27001 and SOC 2, Type 2 certifications (the latter was obtained again) ensure that both the company and its software solution meet national and international industry standards. "The trust of our customers and the security of their data is our top priority. These independent certifications prove that our business processes continue to meet the highest security standards, " said DocuWare President Dr. Michael Berger, who is responsible for Product, Services and Finance.

ISO/IEC 27001 Certification is the international standard for information security. SOC2, Type 2 Certification is the Service Organization Control (SOC) standard that governs reporting of internal control parameters, including security and availability. It follows the AICPA Trust Services Principles and Criteria.

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About DocuWare

DocuWare is a leading provider of document management and workflow automation solutions. Together with its 800+ strong partner network, DocuWare has helped approximately 17,000 customers across 100+ countries simplify their work through digitizing, automating and transforming key processes. DocuWare’s corporate headquarters are located in Germany. The US office is based in New York. The company maintains office locations in Paris, France; Barcelona, Spain; Sofia, Bulgaria; Reading, UK and Brisbane, Australia.

Announcing DocuWare Version 7.8: Collaborative Work, Automatic Calculations New On-the-Go Functions

Announcing DocuWare Version 7.8: Collaborative Work, Automatic Calculations New On-the-Go Functions

~ Better productivity and more flexible processes ~

Beacon NY, July 6, 2023DocuWare, a leading provider of document management and workflow automation solutions introduces the latest version of its DMS, DocuWare Version 7.8.

The new features support collaborative working, simplified calculations and make it easier to work from mobile devices. With DocuWare Forms, users can now easily build forms with real-time calculations. Index tables can be viewed on mobile devices and the user interface is truly global in nature as it is available in 24 languages - Slovenian and Vietnamese are the newest additions.   

"We have observed that the number of tools used in companies is increasing. This makes it more important to link them together through DocuWare, ensuring seamless communication and optimal workflows. This is the case, for example, with our new Connect to Teams feature. The integration of Microsoft Teams with DocuWare makes it easy to exchange, share and store documents between the two platforms. This saves employees a lot of time, as they don't have to constantly switch back and forth between programs and search for documents. This optimizes business processes and increases productivity," says DocuWare President Dr. Michael Berger.

DocuWare version 7.8 Highlights

Connect DocuWare with Microsoft Teams

Documents are often saved in different places in Microsoft Teams and are not easy to locate. With the DocuWare App, files shared in this communication platform can be stored in DocuWare. Users simply use the "Import Attachments" function to do this. Once stored in a structured manner, the documents are available to authorized colleagues only and can be integrated into company-wide workflows. DocuWare Client offers the "Share in Microsoft Teams" option for archived documents. Archived documents can thus be easily posted directly from DocuWare to a Microsoft Teams chat or channel via a link.

Automatic calculations for forms

With DocuWare Forms users can now easily build forms with real-time calculations requiring no coding. For automatic calculation, a formula is assigned to the number fields. The final amount is not only displayed to the user immediately but can also be transferred as an index value and thus used to control the further workflow. The new function is very suitable for travel expense reports and purchase orders, saving accounting professionals’ time.

Better support for mobile workflows through index tables 

The DocuWare app includes support for index tables on mobile devices. With version 7.8 it is now possible to approve individual items within an invoice, modify them and assign them to the corresponding cost center. With this new mobile feature, business continuity is ensured as workflows can be easily managed while on the go.

About DocuWare

DocuWare is a leading provider of document management and workflow automation solutions. Together with its 800+ strong partner network, DocuWare has helped approximately 17,000 customers across 100+ countries simplify their work through digitizing, automating and transforming key processes. DocuWare’s corporate headquarters are located in Germany. The US office is based in New York. The company maintains office locations in Paris, France; Barcelona, Spain; Sofia, Bulgaria; Reading, UK and Brisbane, Australia.

Learn more about partnering with DocuWare here

DocuWare Discusses The Future of Selling at Packed Annual DocuWorld Conferences in Europe and the US

DocuWare Discusses The Future of Selling at Packed Annual DocuWorld Conferences in Europe and the US


Germering, May 16, 2023/Beacon NY, May 16, 2023 –DocuWare, a leading provider of document management and workflow automation solutions since 1988, successfully concluded its two international DocuWorld Partner Conferences.

The much-anticipated annual Partner conferences kicked off this year with DocuWorld 2023 in Berlin at the end of April and Orlando at the beginning of May. With approximately 850 Partners from more than 25 countries, both events were considered a big success.

This year’s theme, "The Future of Selling", gave participants valuable insights on current market and industry developments which could then be applied to their own sales techniques and strategies. Partners benefitted from selling tips shared by keynote speakers Philip Semmelroth in Berlin and Shari Levitan in Orlando. The conference also offered Breakout sessions on topics ranging from sales strategies, cybersecurity, lead generation/marketing and more.

Highlights from the General Session included Max Ertl, President, DocuWare Group announcing the company’s fiscal year 2022 revenue and customer growth: With a revenue increase YOY of 21.5% he stated that DocuWare, with support from its Partners, had closed the year successfully. He also added that the share of new business continues to be highest in the DACH market - closely followed by the US, France, and Spain with overall positive growth from emerging markets such as the UK, LATAM and APAC.

Ertl addressed the changes and challenges facing businesses this year. He urged Partners to see the change as an opportunity for success and promote the use of technology/a DMS tool to help their customers overcome skilled worker shortages.

Dr. Michael Berger, President, DocuWare Group, talked about DocuWare’s 35-year history in the ECM space. The dynamic and fast-growing solutions provider now boasts over 600 employees, 800 Partners and 17,000 customers worldwide. Dr. Berger spoke about the success of DocuWare Cloud, sharing that customers from 182 countries accessed it in fiscal year 2022.  He introduced various AI projects that the company is currently researching and working on. Dr Berger also stated that DocuWare leadership have committed an additional Euro 15 million over the next three years dedicated to strategic product development. “The top priority for DocuWare is to increase its value to the customer,” he concluded.

As always, DocuWorld was supported by sponsors showcasing their latest products in both the software and hardware sectors. This year's exhibitors in Berlin were: ancora software Inc, Axon Ivy AG, BCT Deutschland GmbH, PFU (EMEA) Limited, plustek Technology GmbH, Validated ID, Varelmann Verwaltungsgesellschaft, Canon Deutschland GmbH (scanner), and prisma csp GmbH. At the Americas conference in Orlando, the sponsors were ancora software Inc, plustek Technology GmbH, James Imaging and Evolved Office.

About DocuWare

DocuWare is a leading provider of document management and workflow automation solutions. Together with its 800+ strong partner network, DocuWare has helped approximately 17,000 customers across 100+ countries simplify their work through digitizing, automating and transforming key processes. DocuWare’s corporate headquarters are located in Germany. DocuWare employees around the world provide support to Partners & customers across the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions. The company maintains office locations in Germering, Germany; Beacon, New York; Barcelona, Spain; Brisbane, Australia; Paris, France; Reading, UK and Sofia, Bulgaria.

DocuWare Launches new Campaign to show how They Make Wishes Come True With Their Modern Invoice Processing Tools

DocuWare Launches new Campaign to show how They Make Wishes Come True With Their Modern Invoice Processing Tools

Every business large or small has one thing in common - they process invoices. DocuWare has helped more than 15,000 customers modernize and simplify their invoice processes through digitization and automation.

Invoice processing is easier when you have the right automation tools. Businesses save time and money; manual errors are eliminated and invoice data and backup images are safely archived and just a compliant click away!

With more than half our customers using DocuWare in their accounting departments, we have some insights and expertise on the topic of invoice processing. There are many benefits to automating your invoice processing and here’s what we consider to be the top 4:

1.Eliminate paper and manual data entry

2.Automate workflow and exception handling

3.Reclaim early payment discounts

4.Dramatically cut audit prep time

DocuWare’s automated invoice processing solution triggers accounting workflows ensuring that indexing, routing, paying and secure archiving of invoices is faster and more efficient. DocuWare seamlessly integrates with other ERP or accounting systems.

In today’s world of automation, speed and efficiency, no organization can afford to have outdated tools or manual processes.

Modern invoice processing makes wishes come true! To learn more about it visit us at

How to Be on the Safe Side of Company Audits

How to Be on the Safe Side of Company Audits

Written by Joan Honig

Graphs of financial data

Today, financial resilience is one of the main attributes that determine whether your company will adapt and thrive in these uncertain times. It might be surprising, but your annual business audit can be a secret weapon in your efforts to increase business agility. It provides clarity by identifying how well internal controls and financial reporting are working and which process improvements should be the highest on your priority list. The insights you gain from the audit can be a roadmap that gets you ready to overcome any obstacles that crop up because of unpredictable economic conditions.

scrabble tiles on white background

During an audit, your company’s financial dealings are an open book. Digital documents and automated workflow ensure that this book is well-organized, factual and easy to understand. With electronic document management, all business documents are searchable in a few clicks and easy for auditors to search for by criteria like vendor name, product type, amount, or date or with fulltext search. If you’ve integrated document management with your financial software, auditors can access supporting information without leaving your accounting system or ERP - this makes the whole auditing process easier for them.

With digital document management, you can store and retrieve complete and secure records of all business transactions to speed up the audit process. All information is equally findable, whether its source is emails, contracts, correspondence or financial statements. You can access data when you need it, without delay. The best part is that you can provide secure, online access for auditors to free AP and accounting staff to concentrate on their daily tasks.

How DocuWare Cloud safeguards the integrity of the audit process

blue umbrella

  • Promotes transparency in business operations and drives accountability. It’s easy to track who processed each financial transaction and who approved payment.
  • Helps you determine the effectiveness of internal controls. Digital document management facilitates a better understanding of your operational efficiency, the reliability of financial reporting procedures and your compliance with current federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Ensures comprehensive protection for all your documents including those related to intellectual property and proprietary knowledge. DocuWare Cloud offers a well-designed and secure storage system that protects information that should never be lost, stolen or compromised.
  • Shields business information from crypto viruses, ransomware and other malware. With its Microsoft Azure foundation, 99 percent of all viruses are already known which is why a contaminated document is immediately recognized by DocuWare and can't even be archived. Even a completely new virus would not be able to spread to your company’s other documents, because the malware has no access to the corresponding data store.
  • Makes it easier to assess your use of resources to identify potential cost savings. Audit findings provide a launching pad for honest discussions of profit and loss. This discussion might lead to conversations about how your pricing compares with industry standards or whether your company is offering too deep a discount.
  • Simplifies finding errors in financial statements to ensure that they have been prepared in accordance with accounting rules and government regulations.

lock on top of computer screen

  • Creates a digital audit trail for all financial transactions. This makes it easier to confirm that balance sheets, cash flow statements, and earnings and expense reports are accurate. Audit trails also provide a date and time stamp and a record of who conducted each process step.
  • Protects your company from fraud and employee theft. When auditors question a transaction, they can pull up all related documents like purchase orders, invoices, vouchers and checks to immediately assess their validity. This is especially important when they’re verifying cash transactions.
  • Secures your documents in case of natural disasters. Ensures business continuity with redundant data backups saved multiple times in secure data centers. Thanks to all of this, your documents and information can be made available again in no time after an unforeseeable event.

Ready for 2023? 7 Tech Trends You Should Know About

Written by Anna Frank

Technology is evolving at a quicker pace than ever before. Economic factors like high inflation, supply chain issues and the shortage of skilled workers put enormous pressure on businesses today. The tough economic climate caused companies to re-evaluate their financial strategy and look for ways to preserve profit margins while developing the ability to respond quickly to changing economic conditions. As a result, business leaders became more open to adopting new technologies which has accelerated the rate of change.

As 2022 comes to a close, it’s time to find out which technologies are gaining the most traction and identify the trends that are most likely to affect your company. Ready? Let's see what’s going to keep us on our toes over the next 12 months.

1. Sustainable technology

iStock-1427250027 cropped

The negative effects of climate change are being felt across the globe. As a result of a growing sense of urgency to address it, investors, employees and customers prefer to work with companies that prioritize sustainability. Organizations approach this from different angles that range from lowering their carbon footprint and building new efficiencies into their products to using more renewable energy and creating less resource-intensive global supply chains.  

SDGs and ESG are acronyms that frequently come up in conversations about how companies should respond to the climate crisis. 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were set by the United Nations in 2015, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a rating system companies use to measure their environmental impact, social responsibility, and company leadership’s effectiveness in promoting engagement in guiding these initiatives. In 2023, ESG processes will become a more essential part of business strategy.  

According to Gartner, CIOs and IT directors will not be exempt from being asked to meet ESG goals related to the sustainability of IT infrastructure and services. Analysts there suggest that IT departments start by focusing on energy efficiency, reducing e-waste, implementing paperless transactions and building green data centers. They can begin their evaluation of IT sustainability using parameters like cloud utilization, power management and the number of devices per employee.

2. Innovative platform engineering

iStock-1332176260 cropped

Modern software architectures are continuing to grow in complexity, and end users are often asked to operate these services with a nonexpert-level knowledge. As a response to this growing friction, platform engineering has emerged to link the service and the end user by delivering a curated set of reusable self-service tools, capabilities, and processes, optimizing the developer experience and accelerating digital application delivery. Gartner predicts that by 2026, 80% of software engineering organizations will establish platform teams with 75% of those including developer self-service portals.

An Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) is an example of this trend in action. It’s a hosted automation platform that enables a company’s developers and other IT staff to integrate cloud applications without time-consuming special programming. An iPaaS provider hosts application servers and infrastructure data and provides integration tools as well as middleware that helps developers build, test, deploy and manage cloud software. Most iPaaS offerings also speed up the development of integration flows across a business by using prebuilt connectors and standard business rules to define interactions. An iPaaS simplifies integration activities making it easy to connect applications and data deployed both in the cloud or in a local data center.  

3. Artificial intelligence meets Enterprise Content Management 


AI takes enterprise ECM a step further when it comes to document processing, managing unstructured data, content management, improved search and collaboration. The biggest advantage is that AI-powered ECM is able to understand data and context on a deeper level. In this way, it can establish relationships between the context of documents that make the information easier to retrieve when it is required.

Intelligent, automated document analysis has already reached a high level of maturity. Starting with voice input or voice control, through chatbots and translation services, to the intelligent interpretation of document content, the tools are primarily geared toward supporting and automating communication.

These technologies will become even more significant in the future and generate noticeable added value, especially in the area of process automation. In addition, there will be numerous applications in the future in which AI can make or suggest appropriate "decisions" for the user based on the content of a document. This can speed up processes, help users eliminate subjective considerations and make more data-driven decisions. 

4. The Cloud becomes the corporate IT standard

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, suddenly a large proportion of employees were working from home. Many companies didn’t have the right tools in place to support them. Then the advantages of moving to the cloud became clearer and even executives who were initially skeptical realized that cloud software was actually secure, compliant and reliable.  

Today, working remotely, at least part of the time, is what employees in this tight labor market want and expect. Due to this, using cloud technology is not optional anymore – it's a necessity and the new standard. Companies are moving towards an “anywhere, anytime operations” model that allows employees to work from anywhere in the world.  

More organizations will use industry-specific cloud platforms to drive agility, speed to innovation and accelerated time to value. This includes incorporating cloud software, platform and infrastructure services traditionally purchased a la carte into pre-integrated yet flexible solutions that meet the needs of specific industry verticals.

5. Strengthening your digital immune system

iStock-1386315565 cropped

As CIOs increasingly take on revenue-generating responsibilities, antiquated development and testing approaches are no longer sufficient for delivering business-critical solutions that provide a superior user experience. A digital immune system combines various software engineering strategies (observability, automation, extreme testing) to enhance the customer experience by protecting users from operational and security risks. Gartner predicts companies that invest in building a digital immune system increase end-user satisfaction thanks to greater uptime and a strong UX.

For example, Privacy by Design (PbD) supports a healthy digital immune system because it ensures privacy protection for employees and customers by integrating considerations of privacy issues from the very beginning of the development of products, services, business practices, and physical infrastructures. It can be contrasted to an alternative process where privacy implications are not considered until just before launch. PbD is one of the guiding principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is discussed specifically in its ‘data protection by design and default’ requirements.

6. Data democratization

iStock-1215497289 cropped

The average person makes as many as 2,000 decisions per hour in their personal or professional lives. Most of these decisions are made based on gut instinct; in business, however, decisions need to be fact-based because they have far-reaching consequences. Since a lot of companies are embracing data analytics as a key business driver anyway, it is no big surprise that the concept of data democratization is trending. It aims to empower all members of a company – regardless of technical expertise or ownership – to interact comfortably with data and to discuss it confidently which leads to better business decisions.

Often, data is still owned by IT which is why other teams must go through this department to get necessary data – a time-consuming and cumbersome process. If information is distributed across all working teams and employees with diverse expertise can access data easily and quickly this enables companies to discover new business insights and gain a competitive advantage.  

To make data democratization possible, companies need to set up strong governance to ensure the data is carefully managed. Therefore, every employee should be properly trained on how to use the data to drive initiatives and processes.

7. Information extraction and robotic automation

iStock-933646906 (1)cropped
Methods of automatic information extraction and document classification have been around for more than a decade. While automatically sorting large numbers of documents by type or subject was technically possible, the underlying technologies often had to be implemented internally to work for the specific use cases. With the development push of natural language processing technologies in the late 2010s, these capabilities are finally making their way into the mainstream, and more and more companies are making use of them. After all, even though AI-based software may still need a few years to become a common element of everyday office life, it is already doing its magic undercover.

DocuWare Intelligent Indexing for example is a digital document-processing system designed to electronically capture and identify the most valuable information on any document and convert it into highly structured, usable data. The machine learning technology remembers each document as well as indexing corrections to increase the speed, accuracy and reliability of the tool. In this way, Intelligent Indexing helps companies eliminate tedious and manual data entry and frees employees to refocus on more important projects.  

How DocuWare stays ahead of the curve


Docuware continually monitors and incorporates technology advancements into our solution to make sure it’s always state-of-the-art. For example, DocuWare recently introduced iPaaS connectors as part of its portfolio. DocuWare has developed its own connector for cloud integrations on Make and others have been created by webMethods and These companies are all major providers of iPaaS platforms, and the connectors are available to all Docuware Cloud customers.  

Our company develops innovative solutions that are an easy on-ramp to the cloud. Our preconfigured solutions for invoice processing, employee management, smart document control and e-signatures are out-of-the-box integrations that can be up and running in a few days. Even though business processes run differently in every organization, they share key requirements and decision points. The preconfigured solutions turn these common denominators into efficient digital workflows that are quick and easy to implement.  

Sustainability is also an integral part of DocuWare’s corporate DNA. It’s in perfect alignment with what we do — partnering with businesses to implement paperless processes that cut down on emissions and deforestation while driving cost-savings and efficiencies. DocuWare President Michael Berger set the stage for how DocuWare plans to proceed when he stated that “SDGs are very important and climate protection is an area where we as a company can assume social responsibility.”  

We don’t know what new business challenges 2023 will bring, but we’re sure that the DocuWare solution will be future-ready so that our customers will be well-prepared to succeed.

Joan Honig also contributed to this article

Learn more about document management.

DocuWare receives NF552 certification for DSGVO making it easier for US organizations using DocuWare comply with data privacy laws~

~ DocuWare receives NF552 certification for DSGVO making it easier for US organizations using DocuWare comply with data privacy laws~

DocuWare is first DMS provider to receive NF552 certification for DSGVO

Beacon, NY, December 15, 2022 - DocuWare, the leading provider of document management and workflow automation solutions, has received the NF552 certification for its Version 7 software solution. It was issued by the French auditors INFOCERT/AFNOR, who are accredited by COFRAC.

Secure digitization of records is becoming the required norm across business and therefore the protection of personal data is a top priority. Since 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has regulated the processing of personal data within the European Union, but any public or private organization that collects and stores personal data of EU citizens must comply with this regulation - regardless of its location.

DSGVO is a European law in which 28 member states have participated to further guarantee the protection of personal data in these member states and to offer all EU citizens a uniform level of data protection. As with GDPR, all European and non-European-based companies that process data in Europe must comply. Individual member states can draw up their own additional rules to strengthen data privacy compliance within their own countries.

DocuWare is the first DMS provider whose solution has received the new NF552 certification in France, making it easier for organizations doing business with France to comply to their specific data privacy restrictions.

Max Ertl, President DocuWare Group, states: "We are particularly proud of the new certification for our document management solution. It underscores the quality of our software solution and guarantees transparency as well as a high level of security. It allows us to help our customers meet compliance requirements with minimal effort. This is an advantage that should not be underestimated in today's world. More than ever, companies need to ensure that the data they process and store is handled securely and confidentially within the legal framework."

Once configured at the customer site, DocuWare solutions comply with the "Privacy by Design" and "Privacy by Default" principles which cover:

- Security

- Integrity

- Data availability

- Archiving, cleansing and updating of data

- Proof of consent

- Information to individuals

- Minimization of data

For information on the full extent of DocuWare’s certification in the areas of compliance, data privacy and beyond, visit

DocuWare Introduces Connectors for Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

DocuWare Introduces Connectors for Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

~ Connecting DocuWare Cloud to over 1,000 cloud applications~

Beacon, NY, November 17, 2022 –DocuWare, a leading provider of document management and workflow automation solutions since 1988, recently introduced iPaaS connectors to its portfolio.

iPaaS is the commonly used term for Integration Platform as a Service. The cloud or web-based platform allows businesses to connect their applications to their DMS solution. Once integrated, data can be shared seamlessly and securely across these applications.

Why iPaaS and why now? As a globally recognized ECM provider, DocuWare continues its customer-first approach and is dedicated to improving the business processes of its customers, ultimately helping them to be more efficient and more profitable.

DocuWare’s iPaaS connectors offer many benefits to a business

  • Automated workflows between different cloud applications - workflows are created intuitively using a clickable interface
  • Consistent and secure data across the enterprise
  • No/Low maintenance – the manufacturers of the connectors handle this and businesses do not need to create their own infrastructure to support the connections
  • Meet data security and governance standards – iPaaS providers adhere to strict data security and privacy requirements, such as SOC 2, HIPPA, and GDPR.

iPaaS connectors are valuable for every business that uses accounting software such as Intuit QuickBooks, Xero, Lexoffice, Bexio or ERPs from Microsoft or SAP and needs to share data: DocuWare uses webhooks to pass data via the integration platform to the other application. Based on this data, an invoice record is created and the accounting software returns the information back to DocuWare. An electronic stamp is placed on the document in DocuWare so the DocuWare user can see that the invoice was created in the other application. Such scenarios can run automatically and all data from DocuWare is simultaneously available in both systems.

Make, and are all major providers of iPaaS platforms and DocuWare has developed its own connector for cloud integrations on Make, which is available to all DocuWare Cloud customers. It provides features like downloading documents, deleting, storing them in file cabinets and setting stamps.

Connectors have also been developed by providers such as webMethods and and are currently available.

To learn more about how iPaaS connectors can benefit your business visit

About DocuWare

Headquartered in Germany & the US, DocuWare provides document management and workflow automation solutions. Together with its 800+ strong partner network, DocuWare has helped approximately 15,000 customers across 100+ countries simplify their work through digitizing, automating and transforming key processes.

Please note the DocuWare Corporation new headquarters address:  25 Creek Drive, Suite 100, Beacon, NY 12508.

Dive Under the Surface of DocuWare Cloud to Understand Its True Value

Figuring out how much cloud storage your organization needs to take full advantage of cloud-based document management and workflow automation solution is an important step in your digital journey. Let’s say you’ve determined that 10 GB of storage will meet your business needs. Once you’re confident that your calculations are accurate, you're ready to implement your cloud solution.

It may surprise you, but DocuWare Cloud gives you much more than the gigabytes you pay for to support productive work. There’s a lot going on below the surface that contributes to DocuWare Cloud's high availability, advanced security and disaster recovery capabilities.

This infographic reveals the hidden value of the cloud storage we deploy on your behalf to back up your documents and data, maintain security and improve your document management system’s performance. read more here

With DocuWare as its document management system (DMS), iScan now serves as a full-service, one-stop shop for customers with various document scanning and storage needs

A Humanim Social Enterprise, iScan provides a secure document and image scanning service to businesses and fellow non-profits.

Launched by Humanim, iScan provides document management services and employs 20 to 40 individuals with disabilities annually, to add to its team. It is a social enterprise that provides or finds employment for individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Working with Maryland state agencies, Headquartered in Columbia, it serves about 70 business customers, such as Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles Administration, and Maryland Department of Health. “We scan vehicle titles every day for the DMV, and we also do medical claims for the health department,” explains Jeff Edwards, VP of Technology Solutions. “Our team does the prep, the indexing, the quality assurance and returns it to our clients in a secure, encrypted format.” Since the 1990s, iScan has been scanning 10 to 20 million images annually, and currently maintains about 32,000 documents in DocuWare. At present, the company holds 15 DocuWare licenses with 10 to 15 active users at any time.

Indexing tools help eliminate errors

DocuWare not only speeds up operations, but eliminates human error, says Edwards, citing a particular project where a client needed to scan a large volume of invoices and index several fields on each. The way DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing feature with its Machine Learning technology worked, the person initially doing the indexing did not have to continue to key in the same information — Intelligent Indexing learnt what information they wanted and started inputting it for them – in the end they only had to approve DocuWare’s work. “When typing a long string of characters, you have to get them all in the right order, and humans can sometimes flip two numbers or two letters,” Edwards explains. “Intelligent Indexing doesn’t do that, it is highly precise, which was a huge help for us — we didn’t have to look for those errors.”

DocuWare inspires ways to grow business

iScan was already using DocuWare for the indexing capabilities when its umbrella organization Humanim asked to digitize its HR files. “We built a cabinet structure within DocuWare, and a structure within the cabinet, matching how HR was storing its paper files, with the right subsections,” Edwards explains. That project served as a stimulus to expand and grow the business, attracting new clients. “I thought it would be a good fit for customers who need to get backfile-scanning projects done,” says Edwards. “I also think it can help attract more commercial clients and diversify our funding.”


DocuWare wraps up hugely successful conference season

DocuWare wraps up hugely successful conference season

~DocuWorld Conferences reveal what’s coming and how digitization is the path to profitability in today’s business environment~

New Windsor NY, June 9, 2022 – DocuWare, a leading provider of document management and workflow automation solutions since 1988, has concluded its global DocuWorld conferences in Berlin, Germany for EMEA* markets and Orlando, US for the Americas.

DocuWorld conferences offer education, networking and facilitate valuable knowledge-sharing for its Partners who are authorized to sell and implement DocuWare solutions worldwide. The greatest takeaway for attendees has always been the sharing of the clear vision and strategy behind DocuWare’s evolving technology. The latest software integration capabilities revealed at this year’s DocuWorld conferences will help Partners quickly address market needs and accelerate the adoption of enterprise content management solutions and the overall pace of digitization globally. The tips shared by DocuWare on how to maximize channel growth are part of the valuable sales, marketing and technical knowledge that the company provides to its Partners.

This year’s conference theme was adapt. automate. innovate. DocuWare presidents focused on new and expanding global market opportunities brought about by the necessity for hybrid and remote work. They showed how a document management and workflow automation solution can address pressing workforce issues caused by “the great resignation,” citing examples of DocuWare customers who have remained profitable and have grown thanks to the company’s dedication to helping businesses adapt, automate and innovate.

Dr. Berger shared how DocuWare is the right business partner in any business climate. With its innovative technology it has established itself as one of the leading Enterprise Content Management and workflow automation providers. He referenced the company’s proven financial stability, exhibiting a 25 percent growth in revenue YOY and offering access to DocuWare solutions to users in over 178 countries and territories. More and more new customers are moving to DocuWare Cloud to digitize content and automate workflows to better serve a hybrid workforce in an era of skilled labor shortages.

Max Ertl spoke about the approximately 35 percent global increase in new customers, stating that 75 percent of these have chosen DocuWare Cloud. He provided data on the top 8 departments that use DocuWare and once again, Finance/Accounting, HR (Human Resources) and Sales ranked as the highest users.

Jim Roberts shared the latest data on the size of the enterprises that use DocuWare solutions and while the global SMB** market remains strong, the number of large US enterprises that select DocuWare is worth noting

This global conference series is the first the company has hosted in-person since 2019. DocuWare welcomed a total of 1,200 guests from over 60 countries to partake in the networking and training that have become a trademark of DocuWorld Conferences. As always, the emphasis was on learning and education, with over 180 training sessions in 4 languages offered in-person at both conferences, with the additional option of online for EMEA attendees.

Based on the positive feedback received from happy Partners, DocuWare plans to host in-person conferences again next year. Conference dates for 2023 are still to be announced. Stay tuned to DocuWare.comfor news and updates.

*EMEA: Europe, the Middle East & Africa

**SMB: Small & medium sized business


About DocuWare

Headquartered in Germany & the US, DocuWare provides document management and workflow automation solutions. Together with its 800+ strong partner network, DocuWare has helped approximately 15,000 customers across 100+ countries simplify their work through digitizing, automating and transforming key processes.

7 Paper-Based Processes Killing Your Productivity

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Common issues caused by relying on paperbegin

Finding Documents: Traditional filing systems require physical access, and time is often wasted on a trip to a file cabinet or file room looking for a misfiled document. Or perhaps the document you’ve been searching for has been sitting on your very own desk in a stack of folders all along.

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[Free Virtual Session] Work Smarter, Breathe Easier with Your New 24/7 Digital Employee: DocuWare Cloud

[Free Virtual Session] Work Smarter, Breathe Easier with Your New 24/7 Digital Employee: DocuWare Cloud

On Thursday, April 21 from 2:00-2:45 p.m. EDT, DocuWare is hosting a free session titled “DocuWare Cloud turns 10! See why 6,000+ customers use this cloud document management solution every day.”

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of DocuWare Cloud; invite your prospects to join the celebration! During this special webinar, they’ll see DocuWare Cloud in action and experience why 6,000+ customers choose it to power their businesses daily. DocuWare Cloud is user-friendly and secure…it’s their new 24/7 digital employee, always working for them.

If you would like to attend, click here and register.
To invite your prospects, send them to this link to register (Important: Be sure to have them insert your company name in the field: Name of Authorized DocuWare Partner, so that we can send the lead back to you!).

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DocuWare offers New HR Solution to Manage Vaccination and Testing Records

DocuWare offers New HR Solution to Manage Vaccination and Testing Records

On Tuesday, January 25 from 2:00-2:45 p.m. EST, DocuWare invites you to attend its free webinar titled “New HR solution to manage vaccination and testing records now.”

DocuWare’s new preconfigured solution, DocuWare for Vaccination & Testing Management, offers a simple and secure way to automate the collection and tracking of an employee’s vaccination status and weekly testing requirements.

DocuWare can get you up and running with this solution in one day, letting you:

  • Verify employee vaccination status
  • Use ready-to-go, easy web forms for employees to report their vaccination status and upload documentation
  • Manage weekly testing requirements
  • Maintain an accurate record of vaccine exemptions
  • Have transparency in monitoring test results documentation for employees who are not vaccinated, sending automated email reminders and employer notifications
  • Securely access complete reporting of vaccine status, exemptions and testing

Reserve your free spot now at:
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