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Twelve Awesome Tips for a Great MFP/Copier Demo

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Demo, what the heck is that?  In other posts I've mentioned that demo's were the way we used to sell copy machines many years ago. 

I'm here to tell you that offering a demonstration still works.  Whether it's at your office or there's, who can't resist getting seeing or trying it before they buy it!

The OLD Days

One of the requirements of a copier sales person is that you needed to have some type of station wagon, hatch back or enclosed pick up truck.  Why?  Because the salesperson, that would be me and all of us that have been around since the 80's or before, had to use our vehicles to bring copiers to a customers office!  We also have to navigate steps, one of more flights of stairs, basements, muddy drive ways, sleet, snow and rain. 
Almost kinda made me feel like the mailman, because da Post man delivers!  (anyone get that).

Pump It Up!

You got pumped for demo's because you knew that if you had a great demo you could garner the order.  What could go wrong?  Copy machines never jammed in the eighties nor would you ever be presented with a question you did not know the answer too.  Right!
If you planned the demo right, you knew what the clients needs were and you would develop a plan to demonstrate to those needs. As long as your device performed well, you knew you were on your way to either closing the sale or getting to the objections.

The other day I set a demo for customer to come to our showroom, since it's been awhile since I did a demo, I had to write a list of what needed to be done prior to the account coming in.  Plan the demo


Check the system for print, and copy quality a day in advance, this way if there is an issue you can get someone to rectify the issue.


Go to your system at least 90 minutes prior to the customer getting there to set up the applications that you would like to demo. In addition have your service department check ALL operations of the copier. 


Check the print and copy quality again, also if you're with a color system make sure you calibrate the system for the copy mode, and all of the print modes. In the Ricoh systems there are at least four different print calibrations, while you're at it is there is an "auto registration" perform that function also.


Place a couple of Silica Gel Packs in the paper tray to remove any moisture that maybe in the paper.


Always remove the top sheet of paper that is in the print tray. Depending on when the last time the system was used, the top may have dirt, dust or even be crinkled. Get rid of it! 


Check paper sizes & print files to make sure you have the right combination of paper in the trays.


Open all application print files and print each file before your customer arrives, and then keep the application minimized so you can get to it quickly, this eliminates the need to open the applications  and then select the print driver while the customer is waiting.


Make sure you clean or remove any marks that may be on the panels or on the platen glass.


If you're going to print envelopes, have the application ready, the envelopes loaded and the right paper size selected, nothing is more impressive that printing color envelopes without wrinkles.


If you are interrupted  place you hand on the last feature or accessory that you were speaking about, this way you'll be able to remember where you left off.


Write down a list of your clients needs/wants/pain points for a new device. You should have developed this with your notes with your discovery appointment.  Demo to those needs. Neat trick is to develop a short power point addressing all of the clients needs.  Each slide will represent each need/want/pain points.  Also Why not put a few trial closes in with the slide.  Demo from each slide.


Paper, make sure you have all of the paper trays filled. If the client has special requirements for printing on different types of paper (substrates), make sure you tell the client to bring the substrate they want to see the image printed on.

Bonus Tip #1:  Plenty of mints for you, not the customer and don't forget to do your trial closes, and remember you don't have to complete the demo in order to ask for the order!
Bonus Tip #2:  At some point in the demonstration ask the prospect where they will be putting their new system (trial close). Tune in next week for Tip#4
Bonus Tip #3:  If your prospects asks you about the warranty, this will tell you that they are serious about you and your system. When they ask about the warranty turn this around and ask them "What type or term of warranty or maintenance agreement are you interested in!
Bonus Tip#4:  Practice your demonstration a few times before you present to the client. What could go wrong will go wrong if you don't practice!

=Good Selling=-